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Species: Kaminoan
Home Planet: Kamino

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
Physiologists: Expert cloners with remarkable medical knowledge. At character creation they get 2D for every 1D placed in first aid, medicine and related skills.

Resistant: Genetic improvements make them resistant to poisons, disease, radiation and other hazards that target their physiology. They gain a +1D bonus to stamina to resist such threats

Move: 10/12
Size: 2.1-2.7 meters

Background: Kaminoans were an extragalactic amphibian sentient species native to Kamino, an aquatic planet located south of the Rishi Maze satellite galaxy and beyond the larger galactic disc. Kaminoan scientists specialized in cloning technology and, at the behest of Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas, created the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic. The Sith also worked with the Kaminoans, such as by providing a bio-chip for all clones that would eventually trigger Order 66, the command that saw the clone troopers turn against the Jedi and bring about the destruction of the Jedi Order.

Kaminoans were slender, towering, pale-skinned humanoids whose oblong heads sat atop elongated neck bones that allowed them limited flexibility. They had two large, almond-shaped black eyes with white pupils that enabled them to see into the ultraviolet spectrum. Male Kaminoans had fin-like crests atop their heads, while females were completely bald and wore unique head crescents. Their long and frail limbs gave them a graceful, gliding walk and featured small feet adapted to their extragalactic homeworld’s firm seabeds and later hard flooring. Kaminoans reached adulthood at 11 years old.

Kaminoans generally displayed few signs of outward exuberance or personality. They considered the clone troopers to be their finest achievement. Kaminoans were also isolationists, only concerning themselves with offworlders if it is profitable. This traced back to the great flood that changed their homeworld of Kamino, as they decided it was less risky to adapt their genetic code and planet than to ask for aid from the Galactic Republic. While the Kaminoans were able to thrive, they were left with a residual distrust when they received offers of offworld help. However, Kaminoans did not necessarily think they were superior to other species, and they instead simply saw other planets as a distraction. Many Kaminoans even thought that everything they needed was already on Kamino.

The Kaminoans were generally scientifically rational. However, they did often make pilgrimages to the sunken ruins of their ancient cities. Both ancient and modern Kaminoan cities were characterized by domed cities.

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