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Mount Tantiss

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Name: Mount Tantiss
Planet: Wayland
Starport Type: Imperial
Traffic: Medium
Control: Imperial
Docking Areas: 300 Hangers
Docking Fee: 0
Customs: Imperial
Law Enforcement: High
Services: Full Service
Population: 28 Million
Points of Interest: Weyland facility

Background: Mount Tantiss was a mountain on the planet Weyland that hosted the Weyland facility. During the early days of the Imperial Era, the Galactic Empire relocated its cloning program from the extragalactic planet Kamino to the Weyland facility, kidnapping medical personnel, including Nala Se, and bringing them to Mount Tantiss. The mountain included several facilities for the cloning program including holding cells for Nala Se and an underground containment zone for cloned Zillo Beasts.

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