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Young Jedi Adventures – S01E13 – “Tree Troubles” / “Big Brother’s Bounty”

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“Tree Troubles”

Trouble at the Tenoo tree
The episode begins with Nubs trying to meditate under a huge Tenoo tree. Suddenly, he feels tremors under the ground and quickly leaves. Meanwhile, Kai Brightstar and Lys Solay help Nash Durango and RJ-83 unload some crates. Durango asks about Nubs’ whereabouts, and Solay informs him that Nubs is meditating under his favorite tree. Nubs arrives and tells them something is wrong with his favorite tree, speaking in Poobian. Solay translates for him.

Nubs leads his friends to the Tenoo tree. At first, the tree looks okay, but soon, the group feels the ground shaking. The younglings also notice the tree’s leaves falling and making a crackling sound. Nubs tells his friends that water typically flows from under the tree. Brightstar thinks the tree is dying because it no longer has water under its roots. Solay agrees, and Durango thinks the drying up of the tunnels under the tree might be causing the shaking.

While exploring the roots beneath the tree, the younglings discover that the sap has hardened. Durango explains that the Tenoo tree’s sap is edible and usually tastes like candy. Nubs notices the wet walls, and Solay concludes that the water must have flowed through here. They feel more movement, and Brightstar believes the noise is connected to the tree’s poor health. He leads them to the source of the sound.

Raxlo strikes again
The younglings stumble upon Raxlo’s harvester, drilling through a large sap wall. Raxlo is sipping some caf while the machine is working. Durango remembers their previous encounter with Raxlo on Federian, where he was cutting down forests. Brightstar and the others approach Raxlo and ask him to stop drilling. Raxlo explains that he is collecting hardened sap, which he claims is delicious and profitable. He chews one, and Durango agrees that it tastes good.

Suddenly, a crack appears in the wall of sap. Nubs and Brightstar inform Raxlo that the drilling is harming the Tenoo tree and causing the ground to shake. However, Raxlo denies any problem, stating that his harvester is designed to withstand anything. He mentions that he only wants to collect as much sap as possible. Just then, several rocks fall, and everyone takes cover. It appears that rocks have blocked the tunnel back up to the top.

Brightstar suggests finding another way out, but Raxlo is determined to finish the harvest. He instructs RC-99 to keep drilling. Brightstar disapproves, but Raxlo tells him to find a way out while he continues harvesting. This callous attitude angers Brightstar, but he resolves to find a way out with his friends. Durango discovers an exit at the top, which is too high to reach. Nubs and Solay propose meditating in the Force and using their natural surroundings to find a way out. They invite Durango to join them.

Source of imbalance
Durango admits she is not a Jedi, but Solay assures her that the Force connects all living things. The four younglings meditate, focusing on breathing and listening to their surroundings. They sense water bubbling beneath a nearby boulder and try to move it, but Raxlo stops them. He reveals that he had to plug the room with water to drill it. Nubs gets angry and scolds Raxlo in Poobian. Brightstar explains that Raxlo’s actions have upset the balance by cutting off the water supply.

Solay explains that the water, tunnel, and tree are all connected, and removing one thing would disturb the balance. Durango adds that the tree needs water to grow and thrive. Raxlo argues that he needs sap and cannot continue drilling if the room gets filled with water. Suddenly, rocks fall from the roots above, but the younglings avoid harm. Raxlo’s cloak gets trapped beneath a rock, but Brightstar frees and saves him from being crushed. Raxlo thanks him, and Brightstar reminds him that a Jedi helps everyone.

Solay suggests that they must unplug the boulder to restore balance and health to the tree. Raxlo realizes his mistake and orders RC-99 to stop drilling. He joins forces with the younglings to move the boulder, releasing a jet of water that floods the room. They all seek shelter aboard the harvester, but Brightstar gets left behind. He runs up one of the roots and jumps into the room, landing safely on the harvester’s gangplank using his Force powers. Inside the command center, Raxlo updates RC-99 about his change of plans.

Raxlo’s change of heart
Raxlo activates the engines of his harvester and takes it up to the opening in the room. Though they reach the top, the harvester is too big to make it through the opening. Brightstar appeals to Raxlo to detach the harvester’s cargo container. Raxlo protests that he is unwilling to part with his collected sap, saying they are worth many credits. Solay replies that he can’t spend credits underwater. As the viewport begins to crack, Raxlo reluctantly detaches the cargo container, allowing the harvester to swim through the opening.

Raxlo’s harvester emerges on a bank of the nearby river. After emerging on land, Nubs and Solay are pleased to see that the water is back and that the Tenoo tree is healthy again. While Raxlo is sad, Nubs and Brightstar thank the businessman for doing the right thing even though it wasn’t easy. Raxlo tells them not to mention it because it makes him sad. Brightstar hopes to see him around and advises Raxlo to avoid further digging up today. After the younglings depart, Raxlo chews on some Tenoo tree sap and says at least it was not a total loss. He flies away in his harvester.

Returning to Nub’s favorite meditation spot, Brightstar surmises that the balance is back since the water is flowing and the ground is no longer shaking. Nubs invites his friends to meditate under the Tenoo tree as the sun sets. Durango says it is so beautiful and that she now understands why Nubs likes it here.

“Big Brother’s Bounty”

The wannabe bounty hunter
At Hap’s Sap Tap, Kai Brightstar invites Lys Solay and Nubs to play darts. Solay misses the bull’s eye, but when Nubs throws his dart, it zooms around the cafe and hits the bull’s eye, splashing two alien customers’ bowls. Solay congratulates Nubs on his impressive shot.

Suddenly, a hooded Dowutin bursts into the cafe, startling everyone. She demands to see the owner and reveals that she’s looking for a bounty hunter named Ansen Strung. The newcomer leaves a hologram of Strung and asks if anyone has seen him. Although Brightstar, Solay, and Nubs offer to help the visitor, she declines their assistance. However, she accidentally drops her hologram and unmasks herself as Senna Strung, Ansen’s younger sister.

Brightstar and Nubs are surprised to learn that Ansen has a sister. Senna explains that she and her brother regularly stay in touch, but he’s missed their last two calls. The last place she knew he worked was the planet Tenoo. When Senna sits at a table occupied by a Mirialan boy, he leaves nervously.

Senna wants to make sure her big brother is safe, and she’s determined to find him. She says Ansen is training her to be a bounty hunter and always taking care of her. Brightstar and his friends agree to help Senna find Ansen. Solay asks about the latest job he was doing.

Searching for Ansen
During their last holo-chat, Senna remembered Ansen mentioned a big bounty near Kublop Springs for a local farmer named Weebo. Brightstar recognized Weebo, and Solay suggested they could ask her about Ansen. Senna regretted not asking Weebo and said that a real bounty hunter wouldn’t make that mistake. Senna led the way, and they visited Weebo at her farm.

Weebo told Senna that Ansen was looking for one of her lost Burowga animals. She explained that the horned, six-legged animals love digging and help prepare the dirt for planting seeds. Solay was amazed to see the animals, and Weebo explained that Burogwa are curious creatures who sometimes wander and get lost. Weebo recalled that Ansen followed her missing Burowga to the far side of the nearby forest. When Brightstar asked Weebo if she tried calling him, Weebo said that Ansen did not return her calls, leading her to assume he was busy. Weebo emphasized that she needed all her Burowga for the planting season.

Senna asked the Jedi Initiates if they knew how to get to the far side of the forest. Brightstar knew the way but said it was far, and they would need speeder bikes. The four rode on speeder bikes toward the forest’s edge but found their path blocked by roots. Solay suggested they walk from that point. They walked towards the forest’s edge, where Nubs found Ansen’s speeder bike running down a steep hill. Senna thought that Ansen was in trouble.

Against the advice of her local guides, she used a pair of vines to abseil down the hill. However, the vines snapped, and she fell down the hill. The Jedi younglings descended the hill safely. Senna grumbled that this wouldn’t have happened to a real bounty hunter. The four approached Ansen’s speeder but were caught in a cage-like trap. Senna tried to find a way out and grumbled that she kept making mistakes. Solay reassured her that everyone makes mistakes and that a mistake is their chance to learn and get better. This cheered up Senna.

Ansen and the lost Burogwa
Ansen emerges from the bush, believing he has caught Weebo’s lost Burogwa. Senna is relieved that her big brother is alive. Ansen is surprised that his sister is on Tenoo and asks what she is doing here with the Jedi younglings. Senna explains that she was worried after he missed their last two holo-calls. Ansen apologizes that he was busy trying to trap the lost Burogwa. He was attempting to use the sound of his speeder to attract the stray animal and was worried that the sound of his comm would draw it away. So, he turned off the comm.

Just then, the lost Burogwa emerges from the bush behind Ansen. Senna warns Ansen that the Burogwa is behind him. The Burogwa dives into the ground, and Ansen runs after it. Senna uses an electrical tool to overload a sensor at the corner of the cage trap, causing the roof to open. She uses a grappling cable to escape the cage trap with the Jedi younglings.
Meanwhile, Ansen has managed to mount the runaway Burogwa but is struggling to subdue the animal. Senna realizes that they need to corral the Burogwa. Brightstar and his Jedi friends agree to help and draw their lightsabers.

Working together, Ansen and Senna managed to maneuver the Burogwa towards the cage. Ansen mentioned that they still needed to get the creature inside the cave. Senna devised an idea involving the speeder bike and asked the younglings to be ready to use their Force powers at her signal. She then jumped back into the cave and accelerated the speeder’s engine. The Burogwa jumped with Ansen into the cage. Once inside, the two Dowutin jumped out of the cave using his rocket boots with Ansen. At Senna’s signal, the younglings locked the top of the cage.

Despite their jubilation in rounding up the lost Burogwa, Ansen was dismayed that the animal had wrecked his red speeder bike. Senna hugged him and expressed relief that he was alive. Senna thought she was not as good a bounty hunter as her big brother. Ansen disagreed and told her she had done an excellent job capturing the Burogwa, marking her first successful bounty.

Later, the Dowutin bounty hunters and the Jedi younglings find the missing Burogwa and return it to Weebo. Weebo expresses her gratitude towards Ansen for helping out, but Ansen redirects her thanks to his sister Senna, who he describes as one of the best new bounty hunters. Senna also thanks her Jedi friends for teaching her and says they taught her to learn from her mistakes. Solays assures Senna that they never doubted her abilities for a second. Senna then releases the lost Burogwa, who is happy to be reunited with its fellow Burogwa. All of them – the younglings, Weebo, and the Dowutin bounty hunters – laugh joyfully.



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