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The Bad Batch – S02E05 – Entombed

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Ancient relics
Wrecker and Omega search a junkyard for a spare compressor. Wrecker retrievers a compressor from the wreckage of an LAAT gunship while Omega finds an oval and ball-shaped object. Meanwhile, Phee Genoa recounts fighting an Octomorph to recover the Grand Pearl of Novak in the presence of the Ithorian Bolo, the Weequay Ketch, Echo, Hunter, and Tech. Tech notices that Genoa keeps changing the story. Hunter responds that Bolo and Ketch will believe anything.

Wrecker returns with the compressor. Omega shows the relics including a broken manifold generator that she retrieved but Tech thinks that she should have left them in the junkyard. Genoa recognizes one of the objects as a compass with coordinate markings. She gets her droid Mel to shine a light on the object, which she recognizes as coordinates for the Kaldar Trinary system. Tech remarks that the system is uncharted, prompting Genoa to respond that the best treasures are often off-grid.

Journey to Kaldar Trinary
Omega is excited about the prospect of a treasure hunt but Hunter is skeptical. Genoa offers to split the treasure find by half if the Bad Batch. Wrecker is supportive since they are not on a mission. Echo reminds them that their last treasure hunt did not go as planned. Genoa claims that she is a professional. Since Omega is excited about the treasure hunt, Hunter complies.

The clones and Genoa travel aboard the Marauder. Genoa ingratiates herself with Omega, claiming that she has traveled to countless uncharted worlds with Mel keep track of their adventures. Hunter believes she is a pirate but Genoa styles herself as a “liberator” of ancient treasures. She regales Omega with a story about discovering the Blade of Zakata Par while Hunter exits the lounge.

Upon landing, the Bad Batch and Genoa discover that their destination is a scorched lifeless world with charred vegetation. The compass begins buzzing and Echo leads the group including Mel south. The coordinates take them to a barren forest. Reaching a dead end, Omega proposes going around the mountain. Genoa believes that the compass is telling them to go inside. She uses her cutlass to cut a hold through the rocks. With Wrecker’s help, they discover a secret entranced. As they enter, they are being watched by a Roggwart.

Entering the mountain
Inside, the treasure hunters discover etchings, which Genoa recognizes as marking the entrance to Skara Nal. When Wrecker queries, she explains that the Legend of Skara Nal predates the Jedi and that a treasure known as the Heart of the Mountain lies inside. Omega asks how they get in. Genoa explains that it is a pattern and that they need to align the symbols in the right order. Wrecker helps her to move a beam which causes the circular floor patterns to descend. A large ball of rock seals the entrance, trapping them inside. Hunter is upset she trapped them but Genoa reassures Hunter that there is always a way out.

Omega realizes that they have misaligned the symbols. Using the compass, she realizes that some of the symbols are marked purple. Genoa gets Omega to put the compass on her lamp, which enables the clones to see the symbols better. Working together they realign them and open a doorway. Genoa gets Mel to wait outside while she enters the tunnel with the clones. Genoa explains that the Heart of the Mountain is a rare crystalline stone which is key to an ancient power.

Tech reports that his preliminary analysis of the minerals in the stone slabs show that they predate the Galactic Republic. He thinks that Phee has uncovered something. Before they can continue. the group are attacked by a large fanged monster which grabs Wrecker. The clones fight back and free Wrecker. However, the retreating monster dislodges several rocks, which separate Echo, Tech and Wrecker from Hunger, Omega, and Genoa. Echo tells Omega they are safe via comlink but are unable to penetrate the rockfall.

Clues and traps
Tech reports that there are several adjacent tunnels and proposes using them to rendezvous with Genoa and the others. Genoa says they will continue looking for the treasure and reassures Hunter and Omega the others will be fine. Hunter leads the group through a tunnel. Genoa and Omega spot some more markings above the tunnel and try to warn Hunter. He falls into a hole but uses a grappling cable. Genoa and Omega pull him to safety.

Omega thinks that they need to find a way to walk across the ceiling. Hunter is skeptical about continuing the treasure hunt but Genoa is relaxed, saying that this adventure reminds her quest to track down the Belmont diadem. While the adults discuss the quest, Omega finds that her compass fits into the unlock, which causes the circular tunnel to rotate to form a bridge. Though Omega determines the bridge to be safe to cross, Omega is unable to retrieve the compass. Genoa explains that Skara Nal has reclaimed it. Hunter grumbles about having to navigate the tunnels without the compass but Genoa reassures him that is why they have her.

Meanwhile, Tech finds something is interfering with his scanner. Wrecker senses movement but Echo thinks it is in his head. They soon reunite with Omega, Hunter and Genoa outside a circular vault door. Genoa unlocks the door which opens to a deep vault where the Heart of the Mountain lies below. Genoa walks over the stone structures and retrieves the diamond. However, removing the Heart of the Mountain triggers the structure’s security mechanism which seals the entrances.

The war machine
Outside, a bright beam of light explodes from the mountain. Mel flees as a giant saurian-shaped machine emerges from the mountain. The clones and Genoa find that the treasure vault is actually a giant war machine that emits a high amount of energy. Tech proposes returning the Heart of the Mountain to its proper place in order to deactivate the machine. Genoa is unwilling to give up a valuable treasure but Hunter counters that if the machine destroys their ship, they will be trapped on the planet. Genoa agrees but warns that they owe her a debt for the treasure’s loss.

The fanged monster breaks into the command center, causing the Heart of the Mountain to fall down a hole. Genoa heads down the hole to retrieve it while the Bad Batch fight the monster. Genoa almost falls out of the giant machine but Hunter pulls her to safety. The giant machine unleashes a blast of energy that scorches the surrounding landscape. Mel tries to flee but is incinerated by the beam. Omega fires her energy bow at the monster while Wrecker pulls it towards the window. At Wrecker’s instruction, Omega shoots the window open and Wrecker hurls the beast out.

Tech tries to regain control of the machine before it can turn its beam onto the Marauder. Hunter passes Tech and Omega the Heart of the Mountain, causing the machine to shut down. The stone also melts, triggering a self-destruct mechanism. The clones and Genoa cling to safety as the machine crashes onto the hill. Following their escape, Tech remarks that this adventure puts them 2 to 0 for treasure hunting even with a professional. Omega reassures them that they have found the Heart of the Mountain, proving the authenticity of the legend.

While heading back to the ship, Hunter remarks that at least nobody can use the weapon again. Omega apologizes for the loss of Mel but Genoa reassures her that she has stored Mel’s memory on the ship data bank. She hopes to have Mel rebuilt before they head to Vadnay. When Omega queries, Genoa claims she has a lead on an ancient chalice that once belonged to the Kingdom of Elweys. Hunter is skeptical about embarking on another tour but Omega is mesmerized. The clones and Genoa depart on the Marauder.



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