Bix Caleen

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Name: Bix Caleen
Type: Insurgent
Species: Human
Homeworld: Ferrix
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 1.70m
Weight: 56 kg
Skin: Tan

Dodge: 3D
Melee Combat: 4D
Melee Parry: 3D+2
Running: 4D

Alien Species: 4D
Business: Scrapping 5D
Languages: 3D
Streetwise: 5D
Willpower: 5D

Communications: 4D
Machinery Operation: 5D
Repulsorlift Operation: 3D

Bargain: 3D+2
Con: 4D
Forgery: 4D
Hide: 3D+2
Persuasion: 3D+2
Search: 4D
Sneak: 4D

Brawling: 3D
Construction: 4D+2

Communications Repair: 4D+2
Computer Programming/Repair: 4D
Droid Programming / Repair: 4D
Equipment Repair: 6D
Encryption: 4D
Ground Vehicle Repair: 5D
Machinery Repair: 5D
Repulsorlift Repair: 4D+1
Security: 4D
Space Transports Repair: 4D
Starfighter Repair: 4D

Special Abilities:

Force Sensitive: N
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 10
Move: 10

Equipment: Toolkit, comlink, datapad

Background: Bix Caleen was a human female and mechanic who was the owner of the Caleen Salyard on the Free Trade sector planet of Ferrix. She worked alongside Timm Karlo, who was also her lover. She was close with her ex-boyfriend, Cassian Andor, who trusted her greatly. She also had offworld connections, namely Luthen Rael. When Andor informed her he was looking to sell a valuable item, Caleen contacted Rael, who was already interested in meeting Andor. When Preox-Morlana security forces arrived on Ferrix to arrest Andor, who had killed two of their officers, Caleen learned that Karlo had ratted out Andor and ran to help him. However, she was beaten and handcuffed by several officers, and when Karlo attempted to help her, he was shot and killed. Caleen was later freed by two men, Salman Paak and his son Wilmon.

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