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Ord Mantell City

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Name: Ord Mantell City
Planet: Ord Mantell
Starport Type: Steller
Traffic: High
Control: Black Sun
Docking Areas: 150 Hangers
Docking Fee: 30 credits per day
Customs: Local
Law Enforcement: Low
Services: Full Service
Population: 2 Million
Points of Interest: Black Sun stronghold, Cid’s Parlor, Rain Drop

Background: Ord Mantell City was a city on the planet Ord Mantell. The Black Sun criminal syndicate operated a base in Ord Mantell City, which was the location of a battle between the Shadow Collective and Confederacy of Independent Systems, resulting in significant damage to the city. It was also home to Cid’s Parlor which was a bar and gambling den operated by the Trandoshan female Ciddarin Scaleback in Ord Mantell City on Ord Mantell. She provided services as an information broker out of the establishment, assisting the Jedi during the Clone Wars and later the Bad Batch during the Imperial Era. A variety of games, including slot machines and dejarik, were available there.

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