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Ahsoka – S01E06 – Far, Far Away

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A long time ago…

While traveling through hyperspace inside a purrgil, Ahsoka Tano and Huyang reminisce about the stories Huyang would tell young Jedi, including Tano, about space whales. When Tano declines to hear a story, Huyang asks for one in return. Tano shares that Sabine Wren willingly joined the enemy, which troubles Huyang. However, he suggests that the Force may have guided Wren’s decision and that saving Ezra Bridger was her only option. Tano changes her mind and asks Huyang to tell one of his stories. Huyang begins with the classic line, “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…”

The Pathway to Peridea

Sabine Wren wakes up in a prison cell onboard the Eye of Sion. When Baylan Skoll walks by, she comments that she hopes for a better view. Skoll suggests that her imprisonment could be a chance for reflection, but Wren is not interested. She reminds Skoll of their agreement to find Bridger, but he leaves without saying anything, and Wren calls out to him in anger.

As Skoll and Morgan Elsbeth are on the bridge of the Eye, Skoll mentions Wren’s impatience with Elsbeth. When Elsbeth asks Skoll if he plans to fulfill his promise to her, he replies that her obsession with finding Bridger is clouding her judgment and that she might still be helpful to them. Suddenly, the Eye exits hyperspace at Peridea. Elsbeth explains how the planet was once the homeland of her people, the Dathomiri. Skoll recalls stories from the Jedi Archives about the planet being the end of the purrgils’ migration route between galaxies. Elsbeth tells Skoll how her ancestors were the first to ride these creatures as the Eye passes through the planet’s rings of purrgil bones—skoll remarks on how the planet is now a purrgil graveyard.

Shin Hati picked up Wren from her cell, and along with Elsbeth and Skoll, they traveled to the surface of Peridea. There, they met with three Nightsisters known as the Great Mothers at a henge resembling the reflex point on Seatos. One of the Nightsisters welcomed Elsbeth as a child of Dathomir and praised her for making their ancestors proud. Elsbeth confirmed that their visions had guided them across the stars to Peridea. When the witches mentioned Grand Admiral Thrawn, Elsbeth asked where he was. The Nightsisters announced that he was on his way. However, one of the witches detected that Wren “stinks of Jedi” and deemed her dangerous, so they sent her away using three floating spheres. As Wren was being whisked away, she reminded Skoll of their deal and asked for Bridger.

Ending the Cycle

Skoll and Hati are standing by the stone pillars, discussing Peridea. Skoll describes it as a place where children’s stories come to life, but Hati admits she doesn’t know those tales since she wasn’t raised at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Skoll explains that these are ancient folktales that have been forgotten with time. Hati suggests that sometimes stories are just stories, but Skoll recalls watching the Jedi Temple burn when he was slightly older than Hati. He couldn’t understand it then, but as he got older and learned more about history, he realized that these events were inevitable and part of a repeating cycle. Hati wonders if Thrawn’s return will bring them to power, but Skoll dismisses the idea, claiming power is fleeting. Instead, he seeks a new beginning to end the cycle. When Hati asks if Peridea is that beginning, Skoll smiles and believes it might be true if the stories are accurate.

The Grand Admiral

Wren is confined to her cell, and she paces back and forth anxiously. She tries to use the Force to open the door but fails. Suddenly, she notices an Imperial Star Destroyer, the Chimaera, descending outside her window. It’s there to meet Elsbeth, her entourage, and the Nightsisters. Night Troopers stand guard as Thrawn walks between them to greet his new allies and his Captain of the Guard, Enoch. Thrawn acknowledges that what was once a dream is a frightening reality for those who oppose them and salutes the Nightsisters. He praises Elsbeth’s efforts in helping them escape exile and introduces Enoch. Thrawn announces they will begin a cargo transfer per an agreement with the Great Mothers.

During a conversation, Elsbeth informs Thrawn that she has surveyed the catacombs, and it will require at least three rotations. Thrawn considers this timeline to be acceptable. The witches then bring up a prisoner named Wren, whom Skoll admits to bringing along because he believes she could be helpful. Thrawn and his apprentice are introduced to Skoll and the witches as mercenaries. Thrawn recognizes Skoll as General Baylan Skoll of the Jedi Order, but Skoll clarifies that he has since left the Jedi. When Elsbeth mentions Wren’s name, Thrawn recalls her and agrees she could be a valuable asset to their cause.

Wren is brought to Thrawn by two Night Troopers, who recognize her and express gratitude for her help in his escape from exile. When Wren asks about Bridger’s whereabouts, Thrawn cryptically states that her desire to reunite with an old friend will significantly impact the galaxy. However, he assures her he intends to fulfill their agreement with Skoll. Thrawn then promises to provide her with a mount, provisions, and the latest intelligence on Bridger’s location. As Enoch removes her restraints, Thrawn warns her that once his ship departs, she will be stranded on Peridea indefinitely and that Bridger may already be dead. Despite this, Wren remains confident that Bridger is still alive. Thrawn cautions that she has placed the galaxy’s fate on this belief. Wren changes the topic to her mount, and Enoch introduces her to a howler. He warns her of the dangers of the wasteland and returns her blasters and lightsaber before bidding her farewell. Wren sets off on her journey into the grassy frontier.

Skoll, Hati, Elsbeth, and Thrawn observe Wren leaving from a balcony. Hati comments that Wren is on a foolish mission, while Thrawn informs Skoll and Hati that they can pursue Wren at their own pace. Confused, Hati expresses that she thought Skoll had promised not to harm Wren. Thrawn clarifies that he permitted Wren to depart so she and her master could eliminate Bridger.

Finding Ezra

As Wren rides her howler across the Peridian steppes, she eventually stops to search for Bridger. Suddenly, a bandit appears and fires at Wren. Luckily, her beskar armor protects her, and she remains unharmed. However, the blast startles her mount, causing it to flee. More bandits surround Wren and attack her with blasters and melee weapons. Despite this, Wren manages to defeat all of the bandits with the help of her lightsaber. Although victorious, Wren’s scanner is beyond repair, leaving her to continue her search without it.

Skoll and Hati rode their howlers to pursue Wren at the Nightsister fortress. Meanwhile, night troops were seen loading floating storage containers onto the Chimaera. Enoch informed Thrawn about Skoll and Hati’s departure and requested additional troops, but Thrawn rejected the idea, stating that his forces had decreased in numbers over the years. Before leaving, Thrawn told Elsbeth that leaving Wren and Bridger stranded on Peridia or allowing them to perish would have made little difference to their ultimate goals. The same applied to Skoll and Hati.

As Skoll and Hati rode away from the Nightsister Stronghold, translatable ur-kittât language reveals a link to the Dark side Zeffo Kujet.

Wren and her howler were traveling in the Peridian steppes. She scolded the howler for leaving her alone during a fight with bandits, calling him a coward. However, she soon decided to forgive it and continue their journey. Eventually, the howler led Wren to a valley where they found a puddle and some rocks. While examining a rock, the howler suddenly becomes scared and reveals himself as a Noti. Wren put down her weapon to show that she meant no harm. The Noti noticed the Rebel Alliance Starbird symbol on Wren’s pauldron and showed her a necklace with a similar symbol. Wren realized that this might mean that the Noti knew her friend, Bridger, and asked if it could lead her to him. The Noti called for others of its kind, and they conversed in their language. Eventually, the Noti beckoned for Wren to follow them deeper into the valley.

Skoll and Hati were hunting for Wren when they stumbled upon the aftermath of a battle between Wren and some bandits. They concluded that Wren was still alive. Hati inquired if Skoll knew the person Wren was desperately searching for. Skoll replied that he did not, as Bridger had been trained as a Bokken Jedi in the wilderness following the fall of the Jedi Temple. Hati compared herself to Bridger in that respect, but Skoll insisted that he had trained his apprentice to be something more. When Hati asked if Skoll missed the Order, he stated that he missed the concept of it but not the truth or vulnerability it brought. He believed that there was no future in it. Hati then asked if Skoll saw a future on Peridea, which she considered a wasteland. Skoll revealed that the planet had once been the Witch Kingdom of the Dathomiri, as evidenced by the presence of the Great Mothers. Hati was concerned that the Nightsisters had a good reason for leaving Peridea, but Skoll sensed something calling out to him on the planet. Suddenly, bandits approached them. Skoll advised against violence and reminded Hati that the enemy of their enemy was their friend.

Wren follows the Noti and eventually arrives at their settlement by a lake. She instructs her howler to wait outside. As she surveys the area, Bridger approaches her and expresses his confidence in her ability to find him. Overjoyed, Wren embraces her friend while Bridger jokes about her taking her time. Wren points out that no one knew where he was going, not even Bridger himself. Bridger admits to not having a solid plan and asks if Wren’s plan worked. When she confirmed it did, they embraced again, and the search ended. Bridger informs the Noti that they must be prepared to move as they are nomadic. Wren deflects Bridger’s question about how she found him and instead asks to be happy that she did. Bridger complies and expresses his gratitude towards Wren, stating he’s eager to return home.

Enter the Jedi

When Thrawn was at the Nightsister fortress, the Great Mothers informed him that a Jedi was headed to Peridea. Thrawn asked Elsbeth if it could be Tano, who was believed to be dead after her fight with Skoll. Elsbeth didn’t think it was possible as Skoll had confirmed Tano’s death, but Thrawn warned her not to underestimate a Jedi. He explained that death was a common deception among Jedi and Nightsisters and suggested that Skoll’s judgment might be flawed because he was once a Jedi himself. Thrawn wanted to know everything about Tano, including her past, where she came from, and who her master was. He also demanded that if a purrgil came to Peridea, they should destroy it without hesitation. Finally, Thrawn asked the Great Mothers to use their dark magick again.




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