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The Clone Wars S07E11 Shattered

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Maul captured

The Siege of Mandalore has ended. Republic forces have taken Gar Saxon into custody while Bo-Katan Kryze watches. A gunship lands nearby, and Ahsoka Tano emerges with Maul bound behind her. Kryze expresses her admiration for Tano’s ability to capture Maul. Ahsoka replies that she was only doing what the Council had asked of her, and Bo-Katan concurs, stating that Ahsoka has achieved what many others have failed to accomplish. Ahsoka acknowledges that she has learned from the best, including Bo-Katan. Bo-Katan, however, wishes she had something other than war to be good at as she surveys the wreckage of Peace Park. Ahsoka suggests that Mandalorians need a new type of leader, but Bo-Katan dismisses the idea, saying that her sister had already attempted that and never understood her idealism.

Rex approaches Ahsoka, informing her that the Jedi Council is waiting to speak with her. Ahsoka inquires if he could contact Anakin Skywalker, and Rex confirms that Skywalker was in the meeting when he left to retrieve her. Bo-Katan assures Ahsoka that she can handle things from there and urges her to go. 

In a mobile communications unit, holograms of council members Mace Windu, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Yoda, and Aayla Secura discuss the situation. Windu informs the others that he senses a plot to destroy the Jedi and that the dark side of the Force surrounds the Chancellor. Mundi proposes that Palpatine relinquish his emergency powers after Grievous has been defeated or removed from office. Windu suggests that the Jedi should take control of the Galactic Senate to ensure a peaceful transition. Yoda, however, expresses concerns about the implications of such a move.

Ahsoka and Rex enter the room, and Ahsoka confirms that her mission is successful. They have captured Maul, and she will escort Rex while he transports Maul to Coruscant. Yoda congratulates her on her service, and Ahsoka replies that she did her duty as a Republic citizen. Yoda then asks her if she did it as a Jedi, but Ahsoka tells him she has not yet become a Jedi. She then asks to speak to Anakin, but Windu informs her that he sent Anakin to inform the Chancellor that they have located Grievous on Utapau, and Obi-Wan Kenobi is engaging the enemy. Ahsoka wonders if the war will end, but Windu tells her it depends on the Chancellor. She asks for more information, but Windu denies her request because she is not a member of the Council. Ahsoka says she understands, and the council members leave, except for Yoda, who remains and asks if she has a message for Skywalker. Ahsoka pauses and says she will tell him herself when she sees him. As they leave the ship, Rex notes that Ahsoka did not tell them about Maul’s prophecy regarding Skywalker.

Bo-Katan and Ursa Wren escorted Maul, encased in a force-proof capsule, to a Rho-class transport shuttle. Ahsoka is impressed by the device and doubts that even Maul could escape. Bo-Katan explains it is a relic of a bygone era when the Mandalorians had reason to imprison “Force-wielding maniacs.” Ahsoka asks if Satine has outlawed such devices, and Bo-Katan says she has, but this is the last one. They shake hands and bid farewell.


Inside the Mandalorian capsule, Maul observes as Ahsoka converses with Rex. The transport lands in the Tribunal, and the clone troopers escort the capsule to a detention cell. The clone officers salute Ahsoka on the bridge before the ship jumps into hyperspace. Lost in thought, Ahsoka gazes into hyperspace, and Rex asks her what’s on her mind. She explains that she was trained as a Jedi to be a keeper of the peace, not a soldier, but since she was a Padawan, she has only been a soldier. Rex shares that he has also known nothing but war, but without the Clone Wars, the clones would not exist. Ahsoka acknowledges that at least some good has come out of the war since the Republic couldn’t have asked for better soldiers or a better friend. She throws him a salute that he returns. 

An officer interrupts, informing Rex that he is needed for a briefing. He invites Ahsoka to listen in, but she declines, suspecting it is probably more good news. Rex enters the briefing room.

Meanwhile, Maul’s eyes open in his cell as he hears the voices of Palpatine, Windu, and Skywalker as they duel in Palpatine’s office. Feeling the massive disturbance pulsing through the Force, Ahsoka whispers, “Anakin?!”

In the briefing room, Rex watches a hologram of Darth Sidious, who commands, “Execute Order 66.” Rex replies, “Yes, Lord Sidious.” Just then, Ahsoka enters, saying she senses something terrible has happened to Anakin. Rex becomes agitated and drops his helmet. The other troopers on the bridge receive a message and turn around, pointing their rifles at Ahsoka. Rex tells them he’ll do it, draws his pistols on Ahsoka, and orders her to stay back. Before opening fire, he tells Ahsoka, “Find him… Fives… find him!”

Ahsoka uses her acrobatic skills to jump over a soldier and quickly draws her lightsabers. She seals the door behind her, but more troopers led by Jesse enter the room from the other side. They encircle Ahsoka and open fire on her. However, Ahsoka skillfully deflects their blaster bolts, causing them to ricoche off the ceiling. She then leaps up through the hole in the ceiling to escape. Meanwhile, Rex, the commander, orders two troopers to go to the detention level and execute Maul. He informs the rest of the troopers that the Jedi have been marked for summary execution for committing treason against the Republic. Rex warns that any soldier who does not follow orders to execute the Jedi will be executed for treason as well. He urges the troopers to search the ship thoroughly for Ahsoka.

A dark distraction

Maul observes as two clone troopers enter his cell and unlock the capsule. They point their rifles at him, but before they can act, Ahsoka shows up and takes them down. She releases Maul, warning him not to give her any reason to regret it. Maul is impressed that Ahsoka has survived but denies involvement in his master’s plan. He tells her that both of them have sensed the disturbance in the Force caused by the turn of events and that Sidious has turned the Jedi’s army against them. Maul suggests that Ahsoka has made the right choice in coming to him, but she clarifies that she is not there to team up with him. She only needs a distraction, and Maul is skilled at causing chaos.

The clone troopers report to Rex that they have searched the detention level and that both Tano and Maul have escaped. Rex orders them to destroy the escape pods and secure the hangar decks to prevent their escape.

Ahsoka manages to sneak past the clones and enters the droid bay of the cruiser. She activates three astromechs, namely R7-A7, RG-G1, and CH-33P. Her primary objective is to retrieve all the files related to clone trooper CT-5555, also known as Fives, from the Republic central computer. Ahsoka orders R7 to carry out the task and access the records. The files contain information about an incident on Ringo Vinda with CT-5385 “Tup,” Jedi Master Tiplee, and medical records. Additionally, the files have a hologram of Kaminoan medical scientist Nala Se, who revealed a defect in Tup’s inhibitor chip, and the Jedi Council and Senate committee accepted the findings. However, a grievance report was logged by CT-7567. Ahsoka uses Anakin’s passcode to decrypt the report and watches as Rex expresses his doubts about the Kaminoans’ true purpose of placing inhibitor chips in the clones.

In the hallways outside, Maul engages with the clones. He rips panels from the bulkhead to shield himself from blaster fire. He also throws them to crush and decapitate troopers. The troopers inform Rex that Ridge has fallen and Maul is approaching the main hangar. In response, Rex orders them to close the blast doors, which they promptly do. However, Maul severs one trooper’s arm through the door. He then kneels to listen to the chatter on the clone trooper’s wrist comlink.

Saving Rex

Rex runs down the corridor, but then R7-A7 appears and rolls in front of him, separating him from his squad. CH-33P closes the blast doors around him while R7-A7 activates a hologram of Ahsoka. Ahsoka tells Rex that she saw his report on Fives and knows that he was programmed to turn against the Jedi. Rex aims his pistol at R7-A7 and demands to know the whereabouts of Ahsoka. Suddenly, Ahsoka appears behind Rex, and while he turns around, R7-A7 shocks him, knocking him out. Ahsoka and the droids take Rex to the medical bay and seal the doors behind them. A medical droid scans Rex, but it finds no anomaly. Ahsoka places her hands on Rex’s head and recites the Guardian’s Mantra: “I am one with the Force, and the Force is with me,” with the unconscious Rex joining in. Suddenly, the scan detects the chip, and R7 sends Rex into the surgery chamber.

The clones were able to manually override the door, allowing them to enter the room. Ahsoka quickly drew her lightsabers and began deflecting the blaster fire but soon found herself in a difficult position as more clones entered the room. As she fought to defend herself, a blaster bolt hit her left wrist, causing her to drop one of her lightsabers. Ahsoka fought with her remaining lightsaber to overcome overwhelming odds despite the setback. Behind her, Rex recovered and drew his pistols, opening fire on the clones as G-G re-sealed the door. After almost killing Ahsoka, the clone trooper Rex apologizes and assures her he is okay. Ahsoka inquires about the inhibitor chips, and to her horror, Rex confirms that all the clones have them, which means the entire Grand Army of the Republic is now against the Jedi. They both look towards the door as the clone troopers start to cut through.


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