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The Mandalorian Chapter 23: The Spies

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The double agent
Elia Kane walks through the rainy backstreets of Coruscant. She meets with a Viper probe droid, which scans her face. Kane says the Code T-K-2-7-5-5. The droid displays a Holoprojector of Moff Gideon, who asks for her report. Kane reports that the pirates on Nevarro have run into trouble. When Gideon reminds her that she had reported that the New Republic had not provided support, Kane explains that High Magistrate Greef Karga was aided by Mandalorians consisting of Bo-Katan Kryze’s squadron and Din Djarin’s covert. Gideon is shocked since those two Mandalorian factions are sworn enemies. Kane explains this is why she contacted him hastily. Gideon tells her to continue with her mission while he deals with the Mandalorians.

Imperial Shadow Council
Gideon walks down a hallway flanked by several soldiers wearing silver armor and red sensors. Gideon walks into a laboratory full of tanks before entering a conference chamber. Several Imperial officers are meeting via holograms. One of the officers reports that the New Republic is vulnerable but that they must be cautious about revealing their true strength. A bald male commander disagrees and suggests that plundering the hyperspace lanes can be profitable. A bearded Captain Gilad Pellaeon warns the Commander that his hit and run operations are gaining too much notice. He warns that if they are perceived as anything more than a group of disorganized remnant warlords, the New Republic will step up their efforts to hunt them down.

A female officer adds that there are citizens loyal to the former Galactic Empire on every planet in the galaxy. She adds that they are growing sick of the New Republic and its rules and regulations. When another bearded officer suggests using a show of strength to get these loyalists to rally around them, Pelleaon advises that this strength must not be wasted and adds that Grand Admiral Thrawn’s return will herald the reemergence of the Imperial Military. He adds that it might give General Brendol Hux enough time to deliver on Project Necromancer. Hux smiles and motions.

Gideon remarks that Pellaeon speaks with much authority but notices that Thrawn is missing from his delegation. When he asks when Thrawn will be able to participate in the Shadow Council, Pellaeon replies that the hope for their success depends on the secrecy of his return. Gideon expresses his skepticism, saying that he has heard few rumors about the return of Thrawn. Doubting Thrawn’s return, Gideon suggests that they look to new leadership, which is supported by Hux and the female warlord.

Hux says that Project Necromancer is in place for that and asks Gideon about Doctor Penn Pershing and the research that he promised the Shadow Council. Gideon reports that Pershing was captured by the New Republic and that his research was lost. Hux confronts Gideon about rumors that he held Pershing captive and was attempting his own experiments on Nevarro. Gideon responds that the creation of clones is Hux’s obsession and that he can account for what goes on in his sector. He adds that the same can go for every member of the Shadow Council.

Gideon observes that the warlords scrape for resources while Pellaeon and Hux amass resources and equipment that should be shared. Hux is aware of Gideon’s request for three Praetorian Guards and thinks that Gideon is concerned about an assassination attempt. Pelleaon remarks that Gideon thinks he is being the flashy one. Hux also talks about Gideon’s request for reinforcements for his TIE/IN interceptor squadron.

Gideon requests bombers to deal with the Mandalorians, explaining that he believes they are preparing to retake their homeworld of Mandalore. When Pelleaon remarks that a resurgent Mandalore would harm their efforts, Gideon argues that they need to stamp out the Mandalorians now. The warlords agree with Pellaeon promising him his reinforcements and guards. Gideon says that they will be rid of the Mandalorians once and for all before leading the Shadow Council in saying “long live the Empire.”

Two tribes
On Nevarro, the locals are startled by the arrival of a fleet of former Imperial warships including Gideon’s former light cruiser. Karga’s protocol droid is startled by the arrival of Imperial ships but Karga points out that the ships are now under Mandalorian control, making them welcome guests.

The Armorer emerges from her tent with members of the Tribe to gaze at the approaching Mandalorian fleet. Kryze flies her Gauntlet starfighter with Grogu sitting on her lap. She tells Djarin that she hopes the Tribe and her followers are able to get along despite their last emnity. As Kryze emerges with her followers, Paz Vizsla tells his son, Ragnar to take the children inside. Kryze and her followers remove their helmets.

The Armorer welcomes the newcomers and issues orders for a feast to be prepared. Karga and his protocol droid visit Djarin. Karga marvels at the stolen fleet and offers Djarin a bottle of wine from Coruscant to celebrate. Later, Karga introduces Djarin and Grogu to IG-12, a refurbished droid built on IG-11’s chassis piloted by an Anzellan droid smith. The droid has been stripped of his memory circuits. Karga describes the refurbished droid as a vehicle. After the Anzellan walks away, Karga convinces Djarin to fit Grogu into the control cockpit in IG-12’s chest.

Djarin thinks Grogu is too young to operate heavy machinery but Grogu uses the droid’s Vocabulators to tell the adults that he wants to ride IG-12 in the office. Djarin disagrees but Grogu is stubborn and walks IG-12 around while babbling yes through the vocabularies. While walking through the streets of Nevarro City, Grogu uses IG-12 to help himself to snacks from a Tarsunt’s hawker stall. Djarin tells Grogu to stop and pays the Tarsunt merchant. Undeterred, Grogu snatches a jogan fruit. Djarin tries to stop Grogu but he ends up squashing the fruit, much to the annoyance of the Tarsunt and Djarin.

Later that night, the two Mandalorian factions gather for a feast. Kryze tells them that it is time to retake their homeworld. Even though the planet is not cursed, she warns that there are still dangers such as the dormant Alamites. The remaining magnetic interference has made it impossible to scan the surface from above. She proposes that they leave Nevarro and move the fleet into orbit above Mandalore. Kryze intends to send down a small recon party to scout the surface including the Great Forge. Once it is safe, they will bring down the others. Kryze seeks volunteers from both tribes. Djarin volunteers himself and Grogu. Koska Reeves, Axe Woves, Vizsla, The Armorer, and several others from both tribes also volunteer.

The following day, the Mandalorian fleet departs Nevarro and travels via hyperspace to Mandalore. After arriving in orbit, Kryze leads a scouting party down to Mandalore’s surface aboard her Gauntlet fighter. Having entered the planet’s atmosphere, the ship opens its belly doors to drop several Mandalorian scouts equipped with jetpacks. The scouts land on Mandalore’s rocky surface. Woves informs the Gauntlet that the landing zone is secure. Djarin, Grogu, IG-12, the Armorer, and Kryze disembark.

Kryze tells the Mandalorians that below lies their ancient capital of Sundari. She says that they will survey the surface until they find the Forge and establish a perimeter. Kryze adds that they will only bring the settlers once it is safe. After walking a distance, they spot a large land ship with wheels approaching them. The people aboard ask if they have food. Kryze confirms that they do.

One of the people aboard notices that several of them wear the sigil of the Nite Owls. Kryze replies that they would hope so. The Armorer recognizes the strangers as Mandalorians. The person asks if he is addressing Lady Bo-Katan, who confirms her identity. The Mandalorians on the land ship activate their jetpacks and meet the scouting party. The men introduce themselves as followers of Lady Kryze who reaffirm their loyalty to her despite their failure.

The Mandalorians explain that the Empire destroyed every ship leaving Mandalore and twice bombed Mandalore’s surface as punishment for their refusal to surrender. Kryze explains that she did surrender to the Empire after their forces were annihilated during the Night of a Thousand Tears. She explains that she had met with Moff Gideon after the Imperial Security Bureau reached out to her to negotiate a ceasefire. In exchange for submitting to the Empire and disarming, all remaining Mandalorian cities and lives were to be spared. Moff Gideon took the Darksaber but betrayed her, leaving them helpless during the Great Purge of Mandalore.

When the leader of the Mandalorian survivors asks how the Tribe survived, the Armorer explains that they hid in the moon of Concordia. When the leader asks if they are Death Watch, the Armorer replies that it splintered into numerous warring factions. Kryze adds that their people have always been divided into factions. While Mandalore has been too powerful for any enemy to defeat, it is their division which destroys them.

In private, Djarin says he had no idea and had been taught by his Tribe that everyone but them had forsaken the Way of the Mandalore. He admits that he believed that Kryze was selfish and uncaring. Djarin says that he now understands. Kryze replies that she regrets that her selfishness led to this destruction. Djarin reassures her that they have survived millennia of destruction. Kryze admits that she doesn’t know if she can keep their people united and says that the Darksaber is the only thing that can unify their people. Djarin replies that the Darksaber, station and bloodline means nothing compared with honor, loyalty, and character. He says these are the reasons he serves her. He vows to serve her until her song is written. Djarin’s words encourage Kryze.

Search for the Great Forge
Later, Kryze proposes that they continue exploring the following day. The Armorer responds that the Mandalorian survivors are too weak to continue and says she will ferry them back to the fleet in the morning. Kryze agrees and speaks to the Captain of the survivors. Those of them who are well enough can continue the search for the Great Forge. The Captain offers to bring her to the Forge.

The following day, he and the able crew continue their search for the Forge. The Armorer takes the wounded back on the Gauntlet to the fleet, flying through a rainstorm. During the journey to the Forge, Vizsla and Woves play a game of chess. Woves remarks that only the Wing Guard can flank a jump. Vizsla replies that the Enforcer moves like a Wing Guard when it is flanking. When Woves accuses him of cheating, Vizsla draws out his vibroblade and demands that he submits or fight.

The two fight on the deck of the land ship. Djarin offers to intervene but Kryze opines that the fight was bound to happen sooner or later. Following a tussle, Vizsla throws Woves against a chest. The two continue fighting but Grogu uses IG-12 to break up the fight while using the droid’s vocabulator to say no. The two men walk way. When Kryze says that Djarin taught his apprentice well, Djarin replies that Grogu did not learn that from him.

Meanwhile, the Armorer takes the Gauntlet to the surface and informs Fleet Command to prepare to receive survivors in need of medical treatment. She flies to the light cruiser. Back on Mandalore, one of the survivors spots something emerging on the starboard side. This turns out to be a large dragon-like monster, which uses its tail to smash their land ship. The Mandalorians activate their jetpacks and abandon ship while the dragon devours their ship. The survivors retreat into an underground cave.

Gideon’s trap
The cave leads to a tunnel which eventually takes them to the remains of the Great Forge. Grogu rides inside IG-12. When Djarin asks where they are, Woves explains that they are in the presence of the Great Forge, which has long been extinguished by the bombings. When Vizsla asks if they lived here, Reeves replies that it used to be their home. The survivors’ captain says his group never left Mandalore but survived by migrating across the surface till the war ended. Some tried to explore the underground levels but never emerged.

The Mandalorians are ambushed by Imperial Jumptroopers donning jetpacks and beskar armor. The Imperials pin them down, leading to a gun battle. Djarin says they need back up. Woves volunteers to return to the fleet to bring reinforcements. Kryze thinks it is too far but Vizsla spots an opening in the ceiling. He provides covering fire for Woves to flee to the surface. The other Mandalorians continue fighting with the Imperials with blasters and melee weapons. Both sides experience casualties.

In the face of Mandalorian resistance, the Imperials retreat. The Mandalorians pursue the Imperials. Djarin tells Grogu he has to keep up. They chase the Imperial Jumptroopers inside an Imperial starfighter base but are trapped behind blast door. Djarin and two other Mandalorians are on the other side of the blast door and make a fiery stand. While the two others are killed, Djarin is subdued and restrained with grappling cables.

Moff Gideon arrives in Darktrooper armor. He tells his Mandalorian prisoners that their time has passed but that their culture and spirit will live on in him. He explains that he has exploited their planet’s resources to build the next generation of Darktroopers. Gideon says he hopes to use elements of the Jedi, Mandalorians and clones to create a new army that will restore order to the galaxy. He orders that Djarin be brought into a room for debriefing.

Seeking to complete the Mandalorian Purge, Gideon orders that TIE bombers and Interceptors be prepared for a strike on the unwary Mandalorian fleet. Kryze says she regrets not killing Gideon when she had the chance. Gideon demands that she surrender the Darksaber and tell her people to submit. Vizsla defiantly fires his blaster at the blast door while Kryze attempts to use the Darksaber to cut a hole through the back blast door.

Gideon orders his troops to open the front blast doors and kill them. Kryze manages to cut a hole through the rear that allows the Mandalorians, Grogu and IG-12 to escape one at a time. Vizsla decides to make a last stand and seals the front blast door. Kryze retreats while Vizsla runs out of ammunition. He fights the Jumptroopers in hand to hand combat and even throws two down a chasm.

Vizsla is attacked by three Praetorian guards and activates his Personal energy shield. Despite a defiant last stand, Vizsla is impaled and stabbed numerous times by the Praetorian guards, who leave him to die on the floor.


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