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CH-33P “Cheep”

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Name: CH-33P “Cheep”
Type: C1-series Astromech Droid
Degree: 2nd Degree
Class: Astromech Droid
Sensor Color: Black
Plating Color: Gray and Yellow
Gender: Masculine Programming
Personality Module: Advanced

Brawling Parry: 3D
Dodge: 3D
Electroshock Prod: 4D
Melee Combat: 3D
Running: 3D
Thrown Weapons: 4D

Willpower: 4D

Astrogation: 4D
Space Transports: 4D
Starfighter Piloting: 3D



Brawling: 2D+2

Computer Programming/Repair: 4D+2
Starfighter Repair: 5D
Space Transport Repair: 4D

Equipped With:
• Three wheeled legs (one retractable)
• Two medium arms (retractable)
• Buzzsaw (5D damage)
• Laser welder (1D to 5D damage, as fitting the situation)
• Fire extinguisher
• Imagecaster
• Booster Rocket: Holds enough fuel for five blasts, which can propel the droid up to 25 meters vertically or 50 meters horizontally.
• Electroshock prod (3D stun)
• Armored hull (+1D to Strength when resisting damage)

Move: 6 walking, 12 on central wheel, 25 on jet thrusters
Size: 1.05 meters
Cost: 800 credits

Game Notes: Astromech droids, if acting in co-pilot capacity, may attempt starship repairs while in flight.

Background: CH-33P, nicknamed “Cheep”, was a C1-series astromech droid with masculine programming that served the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. Following the Siege of Mandalore he, along with fellow astromech droids R7-A7 and RG-G1, assisted the former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano after Order 66 was executed and the Republic’s clone troopers turned against the Jedi. Alongside G-G, Cheep was subsequently destroyed by mind-controlled clones while assisting Tano and Clone Commander Rex’s escape from the Tribunal.

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