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Ahsoka – Shadow Warrior – S01E05

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Heroes Lost

The episode begins with the burnt pieces of the star map leading to Peridea. The Ghost lands next to the Seatos star map, and General Hera Syndulla steps out of the forward ramp holding her blaster. After confirming it’s safe, Syndulla allows her son Jacen to exit the Ghost and warns him to stay close as Seatos is an unknown planet. When she hears a noise, the general signals her son to hide behind Chopper. Hera investigates the sound and finds Huyang standing behind a rock pillar, facing the ocean and holding Sabine Wren’s helmet. Huyang sadly remembers telling Wren and Tano to stay together, but they never listen.

One Last Lesson

Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker meet in the World Between Worlds. Tano comments that Skywalker hasn’t changed much, and he counters by saying she has grown old. Skywalker tells Tano he’s there to complete her training after losing her fight with Baylan Skoll. Although Tano believes it’s too late for Skywalker to teach her, he disagrees and believes that one is never too old to learn.

Tano asks what lesson she will learn, but Skywalker immediately attacks her with his lightsaber, stating it’s time to fight or die. Tano refuses to fight her old master, but Skywalker doesn’t believe her and continues his attack. Eventually, Tano defends herself by igniting her lightsaber.

More Than Waves

General Syndulla is at the Starmap, searching for signs of Tano and Wren. Meanwhile, Huyang is inspecting the two fragments of the star map. Unfortunately, Huyang discovers the map is beyond repair, leaving them unsure of where the enemy is heading. Syndulla remains optimistic, stating they will get answers when they find Tano and Wren. However, Huyang believes Tano and Wren are on the Eye of Sion with Morgan Elsbeth and her forces. Carson Teva appears and asks what to tell command. Senator Leia Organa can no longer cover for them, and people will ask if they remain there. Despite this, Syndulla is adamant that they won’t leave until they know what happened to Tano and Wren.

Jacen attempts to alert his mother to something strange about the water during their conversation. At first, she doesn’t notice anything unusual, but her son insists that he can hear the sounds of a lightsaber battle. As Syndulla closes her eyes, she, too, begins to hear the sounds. Hera quickly orders Teva to get his squadron airborne and thoroughly sweep the ocean at a low altitude. General Syndulla takes Huyang with her inside the Ghost while Jacen and Chopper remain at the henge. When Teva inquires about the situation, Huyang explains that Jacen possesses abilities due to his Jedi father, Kanan Jarrus.


Tano and Skywalker are locked in a fierce duel in the World Between Worlds. Tano appears to be holding her own, and she suggests that her master may have nothing left to teach her. Skywalker responds with a smile, saying that he hasn’t taught her everything yet. He then slices the platform beneath Tano, causing her to fall into the depths below.

When Tano wakes up, she transforms into a younger version of herself. She’s in a location shrouded in fog, and clone troopers surround her in Phase I armor from the 501st Legion. Skywalker appears before her, wearing armor and looking like he did when they first met. He explains that they are witnessing a battle from the Clone Wars. Tano needs clarification about why they are experiencing one of her first missions, but Skywalker explains this is the problem. As he heads into battle, Tano ignites her original green lightsaber and follows him, hoping to find answers.

As the fighting momentarily subsides, Tano discovers herself in a camp that houses numerous wounded clones. She sees a trooper with a bandaged head on a stretcher and places her hand on him, prompting him to reciprocate the gesture. Skywalker locates her and cautions her about the approach of more Separatist battle droids. Despite this, Tano remains saddened by the carnage and reflects upon their numerous losses under her command. Skywalker provides her with wise counsel, reminding her that they are engaged in a war and that it is the responsibility of a Jedi to lead. However, he also acknowledges that the mistakes and losses have taken a toll on him.

In this conversation, Skywalker discusses with his padawan the importance of teaching her to fight despite her upbringing as a peacekeeper. Tano questions whether fighting will be the only thing she passes on to her padawan in the future, but Skywalker emphasizes that it is necessary for survival. As explosions occur in the distance, Tano considers the possibility of stopping fighting, but Skywalker warns her that it will lead to her demise. As they prepare to enter battle, Skywalker’s appearance shifts between his Jedi persona and his Sith alter ego, Darth Vader.

The Search Continues

Jacen Syndulla and Chopper remain at the star map while General Syndulla, Huyang, and Teva’s X-Wing squad continue to locate Tano and Wren aboard the Ghost. Although Teva expresses concern about depleting their fuel reserves, Syndulla orders them to continue sweeping the area.

During the mission, Hera confides in Huyang about the unauthorized nature of their search and wonders if they are chasing ghosts. However, Huyang reassures her that her caring and determined character is admirable. He also believes that they still have a chance of finding Tano due to her unyielding nature. When Huyang mentions Tano’s master, Syndulla inquires about his personality, and Huyang describes him as intense. Suddenly, Jacen contacts the Ghost and alerts them that Chopper has detected something on his scanners. They must fly low over the water to locate it. As Jacen Syndulla and Chopper stay at the star map, Teva’s X-Wing squad, General Syndulla, and Huyang aboard the Ghost continue their search for Tano and Wren. Despite Teva’s suggestion that it may deplete his squadron’s fuel reserves, Syndulla orders an extension of the sweep.

Hera confides in Huyang about the mission’s unauthorized nature and wonders if they are chasing ghosts. Huyang assures her that her caring and steadfast nature is what people appreciate about her. He also believes that there is still a chance they will find what they are looking for, citing Tano’s tenacity. When Huyang mentions Tano’s former master, Syndulla inquires about him. Huyang describes him as intense. Suddenly, Jacen contacts the Ghost and alerts them that Chopper has detected something on his scanners. They will need to fly low over the water to locate it.

The Choice To Live

During her journey down memory lane, Tano fights Mandalorian super commandos at the Siege of Mandalore. She fights alongside clone troopers from the 332nd company, and Clone Commander Rex notices her impressive work before charging forward. As Tano surveys the battlefield, Skywalker approaches her, admitting he doesn’t recognize the current battle. Tano explains that it is the Siege of Mandalore, which occurred after they went their separate ways.

Skywalker praises Tano for her excellent performance and says she is the culmination of his knowledge and the legacy of masters before him. However, Tano believes that her part of that legacy is one of death and war. Skywalker disagrees and reminds her that they are more than that. But Tano recalls how Anakin was more powerful and dangerous than anyone could have realized. When Skywalker mentions Anakin’s fall, Tano feels she hasn’t learned anything. Skywalker then reminds her of the choice he gave her: to live or to die. Skywalker ignites his lightsaber again, revealing a red blade and yellow eyes. Tano attempts to refuse a fight, but Skywalker insists on it, and the two engage in a fierce duel.

In the World Between Worlds, Skywalker transforms into his helmeted Sith persona and kicks Tano into the dark abyss. He becomes furious with Tano’s lack of conviction and relentlessly attacks her. Skywalker claims it’s time for her to die, but Tano manages to outmaneuver him and takes his lightsaber, holding it against his neck. However, she decides to drop the weapon into the void and chooses to live instead. Skywalker is pleased with her decision and smiles, bowing his head as his eyes return to normal. He believes that there is still hope for her. As the World Between Worlds shakes, Skywalker disappears, and the plane slowly fills with water, leaving Tano to close her eyes.


During the night, Tano was rescued from the waters by New Republic Lieutenant Jensu and brought onto the Ghost while whispering her master’s name. When Tano wakes up on the ship later, she is reunited with Huyang. The droid informs her that she may have been lost forever if it wasn’t for the efforts of Jacen Syndulla and that Sabine is not present. Tano steps out of the Ghost to express her gratitude to Jacen, whom Huyang takes away to explore Tano’s T-6 shuttle, allowing Hera and Tano to converse privately. Syndulla asks about Wren’s whereabouts, which prompts Tano to try to decode the damaged map for clues about what happened. After sensing echoes of Wren and Skoll’s conversation, Tano discovers that Wren willingly joined Elsbeth’s forces aboard the Eye of Sion and is still alive.

Teva arrives to meet Syndulla and informs her that the New Republic Fleet is on its way to Seatos. As Tano and Syndulla say goodbye, Tano looks up to see a group of purrgil flying overhead. On board, the Ghost, Syndulla, and Teva have a holographic meeting with Senator Mon Mothma. Mothma tells them that she can only offer much help if they can provide evidence of Imperial remnant activity or the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn. She also orders Syndulla and Tano to return to Coruscant for a hearing by the Senate oversight committee. This hearing will decide whether Syndulla’s command will be permanently disbanded. Despite the difficult situation, Tano rejoins them and says she knows how to locate Wren.

The Belly of the Beast

With a new plan, Tano’s ship, the Ghost, and Teva’s squad ascend into the Seatos sky. Syndulla asks Tano if the purrgil knows the hyperspace coordinates that will lead them to Wren. Tano replies that there is only one way to find out. A larger purrgil is spotted among the pod, and Tano, now dressed in white robes, walks out onto the shuttle hull to commune with the giant creature. Teva informs Syndulla that the New Republic fleet has arrived on the planet. Syndulla warns them not to approach, as they will frighten the purrgil. Outside Seatos’ atmosphere, Teva converses with New Republic Captain Girard, doing his best to stall her from approaching the planet. Before Girard’s forces can activate their tractor beam, Teva informs her of Tano’s plan.

Jacen Syndulla inquires of his mother on Seatos whether Tano is attempting to communicate with the purrgil. He fondly recalls Hera’s stories about how the purrgil transported Ezra Bridger and the Imperial forces to a distant location, saving the rebels. Jacen asks if the purrgil will do the same for Tano, taking her to where Bridger is. Hera responds affirmatively, stating it is their hope. Tano extends her hand to the purrgil, using the Force to establish communication. The massive creature then opens its mouth, and Tano instructs Huyang to pilot the ship inside.

After boarding the purrgil, Huyang asked Tano if she was confident they would reach Wren. Tano replied that she had no idea but was happy they were going somewhere rather than nowhere. As they emerged from Seatos’ atmosphere, the purrgil flew between Girard’s ships, getting ready to jump to hyperspace. Tano apologized to Syndulla for being unable to take her along, but Syndulla reassured her that it was alright, considering her son was too young to travel through galaxies. With a newfound determination and a promise to find Wren and Bridger, Tano, Huyang, and the purrgil leaped into hyperspace.



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