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The Bad Batch – S03E01 – Confined

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Survival of the fittest
Imperial Shuttle 135 is approaching Tantiss Base on Weyland. The TK stormtrooper, who is flying the shuttle, communicates with the base traffic control. They permit him to land. While the shuttle is descending into the planet’s atmosphere, it is struck by lightning, causing it to short-circuit and crash into the jungle. The stormtroopers survive the landing. TK-343 attempts to contact the base.

One of the stormtroopers warns his comrades about wild beasts. However, another reassures them that the lurca hounds are not present. The other stormtrooper says that the hounds do not operate this far out. Meanwhile, back at Tantiss Base, Dr Royce Hemlock wonders why the shuttle has yet to arrive. As they hear the stormtroopers fending off wild beasts over the intercom, Hemlock rules out sending reinforcements. He deems the troopers as good as dead since they had the misfortune of landing outside the base perimeter.

Hemlock’s hostage
Later that morning, Omega gazes outside the grills of her cell at the surrounding mountains while water drips from a tap onto her washbasin. Her “sister,” Emerie Karr, visits her, tells her there’s no such thing as a prisoner, and reassures her that she will acclimate. Karr claims it’s safer on Mount Tantiss than outside the base and invites Omega to follow her since they have much to do.

As they walk through the corridors, Omega passes several imprisoned former Clone troopers, including a dejected Crosshair being escorted by TK Troopers. Inside a ward, Karr collects a blood sample from a Clone trooper and requests that Omega let her collect hers. When Omega asks why, Karr responds that they all serve a purpose and won’t hurt. Omega reluctantly agrees and climbs onto a chair. She asks Karr if she knows where her brothers are, but Karr says she doesn’t know.

Omega wonders why she never saw Karr on Kamino, and Karr explains that she was sent elsewhere until Dr. Hemlock took her under his wing. Hemlock saw potential in her, much like Nala Se saw potential in Omega. Omega is relieved to have found a sister and says she never knew. After collecting the blood sample, Karr sends Omega with the test tubes containing the blood samples to Nala Se in the laboratory.

 Nala Se’s secret
Omega walks past an RA-7 protocol droid on her way to the lab. Outside the lab, two Imperial royal guards let her in. She then enters a secondary chamber where a scanner system scans her. Inside, Nala Se and several droids deposit samples into various machines. Nala Se thanks Omega for bringing her the blood samples and asks if her blood sample was taken. Omega confirms this, and Nala Se discards the sample into a rubbish bin. She then tells Omega to keep this a secret, as it is safer this way.

When Omega asks about the research, Nala Se explains that it differs from the Clone Trooper program on Kamino. Omega then asks why she was brought here, and Nala Se reveals that Omega was brought here to ensure her compliance. She explains that the Empire seeks the reproduction of a genetic M-count, but the experiments on the specimens have yet to reveal the desired results. Nala Se clarifies that the specimens are not clones. Dr Hemlock and an Imperial guard then join them, with Hemlock expressing hope that Omega’s presence will strengthen her work.

Connecting with Crosshair
Hemlock asks Nala Se to accompany her to the vault, leaving Omega behind to complete her tasks. One of the scanners matches a sample, and they find that several armed Imperial guards and a secondary red scanner system protect the heavily guarded vault.

Meanwhile, Omega feeds biscuits to the lurca hounds kept inside pens. The sentry droid K-9X1 presses a button on a panel, which activates a lurca hound outside.

Omega secretly attends to her pet lurca Batcher, who refuses to eat the pet biscuits. Omega shares some of her food, and Batcher willingly eats. Omega promises to bring Batcher more the following day.

After leaving the pens, Omega walks through the corridors that lead to several cells where the Clone troopers are held. Taking advantage of the absence of sentries, Omega visits Crosshair inside his cell.

Crosshair warns her not to escape, as he had tried before. Omega suggests they can trust Emerie; Crosshair interjects that not every clone is their ally. When Crosshair remarks that she is too trusting, Omega remarks that he doesn’t trust enough. Crosshair warns her to leave for her safety, but Omega resolves to find a way to escape Mount Tantiss.

Meet Batcher!
Once Omega returns to her cell, she scratches a new line on her tally of days. After packing her food, she holds her tooka doll while gazing at the moon. Meanwhile, somewhere else, a centrifuge is rotating blood samples. The following morning, Omega gazes out the window as the sun rises. She places her tooka doll inside her briefcase. As usual, Karr visits Omega and escorts her out of her cell. While walking through the corridor, she sees Crosshair and other Clones being escorted by Imperial commandos. Also, as before, Karr collects her blood sample, but Nala Se secretly disposes of the sample.

Later, Omega visits the lurca kennels, where she discovers Batcher nursing a wound on her forearm. Omega reports the injury to K-9X1, who explains that LH-201 sustained injuries during a night patrol. If her wounds do not heal, he explains that she will be terminated. When Omega asks him to treat her, the droid responds that he is not a medical droid and is not programmed to treat wounds as Batcher whimpers in pain. Omega borrows a cleansing tool from the first aid kit and convinces Batcher to let her treat her wound.

Afterward, Omega tells Crosshair about the incident. When she talks about stealing a medpack to treat Batcher, Crosshair tells her to stop wasting time with “lost causes” if she wants to escape. Though Omega refuses to abandon Crosshair, he replies that he would not think twice about abandoning her if he could escape. Omega says Crosshair is her brother, but he disagrees. Regardless, Omega refuses to abandon Crosshair. Before leaving, he tells her not to risk anything for him because he belongs there.

Later in the morning, Omega is surprised by an inspection by Imperial commandos, who search her belongings. Omega tries to hide her tooka doll, but one of the commandos snatches it from her hand. Karr explains that this is a standard procedure and reminds Omega that they are not permitted to have personal items. Karr assures Omega that she will dispose of the toy, taking her away for work duties.

Meanwhile, Nala Se reports the progress to Dr Hemlock, who is unhappy to hear that the M-count has severely diminished in the process. Dr Hemlock warns that if they fail to match the M-count of the specimen, the mission will be deemed a failure. Hemlock also warns that failure will lead him to reconsider the privileges that Omega has been afforded. He warns Nala Se about the consequences of delaying progress and reminds her that the Emperor is more patient than they are. Nala Se claims loyalty to science, but the doctor warns her that the Emperor is less patient than they are.

A gift from Emerie
Omega is relieved to see that Batcher’s wound is almost healed, but K-9X1 informs her that Batcher has been marked for termination due to her recent domesticated behavior being considered a liability. When Omega tries to defend her, K-9X1 insists on following protocols and attempts to take Batcher away. Omega takes a datapad from the droid, causing him to activate a security alert and attack her with his electrostaff. However, she uses the datapad to free Batcher and tells her to run while she goes to rescue Crosshair.

Later, Omega is confronted by Dr. Hemlock and Emerie Karr, who criticize her for letting Batcher go and accuse her of being cruel. Hemlock explains that the lurca hounds are not the only threat and that Omega’s actions have made her vulnerable. When Omega argues that Batcher deserves a chance, Hemlock dismisses her idealism and warns her that emotions have no place where they are. Omega reveals that she knows Hemlock brought her here as a hostage to keep Nala Se in line, and Hemlock warns her that her misbehavior will endanger Crosshair. Karr tries to console Omega by returning her tooka doll.

Omega sits sulking in her cell and hears Batcher howling in the distance. She goes to find her rummaging through the wreckage of an Imperial shuttle that was attacked by wild beasts, which are more dangerous than the lurca hounds.




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