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Young Jedi Adventures – S01E14 – “Charhound Chase” / “Creature Comforts”

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“Charhound Chase”

Master Greatstorm’s visit
The episode begins with Jedi Initiates Lys Solay and Nubs engaging in a lightsaber training exercise around large blocks. Solay praises Nubs for his efforts. Shortly after, Kai Brightstar informs them that they will soon receive a visit from the renowned Jedi Master Loden Greatstorm and his Padawan, Bell Zettifar. Solay and Nubs aren’t familiar with Master Greatstorm, but Brightstar explains that he is one of the best Jedi Masters in the Order and has read about him. Brightstar is eager to meet Greatstorm’s Padawan and hopes to become a Padawan one day.

Not long after, Greatstorm and Zettifar arrive on Tenoo in their Jedi Vectors. Master Zia Zaldor Zanna and the young Jedi Initiates greet them. Solay welcomes them to the planet, and Greatstorm expresses his excitement about teaching them. Brightstar is excited to meet Zettifar and learn about his adventures with Master Greatstorm, including how he obtained his kyber crystal. They are soon joined by Greatstorm’s charhound, Ember, who greets everyone with her fiery breath. Solay explains that Ember does this when she’s excited.

Hanging out with Bell
Master Zia has invited the visitors and her Younglings to tour the Tenoo Jedi Temple before their afternoon lesson. Zettifar has asked permission to take Ember for a walk, and Greatstorm has allowed him to do so, reminding him to return in time for their lesson. Brightstar offers to stay and show Zettifar and Ember a place to run, taking them to the circular Temple training grounds wide enough for Ember to run around.

Ember seems to be enjoying the new surroundings as Zettifar plays a game of fetch with her. He tells Brightstar that he sometimes uses the Force to play fetch with Ember, which helps him practice his control and concentration. On the other hand, Brightstar lifts the stick with the Force but throws it high into the nearby forest, admitting that he needs more practice at throwing things with the Force. Ember runs after the stick, and while waiting for her to return, Zettifar invites Brightstar to practice with him.

Search for Ember
Ember finds the stick in the forest but gets distracted and plays with a squirrel-like creature. Back at the Temple training grounds, Zettifar coaches Brightstar about concentrating in the Force and controlling the strength of his throw. Brightstar practices with a stick. The two become concerned that Ember has not returned and decide to search for her inside the forest.

Despite Zettifar’s advice, Brightstar uses his Force powers to jump up tree branches. However, he slips and falls. Zettifar uses the Force to cushion his fall, saving him from injury. Brightstar admits that he needs more practice.

They find several burnt leaves and follow the path that Ember left behind. The trail stops at a stream. Brightstar wants to turn back so they will not be late for Master Greatstorm’s lesson. Zettifar wants to continue the search and decides to meditate in the Force. Brightstar joins him.

While meditating, Brightstar hears a bifflefly fluttering and sees some muddy paw prints. Brightstar follows the trail despite Zettifar’s caution. Brightstar slips down a muddy slope. Zettifar follows him, skating on several Tenoo tree roots. Brightstar is safe but muddy.

When Zettifar asks if he is alright, Brightstar confides that he has ambitions about becoming a Padawan but doubts that he “would cut” due to his mistakes. Zettifar reassures Brightstar that he also made mistakes when he was a youngling, but things always worked out. Zettifar praises Brightstar for his persistence and hopes to have a Padawan like him one day. He tells Brightstar that any Jedi Master will be lucky to have him as their Padawan.

Distracting the Gangul
As the two Jedi, Brightstar and Zettifar, walked, they heard Ember barking in distress. They quickly rushed to her aid and found her facing a Gangul near a stony henge. Brightstar explained that Ganguls are very territorial and don’t like intruders in their homes. He tried to distract the Gangul with his lightsaber, but the larger creature ignored him.

Zettifar then had an idea and used the Force to levitate a log. He convinced Brightstar to help him convince the Gangul to play a game of fetch. Together, the two Jedi hurled the log away, and the Gangul chased after it, giving them enough time to reunite with Ember and her new squirrel-like friend.

Zettifar remarked that they were not the only ones who had made friends, and they returned to the Temple for Master Greatstorm’s class.

Back in time
Solay and Nubs, accompanied by several younglings, await Brightstar and Zettifar to return to the Temple training grounds. Finally, a muddy Brightstar and Zettifar arrive. Master Zia expressed concern and asked what had happened. Brightstar begins to recount their adventures in the forest with Ember, but Zettifar interjects and explains that Brightstar had helped him find Ember. Zettifar adds that he couldn’t have done it without Brightstar’s help. After reuniting with Solay and Nubs, Greatstorm welcomes Brightstar to his class.

He instructs the younglings to activate their lightsabers and promises to teach them a lesson that his master taught him long ago. He leads the younglings in practicing their swings.

“Creature Comforts”

Meeting Diggles
Lys Solay is on a creature safari in a forest world with SF-R3 (“Aree”) and CAM. While chatting with her friends Kai Brightstar and Nubs via holoprojector, Solay senses movement in the nearby bush. She bids her friends goodbye and switches off the holoprojector.

A lizard-like creature emerges from the bush, and CAM’s database shows no record. Solay explains that they hunt for undiscovered animals and think the creature is just a baby. Before Aree can catalog the creature, a large bird circles the baby lizard. Solay uses her lightsaber to drive off the bird and save the creature.

Solay suggests that they find the creature’s nest or burrow. Aree speculates that a nearby mud puddle could be the creature’s home, but Solay doesn’t think so. She notices that the lizard likes digging and calls him “Diggles.” They wonder where Diggles’ family is, and Aree explains that many creatures leave their nest when they grow up, and this may be Diggles’ first day out of the nest.

Searching for Diggles’ family
Solay believes that Diggles might be lost. Aree wants to study the creature, but Solay insists on taking Diggles back to his home. Solay states that a Jedi always returns a creature to its home, regardless of size. At first, Aree hesitates but eventually agrees to join her on a short walk to look for Diggles’ home.

After searching for a while, they are still looking for Diggles’ home. Solay speculates that Diggles may live in a nearby creek as he has scales and tiny legs. They observe Diggles rummaging through some root vegetables, and Solay wants to feed him, but Aree suggests they should first study his eating habits.

Diggles takes a liking to Solay, and she wonders what will happen if they can’t find his family. Aree admits that he doesn’t know but agrees to keep searching. Solay suggests they explore the other side of the creek. They jump across some large rocks while CAM flies over them.

While crossing, Solay trips and drops Diggles onto some spiky fruits. Diggles scurries under a nearby bush made of leaves. Diggles is distressed because of the spiky fruits, but Solay manages to remove them. If they can’t find Diggles’ home, Solay suggests taking him back to Tenoo. Aree hesitates to take wild animals from their natural habitat, but Solay says Diggles is a baby and offers to take care of him as a surrogate mother.

Diggles’ mother
Solay and the droids flee with Diggles after being chased by a large lizard-like creature covered in leaves. They believe the creature is hostile and runs through the forest with the reptilian creature in pursuit. Unfortunately, Aree gets stuck in the mud, and as the creature approaches her, CAM distracts it while Solay uses the Force to free Aree. The creature then corners Solay and the droids at the edge of a waterfall.

The creature attacks the offworlders by throwing mud at them with its large tail. Solay uses her lightsaber to deflect the mud while Aree and CAM manage to trap the creature’s tail under a tree trunk. They flee back aboard SF-R3’s second starship, where Solay tries to comfort Diggles, but it wiggles away from her and burrows at the door. She realizes that the creature wants to go back outside.

The large lizard creature breaks free of the log and climbs on top of Aree’s ship, preventing them from taking off. The group retreats to the cockpit, where Diggles is still trying to break out. As Solay watches Diggles reaching out to the large lizard creature outside, she realizes that the creature is Diggles’ mother. Aree agrees and explains that some creatures look different from their babies. Solay realizes that Diggles wants to be reunited with her family. Aree tells Solay they must do the right thing, even if it means approaching the large unknown creature outside.

Doing the right thing
Solay decides to do the right thing and returns Diggles to his mother. Diggles is reunited with his siblings, who were nesting under their mother’s hide in no time. Solay and Aree are both fascinated with the new reptilian creatures they have encountered. Aree assigns CAM to record the reptiles for the Galactic Creature Guide. The mother reptile allows CAM to film them. Although Solay is upset that she couldn’t take Diggles with her, Aree tells her that it’s important to do the right thing, even if it’s difficult. He is proud of her.

Before departing, Diggles bids farewell to Solay. His mother allows him to climb onto her head. Once back at the Tenoo Jedi Temple, Solay presents a hologram to Brightstar and Nubs. She explains that Aree is named Mardorsh and shows them a picture of Diggles and his siblings. When Brightstar commends her for helping Diggles, she says they helped each other.



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