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The Bad Batch – S02E15 – The Summit

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“The Summit”

Departing Paradise
On the island of Pabu, Tech briefs the rest of the Bad Batch about his search through the Republic and Imperial files for information about the Advanced Science Division. His search has yielded little information about Crosshair’s location and Dr. Royce Hemlock. Echo informs the rest of the clones that Hemlock is scheduled to attend a conference at Governor Wilhuff Tarkin’s compound on Eriadu in two rotations. Echo proposes planting a homing beacon on Hemlock’s ship and using it to find Hemlock’s base and Crosshair’s location.

Hunter is skeptical about the plan since they are at a tactical disadvantage. Tech counters that Crosshair is their brother while Omega says that Crosshair is their brother. Wrecker is also supportive. Hunter asks about reinforcements. Echo replies that Rex is on a mission and says that their team is sufficient enough to get in and get out without alerting the Imperials but that they need to move quickly. Hunter agrees with the plan.

Before leaving, Omega tells Phee Genoa that she and the other clones are going on a covert mission. Genoa says she expects details when they return before speaking with Tech, remarking that the Bad Batch are planning to leave without saying goodbye. Besides emphasizing the need for dialogue, Genoa counsels Tech not to get involved with any pirates and mercenaries. Genoa hints that she has feelings for Tech before walking away. Tech walks up the ramp as the Marauder fires up its engines.

Journey to Eriadu
Meanwhile, Hemlock’s Imperial light cruiser arrives above the cloudy planet of Eriadu. Hemlock descends to a mountainside compound in a Nu-class attack/transport shuttle. Upon landing in the hangar, he is greeted by a pair of stormtroopers with red markings who escort him to a meeting with Governor Tarkin, who is joined by several other Imperial officials. When Tarkin remarks that Hemlock is late, the scientist replies that there were matters that required his attention.

While traveling through hyperspace, Tech tells his fellow clones that he has identified a suitable location to land on Eriadu outside their sensor range. When Hunter asks how they will bypass the Imperial cruisers above, Echo tells them that he has a clearance code that he and Rex acquired from one of their contacts. Wrecker thanks Echo for his support. As they exit hyperspace, Hunter assigns Wrecker to man the tail gun as a backup in case their plan works. The Imperial cruisers clear the Marauder for landing under the designation “Vessel 1143.”

Infiltrating Tarkin’s compound
The Marauder descends into the cloudy, mountainous terrain of Eriadu and lands near the outskirts of the base. The Bad Batch walk through a forest. When Omega asks if they are making a side-wind breach which Tech adds worked on Raxus, Echo responds that this approach won’t work here since the Empire has revised their security protocols following their earlier heist. Hunter warns Wrecker not to use tanks and explosives for this mission.

They approach a sensor near a rail line that leads to Tarkin’s mountainside compound. Echo and the Bad Batch study the compound’s fortifications from afar. Echo notes that the compound is heavily fortified but they could infiltrate the facility via the rail line. Tech says that he can deactivate the sensor platform for 30 seconds so that they can board the rail line but warns them to be precise. Tech uses a grappling cable to reach the sensor platform. He opens the control panel and temporarily disables the sensor, which causes Imperial technicians to detect a malfunction in sensor 38-11. The lieutenant orders his men to recycle the feed.

With the sensor down, the Bad Batch use grappling cables to hitch a ride on the rail carriage. Meanwhile, the Imperial officer orders his technicians to run a systems diagnostic. While riding the carriage, Wrecker avoids looking down due to his fear of heights. After reaching the compound, the Bad Batch take out three stormtrooper sentries, who fall over the balcony.

Tarkin’s summit
Inside Tarkin’s conference room, Hurst Romodi advocates a phased, widespread deployment of stormtroopers to ensure a secure military presence across all sectors. Tarkin disagrees and advocates a comprehensive strategy for galactic unification to deter dissent and rampant “self-interest.” Tarkin then questions Hemlock about the progress that the Advanced Science Division has made with cloning. Hemlock claims that their cloning advances are of interest to the Emperor Palpatine. He hopes to unlock the Kaminoan secrets in order to create an enlightened society using their advanced technology and molecular alteration. Tarkin asks how long it will take and expresses concern about the substantial amount of funding requested.

Hemlock replies that science cannot be rushed and says that he has found a new purpose for the decommissioned Clone troopers, whom he describes as test subjects. When Barton Coburn asks if the clones have consented to his experimentation, Hemlock counters that the clones are Imperial property and that consent is not required. Coburn warns that that there are many in the Imperial Senate fighting for clone rights and that news of his secret experiments could hurt their cause. Hemlock responds that the location and operations under his purview are far from the eyes and ears of the Senate and other parties. Coburn warns Hemlock that the clones are cunning and loyal warriors and questions the willingness of his peers to cast them aside.

Tarkin counters that he found clones to be unpredictable and criticizes the Jedi for fostering a concerning level of individuality. Coburn asks what will happen if the clones learn what is happening and take up arms against the Empire. Hemlock acknowledges that some already have while Tarkin adds that the Empire will take swift and unilateral action against any clone uprisings. Tarkin then asks Commander Orson Callan Krennic about Project Stardust, which Krennic obliges.

Planting the homing beacon
Meanwhile, the Bad Batch make their way into the hangar bay. When Omega asks which ship belongs to Hemlock, Echo explains that they need to access the manifest from the control room. Hunter tasks Tech and Echo with accompanying him and Omega and Wrecker with planting the homing beacon. Hunter and his team fight their way into the control room, stunning two stormtroopers. Back in the hangar, Omega and Wrecker receive news from Tech that Hemlock’s shuttle is at docking lane four.

Inside the control room, Echo notices that many of the surveillance systems have had cycled deactivations in various corridors. Tech notices that this is highly irregular despite the presence of senior ranking Imperial officers at the summit. Hunter asks Tech to investigate the situation while Echo keeps watch in the control room.

From a high vantage point, Omega and Wrecker survey Hemlock’s ship, which is guarded by two stormtroopers. Omega asks how they are supposed to reach it. Wrecker realizes that Omega is small enough to sneak to the shuttle undetected and tasks her with planting the homing beacon on its hull. Omega eagerly sets out on the mission and uses a cargo sled for cover. While evading the TK Trooper sentries, she plants the homing beacon on the shuttle’s landing struts. Wrecker warns Omega that more stormtroopers are headed her way.

With Omega pinned down, Echo creates a diversion by using the magnetic crane to lift a parked V-wing starfighter and slam it against several cargo boxes. This distracts the guards and allows Omega an opening. She is detected by a mouse droid but Wrecker smashes the droid with his foot. In the control room, the technician informs his lieutenant about the crane malfunction in the hangar and offline surveillance systems in Sector 4. The lieutenant dispatches a squad to secure the rail line.

Partisan entanglements
Meanwhile, Hunter and Tech discover another deactivated quadrant of the compound’s surveillance system. Tech feels uncomfortable and decides to leave. However, Hunter discovers an active thermal explosive and realizes that someone is targeting Tarkin’s base. Tech adds that one charge will not destroy the base. The clones are then surprised by Saw Gerrera and a fellow Partisan, who have infiltrated Tarkin’s base disguised as stormtroopers. Gerrera notices that the Bad Batch have made a choice since their last meeting on Onderon. When Hunter asks what is his plan, Gerrera tells the clones about his plans to destroy the base and the Imperial officers inside.

Hunter tells Gerrera not to proceed with the plan since his group is tracking an Imperial officer in order to rescue imprisoned Clone troopers. Gerrera is reluctant to call off the operation since he is waging his own war against the Empire. Tech asks him to consider the implications of wiping out any chance of gathering intelligence that could aid his cause. Gerrera counters that assassinating several top Imperial commanders would be beneficial. Tech counters that this is a short-term victory since their ranks can be easily replenished. Gerrera responds that sacrifices have to be made for the greater good.

His female Partisan companion warns Gerrera that they have to leave since a security team has been alerted. The two parties are attacked by stormtrooper sentries but shoot one of their attackers before retreating down a corridor. To aid their escape, they damage pipes which release smokes and electrocute their pursuers with a stun grenade. Tech also uses a stormtrooper as a shield while shooting his comrades. Hunter warns the other clones that they have been compromised and to head back to the rail line. Gerrera’s female companion is wounded during the gunfight. Disguised as stormtroopers, he helps her to the shuttle. He is determined to reach the shuttle before the Imperials find and deactivate the explosive.

A fiery escape
The lieutenant informs Tarkin and the other top Imperial officers that insurgents disguised as troopers have infiltrated his compound. Tarkin orders that all communications be switched to encoded channels and tasks the stormtroopers with finding the intruders. Tarkin orders that the conference room be sealed and reassures the officers that they are safe. Gerrera and his comrade sneak past stormtroopers while Hunter and Tech are chase by multiple stormtroopers. They are joined by Echo, Wrecker, and Omega, who eliminate several pursuers. They take out more pursuers with a stun grenade before fleeing to the rai line.

The Bad Batch take up position inside rail car while Tech overrides the manual controls. They ride their stolen rail car out of the compound. Meanwhile, Saw rejoins another group of disguised Partisans and they fight their way into the hangar. They take out stormtroopers with stun grenades before fleeing aboard a stolen shuttle. A battery cannon tries to shoot their shuttle down but is unsuccessful. Gerrera activates his thermal explosive which causes extensive damage to Tarkin’s compound particularly the hangar. However, the conference chamber is protected and Tarkin and the other Imperial officers survive the blast.

The explosion also causes the rail line to lose power. Meanwhile, the Bad Batch fight several stormtroopers stationed in their stolen rail car. The rail car stops in mid-air. A second rail car hangs on the other side. Tech remarks that this is going to be a problem.


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