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Name: Stobar
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type I (Breathable)
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Plains, hills, urban
Length of Day: 23 Standard Hours
Length of Year: 325 Local Days
Sapient Species: Balnab, Humans, Rodians, Twi’leks
Starport: Stellar (Fully Serviced)
Population: 88,000
Planet Function: Trading Outpost
Government: Quorum
Tech Level: Space
Trade Routes:
Major Exports:
Major Imports: Hyperfuel, foodstuffs
Settlements: Stobar City
Points of Interest: Stobar spaceport, Plop Dribble’s

System Data

Region: Expansion Region
Sector: Boeus Sector
System Name: Stobar System
Star Name: Stobar
Star Type: Yellow

Background: Stobar was a planet located in the Expansion Regions that was the site of the Stobar Spaceport. Savage Opress would visit Stobar during his search for his long-lost brother, the former Sith Lord Maul. After a confrontation between Opress and several individuals at a local diner, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan Ahsoka Tano would visit the diner to see what had happened, with the former sensing a disturbance in the Force shortly after they arrived.

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