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Surgical Pod

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Model: Athakam Surgical Pod
Type: Surgical Suite
Cost: 5000
Availability: 2
Game Stats: Device can diagnose and treat common diseases and poisons, in addition to stabilizing a seriously injured patient. Has first aid 5D and medicine 1D. A medical droid may interface with med unit, receiving a +2D bonus to first aid and +1D to medicine.

Background: Surgical pods were a type of medical equipment installed in the medical bays of Venator-class Star Destroyers. Able to fit an adult human inside of them, they were large tubes with a surgical bed which slid in and out of the tube. The tubes were brightly illuminated on the inside. The pods were controlled by consoles located at the feet of the bed, which contained a scomp link socket on the side. In the aftermath of the issuing of Order 66, Ahsoka Tano and R7-A7 used a surgical pod on the Star Destroyer Tribunal to remove Clone Commander Rex’s implanted inhibitor chip, freeing him from the associated brainwashing. Later, Rex took Clone Force 99, a group of fellow renegade clones who had been initially immune to the order, to Bracca to use a surgical pod in a wrecked Venator on the junk planet to remove their chips.

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