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Young Jedi Adventures – S01E16 – “Mystery of the Opal Cave” / “Clash”

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“Mystery of the Opal Cave”

The mines of Ootoo Prime
Ayva Ackler is giving a tour of the Ootoo Prime gem mines to Jedi younglings Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs. During the tour, Brightstar thanked Ackler for showing them around, while Solay was amazed by the variety of gems. Nubs likes a purple kuggerag gem, which Ackler explains is used in many machines.

When Brightstar asks about a nearby sealed cave, Ackler tells them about the Ootooan Opals – the best gems in the mine. However, Ackler also mentions that the cave is sealed due to an old Ootoo legend about a huge Shadow monster living inside it. Nubs gets scared, but Brightstar reassures him it’s just a legend. Despite this, Ackler tells them that strange things have been happening recently.

Brightstar suggests there must be a more rational explanation and wants to investigate the recent hauntings. Solay agrees, reminding them of the Jedi’s mission to help people. However, as they are unfamiliar with the caves, Brightstar asks Ackler to accompany them. Although hesitant, Ackler eventually agrees. They all agree to stick together and not let fear hold them back.

Throughout the conversation, Solay empathizes with Ackler and Nubs, encouraging them to overcome their fear.

Investigating Opal Cave
After entering the cave, Ackler takes the group to a pulley cart system, which leads them to the opal gem excavation site. However, they hear a wailing sound, which fighters Ackler and Nubs assume is the wind. Nubs howls in response, but when he hears a second howl, he accidentally pulls the pulley, causing his cart to take off deeper into the mines. Solay races after him while Brightstar convinces Ackler to help them find Nubs.

After a wild ride, they use the brakes on their carts to stop at the next station, relieved to have made it down to the Opal Cave. Ackler is amazed by the blue Ootoan Opals, which shimmer in shades of blue and purple. However, they hear the mysterious howling again, which gets louder as they approach the source. They then see a mysterious fog, which causes Ackler to panic, but Nubs decides to face his fear and draws his lightsaber.

Solay and Brightstar also drew their lightsabers to investigate whether the legend was real. As they venture deeper into the caves, they see the shadow of a monstrous beast. Ackler panics and runs away, but Nubs remains calm and slices a stalagmite with his lightsaber. They discover that the shadow beast is just a puppet, boosted by a speaker system and a fogger. Nubs gestures at the puppet, and Brightstar realizes the legend isn’t real. Solay asks who is responsible for the fake hauntings.

Taborr strikes again
As they venture deeper into the Opal Cave, they hear voices and discover Taborr Val Dorn, EB-3, and Pord loading crates of Ootoan Opals. Val Dorn reveals his plan to scare the miners away using the legend of the shadow monster so that they can steal the Opals. EB-3 says all it took was a fogger, speaker, and junk made to look like a shadow monster. EB-3 and Val Dorn then argue over who should take credit for the plan.

Brightstar wants to stop Taborr’s gang, but Solay advises caution since they don’t know the caves well. Brightstar says that they need Ackler’s and the Ootoos’s help. Nubs volunteers to tell them the truth about the shadow monster. Solay and Brightstar volunteer to stay behind and keep an eye on Val Dorn. Nubs is afraid of traveling through the caves, but Solay and Brightstar encourage him not to let his fear hold him back. Nubs travels back using one of the rail carts.

While Taborr’s gang begins loading their stolen Opal gems, Brightstar and Solay delay them until Nubs returns with reinforcements. They decide to block them. Brightstar tells Val Dorn to return the Opals and leave Ootoo Prime for good. Val Dorn is defiant and angrily castigates EB-3 for not calculating that the Jedi would be there. Val Dorn leads his gang in attacking Brightstar and Solay. While Val Dorn parries with Brightstar, Solay uses the Force to hurl EB-3 aside. Pord charges with her battle axe, but Solay dodges her. Pord accidentally hits EB-3, and they both fall. Solay begins pushing one of the carts away. While fighting Brightstar, Val Dorn accidentally strikes a column with his electro-staff, triggering a cave-in—the five-run for safety.

Seeking reinforcements
Upon returning to the surface, Nubs informs the miners about the presence of pirates. A male Ootoo expresses concern about the shadow monster, leading the Ootoos to decide not to enter the cave. Suddenly, they hear the sound of a cave-in, causing Ackler to realize that Kai and Lys are in danger. Though Nubs is also afraid, she convinces Ackler not to let fear hold them back.

Ackler attempts to persuade the other miners to join them on their journey to the Opal Cave. She reveals that the hauntings were the work of the pirates and that Brightstar and Solay require their assistance. Ackler urges them not to be held back by their fear. However, her words spark a debate among the miners, much to the dismay of Ackler and Nubs.

Turning the tables
Brightstar tries to convince Val Dorn in the cave that his unethical actions are wrong. Val Dorn argues that the Ootoos are foolish for fearing their caves and that he won’t let fear control him. Suddenly, several shadowy figures appear, making scary noises. Val Dorn assumes that the Jedi are playing a trick, but Brightstar and EB-3 confirm that they are not involved. Pord gets scared and jumps into EB-3’s arms, while EB-3 starts to believe that the legend may be true. Brightstar and the pirates flee in a panic.

Later, Brightstar accuses Solay of being responsible for the trick, but Solay denies it, and the shadowy figures reveal themselves to be Ackler and her fellow Ootoo. Ackler explains that they returned to the cave and are no longer afraid. Nubs is also relieved.

Lessons learned
After some time had passed, the Ootoo returned to resume mining the Opal Cave. Solay was overjoyed to see the Ootoo working happily in their designated area. Ackler, a member of the Ootoo people, explained that their tribe was initially afraid because they believed in the legend. However, she thanked the Jedi for teaching them to overcome their fears and demonstrating that there was nothing to fear. To show her gratitude, Ackler presented the Jedi with several brightly shining Ootooan Opals as a gift. The miners cheered in celebration.


The new competitor
At the Tenoo Jedi Temple, Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs practice their lightsaber techniques with three other Jedi Initiates, including a Mirialan and two dark-skinned human girls. They are under the supervision of Jedi Master Zia Zaldor Zanna, who is impressed with their skills. She announces that they will be sparring today but reminds them that the purpose of sparring is to practice and help each other improve.

Brightstar is excited to spar with Solay and Nubs, but Master Zanna informs him that he will be sparring with Djovi Resmia instead. She says that Resmia will provide him with a different kind of challenge. Brightstar agrees to the challenge, and Resmia draws his yellow lightsaber while Brightstar draws his second lightsaber.

Resmia uses an aggressive form during the sparring that the initiates have yet to be taught. Brightstar notices this and challenges Resmia to show him what else he has. They continue to spar aggressively, drawing the attention of the other younglings and Master Zanna.

Eventually, Resmia gains the upper hand over Brightstar and knocks his lightsaber out of his hand. A concerned Master, Zanna, tells them to stop and dismisses the class, reminding them that sparring is not a competition but a way to practice and improve.

A special assignment
Brightstar is upset at the Jedi Temple cafeteria because he lost a game and accidentally flings a ball of paste onto Nubs’ plate. He apologizes, and Nubs accepts it, chewing the ball of paste. Solay comforts Brightstar by telling him that it wasn’t a competition, according to Master Zanna. She also praises his excellent lightsaber skills and his amazing forms. Brightstar is disheartened because he thought he was the best student and got defeated.

Master Zanna invites Brightstar and Resmia for a private chat. Nubs finishes Brightstar’s plate with Solay’s approval. During the meeting, Zanna commends Brightstar and Resmia for their outstanding lightsaber skills and assigns them a special mission. She showed them a holoprojector and explained that they needed to retrieve a damaged beacon stone from the giant Tenoo tree for repairs, which had several glowing stones that lit the rope bridge path.

While walking on the rope bridge path, Brightstar and Resmia discuss their mission objectives. Although Resmia thinks that Master Zanna has her reasons for giving them this seemingly simple mission, Brightstar believes it’s too easy. He is determined not to let Zanna down and to prove he is the best Jedi for the job. Resmia suspects Brightstar is still upset about their sparring match and challenges him to a race. Brightstar accepts the challenge, but Resmia starts first. The two boys use their Force powers to leap over the rope bridge and branches of the giant Tenoo tree and lasso over exposed parts of the bridge system.

Race for the beacon stone
As they rest on a large branch, two boys discuss their favorite Jedi Masters. Resmia’s preferred Master is Avar Kriss, while Brightstar’s is Yoda. Brightstar boasts that Yoda is 650 years old and the most skilled Jedi with the Force. Resmia counters that Master Kriss uses the Force to spin her lightsaber in midair. When Brightstar compliments Resmia’s knowledge of Jedi Masters, she reveals that she has studied them all and aims to become the best Jedi Master she can be. Brightstar agrees, stating that the Jedi exist to help those in need.

Brightstar tells Resmia that Yoda gifted him his training lightsaber. As Brightstar speaks about his ambition to become a great Jedi, Resmia notices the damaged beacon stone above and retrieves it. When Brightstar realizes Resmia has tricked him, she dares him to return to the Jedi Temple. As Resmia runs along the rope bridge, Brightstar uses the Force to leap over branches and catches up with her. During the pursuit, Resmia accidentally drops the beacon stone over the rope bridge, and it falls to the forest floor below.

Resolving differences
The two young Jedi apprentices are arguing about who lost the beacon stone. Resmia is upset because he won’t be able to impress Master Zanna, while Brightstar believes that Resmia has already impressed her with his lightsaber combat skills. Resmia admits that he is jealous of Brightstar, who seems to excel at everything. He thinks that training with Brightstar is the only way to improve. Resmia also confesses that he idolizes Brightstar and wants to be the best, just like him.

Brightstar responds by sharing his experience of losing to Resmia in a previous competition, which made him feel like he could never be a great Jedi. He explains that winning is not always the most important thing and that maintaining control is just as crucial. The two boys apologize to each other. Resmia acknowledges that he tends to bring out the competitive side in people. Brightstar offers an olive branch and reminds Resmia that they are on a mission to recover the beacon stone together. Resmia agrees and says that working together is what a great Jedi would do.

The two boys reached the forest floor and used their lightsabers to search for the beacon stone. They eventually found it, but Brightstar fell into a pit. Resmia quickly jumped after him, using his lightsaber to slow their descent and reach Brightstar. After Resmia saved him, they spotted the beacon stone slipping down. Resmia’s lightsaber was slipping, too, and he asked Brightstar for ideas.

Brightstar used his lightsaber to secure himself on the pit’s wall, levitated the beacon stone, and passed it to Resmia. Then, the two boys used their lightsabers as anchors to climb up, taking turns passing the beacon stone to each other until they reached the top. They were both relieved and laughed with joy upon reaching the top. The boys decided to bring the beacon stone home together.

Brightstar credited Resmia with saving his life at the Temple, while Resmia credited Brightstar with recovering the beacon stone. Master Zanna was proud that the two younglings could work together on the mission. She drew her lightsaber and scraped the beacon stone several times, causing it to shine again. Zanna reminded them that each has a light within, like the beacon stone. As Jedi, they must help each other find and share that light with others. Zanna explained that they both learned this valuable lesson and took them with returning the beacon stone to its place. The younglings happily accepted the mission.



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