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Young Jedi Adventures – S01E15 – “An Adventure with Yoda” / “The Talon Takeover”

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“An Adventure with Yoda”

The obstacle course
In this episode, we see Jedi Master Yoda leading three Jedi Initiates – Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs – on speeder bikes across a river on Tenoo. The younglings are spending the entire day training with Master Yoda. Yoda takes them on an obstacle course that involves riding their bikes up a giant Tenoo tree. While Brightstar manages to ride his bike through a tunnel in the tree trunk, Solay struggles to maneuver her bike over the branches.

After completing the obstacle course, the three younglings park their bikes at the tree’s base. Solay expresses her disappointment, and Nubs agrees with Poobian. Yoda advises them to remain calm in challenging situations and to focus solely on what’s in front of them. When Brightstar asks how they can do all these things, Yoda replies that they are more capable than they realize.

Helping Zepher
Shortly after they arrive in the Crimson Firehawk, Nash Durango and RJ-83 inform the group that their friend Zepher is in trouble and needs their help. When Solay asks for more information, Durango explains that pirates broke into Zepher’s store and stole the Jedi Vectors he was working on. She also reveals that the pirates are looting the store and that Zepher is hiding. The younglings express dismay, while Yoda suggests that they should help Zepher.

The younglings ask Yoda to join them, but he tells them to hurry and return for the speeders instead. They all board the Firehawk and travel to Dedoon. After landing near Zepher’s shop and the pirate starship, the Jedi break into the ship and rescue Zepher. Yoda instructs Durango to stay behind in case they need a quick escape.

However, Durango, frustrated with this order, decides to join the Jedi anyway. She assigns RJ-83 to guard the Firehawk while they are away.

Confronting the Nihil pirates
In the meantime, Zepher is hiding in fear as two Nihil pirates are looting his shop. The Talpini pirate Jaay tells his partner, Besalisk Fleever, their boss instructed them to take the Vectors and anything else they could carry. Jaay hopes to make a lot of money, to which Fleever suggests they take everything. They laugh and proceed with their looting.

Just as the two pirates are about to escape, Yoda and the younglings surround them. Brightstar orders the pirates to drop the stolen goods and leave the shop. Jaay deploys spider-like droids with four legs, and the Jedi engage in a lightsaber battle with the droids. The Nihil uses this as an opportunity to escape.

Durango arrives just in time to help her friends. Zepher is relieved to see her and the Jedi. Yoda turns off the droids by slicing through them with his lightsaber. Zepher is impressed with Yoda’s swordsmanship. While the Jedi deal with the droids, Durango plans to escape with Zepher aboard a Jedi Vector.

However, Durango changes her mind after seeing a spider droid sneaking up on her Jedi friends. The two Nihil board the parked Vectors but struggle to start them up. Durango distracts them by calling out to her friends. The spider droid charges and fires blaster bolts at the Jedi, but Yoda uses the Force to suspend the blaster bolts in mid-air and hurls them back at the spider droid, destroying it. Yoda then destroys the remaining spider droids with his lightsaber. Durango remarks that she now understands why her friends were so excited about Yoda being there.

Nash’s folly
Solay asks Durango why she didn’t stay aboard the Firehawk as instructed. Durango explains that she could not leave her friends alone to face danger. Yoda reminds her about her role as a getaway pilot when they hear the Nihil firing up the stolen Vectors. The pirates circle the hangar before taking off in their stolen ships. They then land the Vectors inside their ship before departing. Zepher hides aboard one of the Vector’s passenger seats.

On the ground, Durango tells the Jedi that she put Zepher aboard a Vector to keep him safe. She regrets not following Yoda’s orders and blames herself for making things worse. Yoda reassures Durango and the younglings that they still have a chance to rescue Zepher. Yoda acknowledges that they need Durango, and Brightstar adds that she is the best pilot to catch the pirates. Durango agrees and leads the way to the Firehawk.

Saving the day
Durango spots the pirate ship on the horizon while flying over the canyons and tasks RJ-83 with firing up the engines. The Firehawk takes off into space in pursuit of the Nihil. Fleever warns Jaay that the Jedi are catching up, prompting Jaay to fly their ship into an asteroid field. Brightstar tries to encourage Durango with their previous adventures with asteroids, but Durango is still upset with herself for worsening the situation. Brightstar reminds her of Master Yoda’s advice to stay calm and breathe when things are tough. Solay adds that they should focus on the challenge ahead of time and do it. Yoda reassures Durango that she is more capable than she thinks.

Durango takes a moment to breathe deeply before assigning Brightstar to operate the scanner. She tasks Solay and Nubs with manning the ship’s blasters and tells them to blast any asteroids that Brightstar picks up. Durango gets Yoda to buckle his seatbelt and accelerates the Firehawk’s thrusters, catching up with the pirates. The pirates also fire their engines, and the two ships dodge several asteroids.

At Brightstar’s orders, Solay and Nubs blast asteroids approaching them. In an attempt to lose the Jedi, Jaay flies the pirate ship into an asteroid. Durango chases the pirate ship through the asteroid tunnel and catches up with them. Yoda praises Durango for her flying, and Durango also acknowledges RJ-83, who nods in return. Jaay grumbles that Durango is a better pilot.

As they trail the pirate ship, Yoda advises Durango to hold the ship steady and that he will take care of everything else. Yoda uses the Force to open the pirate ship’s rear hatch and levitate the two Vector starfighters out of the pirate ship’s hangar bay. Brightstar is ecstatic, while Zepher is relieved. Jaay is enraged at the situation. Fleever warns him of an approaching asteroid, and the pirate ship narrowly escapes a collision. Realizing they have lost, Jaay and Fleever escape the asteroid field in their starship.

Cleaning up
The young Jedi apprentices and Master Yoda were impressed by Durango’s exceptional piloting skills. When they saw Zepher in one of the Vectors, Durango suggested they take him back to his shop. Upon landing, Zepher expressed his gratitude to the Jedi and Durango. Yoda praised the young Jedi apprentices and commended Durango for her outstanding abilities as a pilot. He mentioned that Brightstar, Solay, Nubs, and he are lucky to have Durango as a friend. Yoda invited the Jedi and Durango to help clean Zepher’s shop.

“The Talon Takeover”

Rival pirates
The episode begins with Taborr Val Dorn and his gang burgling a farming community. EB-3 and Pord accidentally trip while carrying stolen goods, causing Val Dorn to scold them. EB-3 comments that Val Dorn never praises them when they do things right. Suddenly, someone throws a smoke bomb at them, and while trying to dispose of it, it explodes, covering them in smoke. Several figures appear, and the pair get caught in an energy net.

The figures reveal themselves to be members of the Ganguls gang, including Sellaccc Orryak, Jooro Jarrot, and Toda-Joh. Joh is holding the energy net gun. The Ganguls express an interest in Taborr’s starship, Iron Talon. Val Dorn chases after the Ganguls as they flee aboard the Talon. He frees his associates but declines their offer to help. Val Dorn uses a grappling cable to climb aboard the rear hangar before the rear hatch closes.

Once inside, EB-3 and Pord communicate with him via holoprojector, warning him that he cannot take on the Ganguls alone. Val Dorn insists on doing things his way and forces his way out of the hangar bay with his electrostaff. While making his way up to the cockpit, Val Dorn overhears the pirates gloating over their heist and planning to raid an abandoned outpost on Dedoon for rare droid parts. EB-3 contacts Val Dorn again and informs him of the pirates’ plan before Orryak and Jarrot discover him.

Jarrot snatches Val Dorn’s electrostaff with a magnetizer gun. Val Dorn manages to escape down the ladder. Orryak corners him in the cargo bay and attacks him with his electrostaff. Val Dorn tries to fight back with his magnetizer, but the female Trandoshan overpowers him and grabs him by the neck. Orryak and Toda-Joh throw Val Dorn into the brig and confiscate his holoprojector. EB-3 contacts Val Dorn again via holoprojector, but Orryak tells him and Pord that they have captured his friend and warns them not to try anything or they will be next. EB-3 tells Pord that they need to find help.

Seeking help
In Kublop Springs, Lys Solay and her friends Kai Brightstar and Nubs have acquired some ship parts from Marlaa Jinara. They plan to give these parts to Nash Durango. EB-3, a droid, asks the locals for help, telling them their ship has been taken and their friend has been captured. However, a vendor refuses to help them because they have stolen from him before. After consulting with Pord, EB-3 approaches the Jedi Initiates for help. He tells them pirates have stolen the Iron Talon and taken Val Dorn prisoner. EB-3 convinces the Jedi that they need a ship to rescue Taborr, and they agree to help.

The Jedi younglings discuss the matter in private. Brightstar is worried it might be a trap, but Solay convinces her friends to help if Val Dorn is in trouble. Brightstar agrees to help and tells EB-3 and Pord to behave themselves. EB-3 thanks Brightstar and shakes his hand. Pord does the same with Solay. EB-3 tells Brightstar that the pirates are traveling to Denoon. Brightstar says he will contact his friend Nash Durango, who has a starship called the Crimson Firehawk.

In the brig, Val Dorn asks Orryak who she and her gang are. Orryak responds that they are the Ganguls and have big plans for the Iron Talon. When Val Dorn asks what these plans are, Orryak explains that the Ganguls have outgrown Tenoo and aspire to be the greatest pirates in Tenoo’s sector. Val Dorn boasts that he is the greatest pirate in the sector. Orryak laughs at his remark before walking away.

To the rescue
On board the Firehawk, Durango suggests that if the Ganguls search for rare droid parts, they might be headed toward the abandoned outpost on Dedoon. Durango explains that her mothers used to fly shipments there frequently. When Brightstar asks why they are helping EB-3 and Pord, Durango explains they need help rescuing Taborr from pirates. Durango’s joke about a pirate getting captured by other pirates makes EB-3 and Pord uncomfortable.

The group brainstorms ideas about rescuing Val Dorn. Solay suggests distracting the pirates and luring them away from the Talon, while EB-3 proposes that he and Pord sneak aboard to find Val Dorn. However, EB-3 admits that it is a terrible idea. Nubs and Brightstar think it’s a good idea, and when EB-3 asks if they are serious, Brightstar says that they always work together as a team. EB-3 responds that they usually do what Val Dorn tells them, and when they try to help, they mess things up.

RJ-83 announces that they are approaching Dedoon, a red, barren planet. Durango decides to stay aboard the Firehawk as a getaway pilot, having learned her lesson. After landing on Dedoon, Brightstar and the others survey the Iron Talon and the Ganguls from a plateau. Brightstar and Solay recognize the other pirates as the Ganguls. Solay proposes that the Jedi distract the pirates while EB-3 and Pord free Val Dorn and retrieve their ship.

EB-3’s plan
Jarrot, EB-3, and Pord are outside an abandoned outpost, hiding among cargo boxes and wreckage. They hope to find and sell rare droid parts for a profit. Meanwhile, Toda-Joh tells Jarrot that the reason why the outpost was abandoned is a mystery.

As they plan their next move, Solay and other Jedi younglings confront them, telling them that the Talon does not belong to them. The Ganguls, however, show defiance, leading the Jedi to use the Force to levitate the stolen droid parts and remind them that it doesn’t belong to them.

The Ganguls don’t take kindly to the Jedi’s interference and pursue them. While chasing the Jedi, EB-3, and Pord find Val Dorn inside the outpost’s brig and tell him they’re here to rescue him.

Val Dorn is angry and asks how they got past the pirates. EB-3 explains that the Jedi distracted them to rescue him. Val Dorn criticizes EB-3 for bringing the Jedi, believing they will ruin everything. EB-3 tries to explain that Kai and his friends listen to each other and work together when they devise their plans, but Val Dorn is still unwilling to listen to reason.

Their conversation attracts the attention of Orryak, who confronts EB-3 and Pord with Val Dorn’s stolen electrostaff. Orryak advances on them, and EB-3 decides to seek the help of the Jedi.

Nubs and Solay lead two Ganguls on a chase while EB-3 contacts Brightstar for help. He asks for advice on what to do as Jarrot catches up with Brightstar and forces him to flee. EB-3 tells Brightstar they need help, and he encourages them by saying that they have good ideas and that he believes in them. Meanwhile, Orryak rummages through cargo boxes in the Talon’s docking bay but still looks for the two rival pirates.

Val Dorn thinks that EB-3 and Pord are no match for Orryak. But the two pirates distract Orryak with an MSE series droid. She sees two shapes moving under a green sheet but realizes they are a GNK-series power droid and a DUM-series pit droid. While Orryak is distracted, EB-3 tells Pord to raise the rear hatch, startling the Trandoshan. EB-3 then traps her under a crate. Val Dorn is impressed with his associates, but Orryak breaks free of the crate.

Before she can hurt EB-3 and Pord with the electrostaff, Val Dorn warns her to stay away from his friends. Orryak is triumphant, but the MSE-series droid trips her up, causing her to fall. Lord frees Val Dorn from the brig. Since they outnumber Orryak, EB-3 proposes to surround her. While Val Dorn and EB-3 run circles around Orryak, Pord jumps on her back, causing her to drop the electrostaff. EB-3 passes the weapon to Taborr, who corners the pirate at the rear hatch. EB-3 then releases the rear hatch, expelling her.

Back to business
Val Dorn orders Solay to stay off their ship. Orryak calls for reinforcements, but Jarrot and Toda-Joh are exhausted after their fight with the Jedi. The Ganguls decide to retreat in the face of stronger opposition. Solay vows revenge against Val Dorn. EB-3 and Pord are jubilant, and Brightstar speaks up for them, telling Val Dorn that he is lucky to have friends like them. Val Dorn sighs and thanks both his associates and the Jedi younglings.

Still unbowed and proud, Val Dorn warns the Jedi not to think they owe them anything. He tells EB-3 and Pord to come along for some important business. As the pirates leave on their reclaimed starship, Solay expresses her happiness that Taborr is being nicer to his friends, and Brightstar agrees.



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