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The Bad Batch – S02E16 – Plan 99

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“Plan 99”

Sacrifice and escape
In the skies of Eriadu, the Bad Batch prepare to jump out of their stolen rail car. They come under attack from stormtroopers stationed in the opposite car. Hunter asks Echo to restart the rail car but he says that the explosions have knocked out power to the rail car. Tech offers to reboot the system but says that he will need to connect to one of the terminals on the track. Hunter tasks the other clones with providing covering fire while he and Tech access the terminal at the top. The two clones climb of top of the rail car with difficulty. Tech reaches the top of the rail line and accesses the control panel. Wrecker and Omega take out stormtroopers attempting to shoot Tech.

Back at Tarkin’s compound, the lieutenant informs Governor Wilhuff Tarkin that six detonations have been confirmed with multiple casualties. When a stormtrooper reports that insurgents are holed up on the rail line, Tarkin orders that air support be sent to take them out. When the lieutenant expresses concerns about friendly fire, Tarkin doesn’t care and reiterates his orders. Barton Coburn looks with concern.

Meanwhile, three stormtroopers climb into their V-wing starfighters and fly towards the rail line. Hunter spots the three approaching starships and warns Tech to hurry up. The starfighters cause damage to the rail car but Tech manages to restore power. When the starfighters circle back for a second strafing run, Hunter shoots the wings of one of them, causing it to crash. A second starfighter pursues Tech. Though he manages to reach their carriage, the V-wing manages to damage the rear carriage, causing it to hang loose. Tech falls out but uses his grappling cable to hold onto to the dangling carriage.

Tech attempts to climb up but stormtroopers stationed in the opposite rail car shoot at their carriage. Due to the damage caused by the starfighters, the Bad Batch’s rail carriage begins to rip from the rail track. Hunter tells Wrecker to pull Tech to safety but Tech warns them not to since any shift in the weight could cause the rear carriage to fall. As more V-wings approach, Tech implores his fellow clones to severed the connection hinge now. Wrecker disagrees but Tech proceeds with Plan 99 as the carriage falls apart. Tech questions when have they ever followed orders before shooting the hinge connecting their carriages. Wrecker and Omega react with despair and anguish as Tech and the fallen carriage descend to the surface.

Tech’s sacrifice allows their car to speed past the opposite rail car. Their out of control rail car crashes into the next rail station. Hunter orders the Bad Batch to jump out. Omega awakes and finds herself amidst the wreckage of the rail car. She has sustained a leg injury and quickly fades out of consciousness. Hunter and Wrecker rescue Omega before fleeing pursuing stormtroopers. Omega fades in and out of consciousness as the rest of the Bad Batch evacuate her aboard the Marauder. Due to Omega’s injuries, Hunter plans to evacuate her to Ord Mantell where AZI-3 can treat her.

A time for grief
Later, Omega awakes to find Hunter sitting by her bedside. She is attended by AZI, who tells Omega that he is relieves she is awake. He says that the clones sustained multiple injuries but will each make a full recovery with proper treatment and rest. Wrecker, who is wearing a brace around his neck, hugs Omega and tells her not to scare them like that again. Omega remembers the rail car incident and asks about Tech. Hunter responds that Tech did not make it. Omega is upset about Tech’s death and breaks down into tears.

Wrecker and AZI leave to allow Hunter to spend time alone with Omega. Hunter comforts Omega, telling her that Tech made a sacrifice for the rest of the squad and that they are not going to waste it. When Omega asks what he means, Hunter tells her that the galaxy has changed and confides that he and Wrecker think that Pabu could be a good place to make a new life for themselves. He asks Omega if this is something she wants. When Omega smiles, Hunter decides that this is something they will do.

Cid’s betrayal
At Cid’s Parlor, Ciddarin Scaleback serves Wrecker a free drink as consolation for the loss of Tech. Cid says she feels sorry for “Goggles,” saying that she liked him. Aboard the Marauder, Gonky alerts Echo to the arrival of an Imperial Venatorclass Star Destroyer. Echo tries to contact the rest of the Bad Batch but finds that their comms have been jammed.

Back at Cid’s Parlor, Cid tells Wrecker that she betrayed them to the Galactic Empire. Shortly later, several Clone Commandos enter the parlor and shoot Wrecker. The blasts bounce off him and he charges at them. Hunter and Omega hears his shouts. Clone Commandos reach the door but Hunter shoots the door controls shut. He tells Omega to take the underground mining tunnels to the spaceport and find Echo while he gets Wrecker. Omega replies that Hunter is injured and in no state to fight. Hunter tells Omega that she and AZI need to go, reiterating that it is an order.

After Omega and AZI climb down the tunnel, Omega tells AZI that she is unwilling to lose Hunter and Wrecker. She convinces AZI to tag along. Inside the parlor, Hunter confronts Dr. Royce Hemlock and his Clone Commandos, who have already captured Wrecker. Hemlock tells Hunter that he is outnumbered and thanks Cid for her assistance before ordering her to leave. A dejected and guilt-ridden Cid walks away. Meanwhile, Omega and AZI climb through the ventilation shafts above the parlor.

Hemlock offers to spare Hunter and Wrecker’s lives if they surrender Omega. Holding his blaster pistol, Hunter refuses to surrender Omega. Hemlock is bemused by Hunter’s paternalism before talking about the passing of Tech. He presents Hunter with Tech’s wrecked goggles as a “gift” before talking about the psychological impact of Tech’s death on Hunter. Hemlock warns Hunter that he will order his Clone Commandos to execute Wrecker if he doesn’t lower his gun. Hunter reluctantly lowers his gun and clutches Tech’s goggles. Omega watches from above while Clone Commandos handcuff Hunter. A Clone Commando reports that Omega was not found in Cid’s office. Hunter claims that she is long gone and not going anywhere with him. Hemlock responds that we will see.

Omega’s capture
Omega and AZI later reach the top of Cid’s Parlor. She tasks AZI with finding Echo while she attempts to stall the Imperials. As civilians scatter, Hemlock leads his troops and prisoners through the streets of Ord Mantell. Omega fires her energy bow at the convoy. Hemlock tells his Clone Commandos to lower their weapons before addressing Omega. Omega demands that he release Hunter and Wrecker. Hunter tells Omega to run but is restrained by a Commando.

While Omega holds her energy bow, Hemlock proposes a trade. If she surrenders, he promises to spare her friends. Hemlock claims that Nala Se needs her help. Hunter counters that they are lying and that the Empire killed the Kaminoans. Hemlock responds that Nala Se is alive and being well cared for and promises that Omega will be safe. Omega rejects his offer. Hunter tries to warn her but Omega is stunned by a Clone Commando. Hemlock orders his troops to search the city for the third clone and to bring them back to Eriadu where Takin intends to interrogate them personally.

Meanwhile, AZI finds Echo and tells him that Imperial troopers are everywhere and they cannot sneak past them. Echo suggests they do the opposite. The two hijack a bipedal Imperial walker which they use to attack Hemlock’s forces. Hunter and Wrecker take advantage of the chaos to break free of their captors. Elsewhere, Hemlock and other Clone Commandos depart with the unconscious Omega. Echo’s walker is cornered by a second walker, which damages their walker’s leg joint. Echo and AZI are forced to flee their wrecked transport and reunite with Hunter and Wrecker. They resolve to stop Hemlock’s shuttle from leaving.

The Bad Batch engage in a gunfight with Imperial forces but are unable to stop Hemlock from leaving with Omega in the shuttle. The Bad Batch manage to escape Ord Mantell in the Marauder. While traveling through space, Echo says that there was no way to track down Hemlock’s ship. Hunter resolves to rescue Omega and not to stop searching until they do.

Captivity and reunion
Hemlock’s shuttle travels to the Weyland facility on Mount Tantiss with Omega in tow. They are greeted by a contingent of Clone Commandos escorting Scalder and Nala Se. Hemlock sends Scalder and the Commandos to bring Omega to Emerie Karr for medical treatment. Hemlock then speaks with Nala Se, reminding her that former Prime Minister Lama Su spoke of her attachment to Omega and asks her to reconsider working for the Emperor’s project. Nala Se responds that what he seeks is not possible. Hemlock tells her to make it possible or Omega will suffer.

Meanwhile, Scalder and the Clone Commandos lead Omega into a laboratory where several Clone troopers lie on operating beds. Omega also sees several humanoid shapes inside storage tanks. Omega recognizes Crosshair, who is lying on a bed. Karr speaks to Omega. When Omega asks what she did to Crosshair, she explains that she tried to warn him about the consequences of not cooperating with Dr. Hemlock. When Omega demands to speak with Nala Se, Karr remarks that it is ironic that Omega trusts the Kaminoan but not her. When Omega replies that she does not know who Karr is, Karr reveals that she and Omega are sisters.


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