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Jedi Commander Armor

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Model: Jedi Commander armor
Type: Clone trooper armor
Cost: 5,000 credits

Game effects:
Basic Suit: +1D+1 to Strength vs Physical Damage / +2 to Strength vs Energy Damage

Under-Suit: Thermally balanced Zero-G vacuum suit, +1D to resist environmental effects

Survival Pack: Reconfigurable for multiple mission profiles, from hostile environments to hard vacuum.

Clone Wars Era Utility Belt: Contains, Water Purification Tablets, 2 Days Microrations, Stuncuffs, Liquid Rope Dispenser (up to 150m), Grapple Hooks, Blaster Ammunition, Portable Commlink, Bacta kit (allows stabilising of wounds only), Aquata Breather, Glowrod, Powerpack, Spare Lightsaber Energy Cell, small toolkit.

Background: Jedi Commander armor was the name given to modified clone trooper armor adopted by Jedi Generals and Jedi Commanders of the Grand Army of the Republic after the passing of the Jedi Military Integration Act during the Clone Wars. It consisted of the most important pieces of armor plates to avoid hampering the Jedi’s lightsaber forms and movement, and was a reminder of the new common reality the Jedi Order faced during the conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

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