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EnhanceScan General-Purpose Scanner

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Model: CryonCorp EnhanceScan General-Purpose Scanner
Type: Portable scanning device
Skill: Sensors
Weight: 8 kg
Cost: 2,000
Availability: 2

Game Notes: Able to scan to a range of 1,500 meters (though more than 1 meter of rock or metal blocks it). It can detect movement, find life forms, and monitor comlink signals. Scanning for life forms or comm signals requires a Difficult sensors roll. The device gives a +1D bonus to search rolls.

Background: Rebel Alliance forces on Hoth used a CryonCorp product, the EnhanceScan general-purpose scanner, during their initial sweep to look for life forms. Its sensors included a motion sensor, comm scanner, metal scanner, and life-form scanners, and the unit was small enough to be carried around the neck. The EnhanceScan could detect life forms 1,500 meters away, the comm scanner had an effective range of three kilometers, the motion sensor had a 500-meter range, and the metal scanner only had a maximum of one hundred meters. The computer built into the scanner controlled all four sensors and displayed the data on a readout screen.

Components of the EnhanceScan general-purpose scanner included an antenna, motion sensor, metal scanner, comm scanner, power cells, data port, power indicator, and life-form scanner.

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