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Andor – S01E12 – Rix Road

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The episode opens with Wilmon Paak working on a machine at his late father Salman Paak’s Repaak Salyard. Elsewhere, Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) Supervisor Dedra Meero lands at Ferrix’s spaceport in a Lambda-class shuttle with two Death troopers. Stormtroopers guard the spaceport and Caleen Salyard. Meanwhile Bix Caleen waits anxiously inside her cell.

Meero is greeted by Captain Vanis Tigo, who says dinner is ready. Meero instead decides to walk the streets with Corv as her escort. Wilmon continues working on a machine. Meanwhile, one of Brasso’s colleagues informs him that Cassian Jeron Andor has returned to Ferrix to attend his mother Maarva Andor’s funeral. Brasso tells him to keep this news secret and find steam to no one.

A disguised Meero and Corv walk through the streets of Ferrix while Wilmon assembles a machine. He looks to a hologram of his late father Salman. Elsewhere, Nurchi speaks with Xanwan about the impact of Maarva’s death on Andor. The two agree not to discuss their conversation with anyone else.

Marital strife
Meanwhile on Coruscant, Mon Mothma confronts her husband Perrin Fertha about his gambling in their airspeeder. Mothma tells the driver Kloris to give them privacy. Mothma tells Perrin to take his gambling offworld to Canto Bight. Perrin gets angry and denies he has a gambling problem. Perrin thinks that people are trying to get Mothma down by coming after him. Perrin hints that whoever is behind revelations of his gambling activities is aware of her covert activities. He asks where he would get the money. Mothma responds that concerns her the most. Perrin says someone is lying to her, which Mothma agrees. Kloris listens intently to their conversation.

On the run
Back on Ferrix, Vel Sartha meets with Cinta Kaz. Cinta tells Vel that they are being watched by an ISB operative and that Meero has arrived. Cinta thinks they are getting ready to trap Andor. Vel is aware of the situation and says they need to get there first. Vel tells Cinta to come away from the window. Andor roams the streets of Ferrix and touches an inscription. He reflects upon his late adoptive father Clem Andor’s words “that that man who sees everything is more blessed than cursed.”

Andor experiences a flashback of his father teaching him how to wash and recycle used machines as a means of saving money. Andor climbs into Bix’s scrapyard and is confronted by a pair of canine creatures. He is discovered by the custodian who turns out to be his old friend Pegla. Pegla reveals that Bix was captured by the Empire.

While Bix waits in her cell, Andor reflects on the late Karis Nemik’s manifesto about freedom being a source of strength when the struggle seems impossible. Nemik talks about countless cells engaging in acts of resistance across the galaxy without realizing that they have enlisted in the cause. He talks about diverse rebel cells being part of a galactic struggle. The Imperial need for control is unnatural since tyranny requires constant effort. Authority is brittle and oppression is the mask of fear. He talks about the small skirmishes and battles swelling into a bigger tide that will overwhelm the Galactic Empire. One single thing will break the siege.

Meero’s trap
Meanwhile, Tigo informs Meero that Imperial forces have pulled back their air traffic and uniform patrols and relaxed curfew. Tigo says that the trap is ready. When Meero asks when is the funeral, Tigo says that the Empire has delayed the funeral for two hours after lunch. After negotiations with the Daughters of Ferrix, they assigned half of Rix Road for the funeral and allowed a maximum of forty people to attend.

Another Imperial officer explains to Meero that the Daughters of Ferrix are a social club and that Maarva served as a president. Keysax dismisses them as a nonsense and says that they will have snipers and local containment units stationed nearby. Meero rules out the use of snipers since she wants Andor to be taken alive. Vel walks past an Imperial speeder manned by an Imperial Army trooper carrying two stormtrooper snipers.

A hollow victory
Elsewhere, ISB officers Blevin and Kloris discuss an audio recording of Mothma and Perrin’s conversation about the latter’s gambling problems. Blevin thinks that they can exploit Perrin’s gambling problems as a leverage against Mothma while Kloris thinks that Perrin has gambled before. Blevin also discusses Mothma’s recent financial transactions. Lagret informs his comrades that they are missing news of the successful operation against Anto Kreegyr. Blevin leaves to join the briefing but Kloris stays behind.

Major Partagaz proudly announces to the assembled ISB officers that Kreegyr’s entire team was killed and that they can close the case. The sole dissenter is Meero who speaks via comlink since she is offworld. Partagaz justifies the decision to take no prisoners by saying that the elimination of Kreegyr’s cell was intended to please the Emperor following the Aldhani heist. When Meero says that they need prisoners for intelligence gathering purposes, Partagaz tells her to capture the elusive “Axis”.

Plans in motion
Elsewhere, Luthen exits his Fondor Haulcraft and rides a speeder bike on the rocky surface of Ferrix. Meanwhile, Corv realizes that the man whom he has been following is not Andor. Pegla arranges for Andor to meet with Brasso in an underground tunnel. Andor regrets leaving Bix. Brasso passes a message from Maarva. Maarva says that Andor is not at fault and describes him as the first spark in the fire. Maarva also describes Andor as an unstoppable force for good. Brasso also tells Andor that Maarva loves him despite his faults.

Elsewhere, Pegla keeps watch for Andor. He tells Andor that the street is clear while Brasso tells Andor that Bix is being held in the hotel. He thinks the Empire is keeping her alive for a reason. Andor is determined to rescue her. Brasso says that he will take care of the funeral while Andor rescues Bix. Meanwhile, a disguised Syril Karn and Linus Mosk travel on hoverbus towards the Ferrix business center.

Maarva’s funeral and speech
Andor climbs out of his hiding place while stormtroopers march through the streets. Vel also meets with Luthen and discusses Meero. Luthen briefs Vel about their plans to assassinate Andor and tells her to get in touch with Cinta, who is watching the Andor household. The “Time Grappler” bangs a block to signify the beginning of Maarva’s funeral. Musicians begin playing their instruments as the Daughters of Ferrix prepare for the funeral. Meero asks what is going on.

While Luthen roams through the streets, Karn and Mosk also travel in disguised through the town. Musicians lead the funeral procession through the streets of Ferrix’s settlement. Wilmon also jons the procession while carrying an object in his pouch. Vel, Cinta, and Corv also slip through the crowd while an Imperial officer orders his men including Imperial Army troopers and stormtroopers to get the people off the street. Andor spots Rael while hiding in an attic. Meanwhile, Bix watches the procession from her cell.

Nurchi meets with Corv and negotiates his reward in exchange for spying. Corv agrees to smuggle him out and stages a fight to maintain Nurchi’s cover. At the Ferrix hotel, Meero warns Captain Tigo that she wants Andor alive. As a large crowd of citizens gathers in Rix Road, Imperial troops arrive to confront the funeral procession. B2EMO leads the procession. With Corv and Death troopers in pursuit, Andor flees into a sewer which leads to a kitchen in the Imperial hotel.

Imperial forces watch as the funeral attendees begin chanting “stone and sky.” Meanwhile, Andor holds a cook at gunpoint and asks where is Bix. The cook gives directions before expressing his condolences for Maarva. At the funeral procession, B2EMO plays a holorecording of Maarva, who talks about touching a funeral stone for the first time while she was six years old. She talks about walking to the Funeral Square with her sister and being inspired by the dead. She tells the assembled crowd that she wants Ferrix to go on. She says that the people have been sleeping. Maarva says that they have been turning from the truth: that there is a darkness spreading through the galaxy. She describes the Empire as a disease that thrives in darkness and when they sleep. She urges them to fight.

The uprising
Captain Tigo overturns B2EO, angering the crowd who begin attacking the Imperial Army troopers who are equipped with riot gear. Andor navigates his way through the hotel and knocks out a soldier. As the crowd fights the Imperial Army soldiers, an officer orders his men to shoot the “Time Grappler.” Meanwhile, Andor finds Bix in her cell and tells her that he has come to free her. Bix is reluctant to leave but Andor encourages her.

Meero is accosted by protesters. Wilmon hurls his improvised bomb at a vehicle carrying explosives, scattering the crowd and the Imperial soldiers. Keysax issues orders to open fire on the crowd as the protest descends into a skirmish. Stormtroopers and Imperial Army soldiers open fire on civilians and protesters, killing several. Corv finds Cinta in the streets but she stabs him. Pegla evacuates B2EMO from the streets while stormtroopers use laser turrets to open fire on the crowd.

Andor escorts Bix out of the hotel, which has been damaged by the explosion. They pass an unconscious Nurchi, who was knocked out by debris. A stormtrooper attempts to stop the Time Grappler but he throws him down the tower. Meero is attacked by a mob but is saved from being lynched by Syril Karn, who hides her inside a storeroom. Meero is initially angry but reluctantly thanks Karn. Rael watches the uprising from a distance. Elsewhere, Cinta reunites with Vel. Vel is concerned about the blood but Cinta realizes that it is not her blood.

Escaping Ferrix
Pegla helps Brasso prepare a ship for lift-off. They are soon joined by Andor and Bix. Andor convinces to evacuate Bix and advises them on escaping Ferrix. Cassian bids B2EMO, Bix, Pegla, and Wilmon farewell and promises to find them. While the ship flies away, Andor heads back to the Ferrix town center. A despondent Mosk sits by a street corner. Meanwhile, Mothma and Fertha introduce their daughter Leida Mothma to Stekan Sculdun and his mother Runai Sculdun.

Rael boards his Fondor Haulcraft and tells his droid to prepare for departure. He is soon confronted in the cockpit by Andor, who asks if he came to kill him. When Andor hands him a blaster, Rael asks what game is this. Andor says this is no game and dares Rael to kill him or take him. Rael smiles and decides to recruit Andor.

Post-Credits Scene
In another part of the galaxy, droids assemble the machinery produced by the Narkina 5 prisoners on the firing dish of the Death Star.



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