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Hovering Pram

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Model: Hovering Pram
Type: Repulsorlift Sled
Cost: 75-120 credits
Availability: 2
Game Notes: Move is up to 20 meters per round and maximum altitude is 150 meters. The unit is relatively quiet and can include various options such as glow rods, armored shells, and top cover. The Pram can be controlled through a remote or through and onboard control pad.

Background: A hovering pram was a hovering device used for shielding younglings, providing protection and coasting peacefully. The device was a valuable tool for guardians with children too young to protect themselves.

The Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin found Grogu inside a pram on Arvala-7. When Grogu was attacked, first by bounty hunters and later by a Mudhorn, Djarin was able to move the pram remotely to protect him. Djarin continued to use it to transport Grogu until handing him over to the Client. When Djarin returned to rescue Grogu, he found the capsule discarded in a dumpster.

Returning to Arvala-7 to recruit Kuiil, Djarin used a hovercrate to transport the child. On board the Razor Crest, Djarin asked Kuiil to pad the container so Grogu could sleep better, but the Ugnaught offered instead to fabricate a better hovering pram himself. Kuiil’s version retained the egg shape and closing cover of Grogu’s original capsule, but was fashioned out of metal. Djarin used Kuiil’s capsule to transport Grogu until it was ripped open by Koska Reeves so she could retrieve Grogu after saving him from a mamacore.

Sometimes after, Grogu received a new pram, and used it while visiting High Magistrate Greef Karga on Nevarro.

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