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Young Jedi Adventures – S01E10 – “Visitor’s Day” / “The Growing Green Danger”

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“Visitor’s Day”

Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs assist Marlaa Jinara, a Chadra-Fan junkyard owner, in transporting a large trailer carrying the Visitor’s Day sculpture to the Kublop Springs town center. The three Jedi Initiates ride speeder bikes while Solay explains that Jedi Master Zia Zaldor Zanna has been planning Visitor’s Day for a long time. At the town center, they find Zia and several beings from across the galaxy, including Ansen Strung, Braygh, and Slaygh. Zanna enlists the younglings’ help in welcoming the visitors.

The orange-skinned Moldwarp merchant, Draiven Bosh, tells his droids K-2PL and R4-13 about his plans to steal the Visitor’s Day sculpture. He sends K-2PL and R4-13 to steal the sculpture while he distracts Master Zanna, the Younglings, and Jinara. Bosh introduces himself as a traveler, explorer, and collector and flatters Jinara, believing her to be the artist. Jinara clarifies that it is something the locals put together, not her art. It is everyone’s sculpture because the locals brought something from home to contribute. Bosh’s droids approach the trailer carrying the sculpture.

Bosh offers to show Zanna his collection, but she is busy. Nubs senses something is not right about Bosh while walking away. Later, Marlaa shows the Jedi younglings her sculpture only to discover that it has been stolen. Marlaa is determined to find it. Brightstar thinks they should inform Master Zia, but Solay says she has enough. They can handle it themselves. Marlaa stays to look around the square, and the younglings realize that Bosh has left early. They decide to investigate his hasty departure.

The art heist
At the spaceport, Bosh admires the stolen Visitor’s Day sculpture, which he wants to add to his Outer Rim Collection. The young Jedi apprentices witness him and his droids sealing it inside a crate. Solay accuses him of stealing the sculpture, but Bosh and his droids escape on speeders with the sculpture in tow. The young Jedi give chase in their speeders, but Bosh and his droids speed up.

At Solay’s suggestion, Nubs uses the Force to unhook the chain connecting the stolen sculpture’s trailer to K-2PL’s speeder. However, K-2PL rams Nub’s speeder, causing him to spin out of control. Nubs regain control and rejoin the pursuit. The young Jedi narrowly avoided colliding with a loose fin from the trailer and crashing into a large tree. Bosh laughs as he gets away with his prize, leaving the young Jedi behind.

Solay proposes following the trail left by the trailer. The three young Jedi follow the trail, which leads to a large starship in a forest clearing. They find the stolen Visitor’s Day sculpture in the crate but cannot stop Bosh’s ship from taking off. Solay proposes recovering the sculpture first and finding a way to escape. Brightstar proposes working together to use the Force to lift it. The three young Jedi move it halfway across the storage bay but trigger Bosh’s security system.

Bosh appears on a holoprojector and speaks to them. Solay tells him that they won’t let him get away with stealing the sculpture. Bosh says he is tired of the backwater planet of Tenoo and wants to dump them. After Bosh terminates the hologram, Solay regrets not asking for Master Zia’s help. She believed she could handle Bosh since they defeated pirates and other villains. Solay says she is embarrassed to ask for help, but Brightstar reassures her that she has done much for Visitor’s Day. He says that everyone, including Jedi, needs help sometimes. Nubs agrees.

Fighting back
Solay contacts Zanna via Holoprojector, informing her that Bosh has stolen the Visitor’s Day sculpture and that they have been stowed away on his ship. Solay asks for Zanna’s assistance, and she replies that she has a log on their communication signal and is on her way. She instructs the younglings to keep Bosh occupied.

Later, Bosh lands the ship in a forest clearing and enters the storage bay. Brightstar and Nubs flatter Bosh by pretending to be interested in his stolen art collection. Solay pretends to disagree, prompting Bosh to defend himself. Bosh boasts of gathering masterpieces from all over the galaxy. Solay accuses him of stealing everything, including the Visitor’s Day sculpture. However, Bosh denies being a common thief and claims the artifacts are safer with him than with their previous owners. Brightstar and Nubs join in, pointing out that Bosh has gained his collection through theft.

Bosh loses his temper and orders K-2PL and R4-13 to get them off his ship. To distract Bosh, Solay grabs an Alderaanian royal silver vase and jumps on a crate. She tosses the vase towards Brightstar, who catches it. He then plays “cat and mouse” with the droids and lands on R4-13’s dome. Brightstar tosses the vase to Nubs, who plays with it until K-2PL captures him.

Bosh thanks the droids, but Master Zia uses her lightsaber to cut a hole through the ship’s hull. Zanna confronts Bosh, telling him he has something that doesn’t belong to him. K-2PL drops Nubs and the droids scatter. Zanna confronts Bosh about his stolen goods, which Solay adds include his entire collection. Under Bosh’s orders, R4-13 activates the ship’s engines, causing it to tilt upwards in an attempt to throw the Jedi out. While the Jedi are thrown out, Bosh loses several crates of his stolen collection. Bosh is upset with his droids, but K-2PL counters that he told them to do something.

Recovering the stolen sculpture
The last crate to fall out of the ship was the stolen Visitor’s Day statue. Master Zia and her younglings used their Force powers to cushion its fall and land it safely nearby. Bosh, who stole the statue, vowed revenge to complete his collection as he flew off. After the escape, Zanna checked in with her younglings to ensure they were fine. Solay regretted asking for help, but Zanna reassured her that it was the right thing to do. She promised always to be there to help them.

When Solay pointed out that Bosh had escaped, Zanna was relieved they had at least recovered the stolen sculpture. She said they would deal with the rest the next time he returned. When Nubs picked up the Alderaanian vase, Solay asked if they could return the objects to their rightful owners. Zanna replied that it would be a mission.

Later, Solay unveiled the Visitor’s Day sculpture with Zanna and Jinara’s permission. Solay gave a brief speech telling the crowd that Bosh had tried to steal the sculpture, but they had managed to get it back with help. She reminded the people of Kublop Springs that their town was one where everyone helped each other. The crowd cheered as a tree-like sculpture was unveiled.

“The Growing Green Danger”

A botany lesson
In the garden world of Langsha-Raang, a group of Jedi Initiates, including Nubs, Lys Solay, and Kai Brightstar, are attending a botany class where they learn how to tend to plants. Nubs waters a Vreenak Bloom with his affinity for plants and receives praise from their orange-skinned alien teacher, Varnish. Brightstar tells Varish that Nubs was excited about coming to Landsha-Raang, while Solay talks about Nub’s love for plants.

Before the class ends, Varish tells the younglings she has one final lesson and asks Nubs to come to the front to demonstrate. She explains that each plant is unique and has different health requirements. She encourages the younglings to observe and understand what each plant needs.

Varnish shows Nubs an Albeekian Sun Grass, which is not in good health, and asks him to identify its needs. Nubs waters the plant, but Varish reminds him to observe. She explained that the plant needed sunlight and opened the curtain to let the sunlight in. The plant begins to sprout.

Nubs takes an interest in a neighboring plant, a Grumble Vine. He touches the plant, causing it to drop a purple seed. Varish tells him to leave the plant alone and explains that it comes from a planet with little sunlight. Before she can say more, the droid Dee enters the classroom and informs her that the children are late for their shuttle back to Tenoo. Varish apologizes for losing time and promises to discuss the grumble vine in the next lesson.

The rogue vine
Upon departing, Ms. Varish gives Nubs a gift – a container filled with seeds of a plant that can thrive on Tenoo. She instructs him to provide them with water and sunlight. While receiving the container, Nubs accidentally drops some seeds, which scatter under the front table. While collecting the seeds, he mistakenly picks the purple seed from the grumble vine. After bidding farewell to the children, Varish escorts them to the shuttle.

After returning to Tenoo, the younglings plant their seedlings inside several raised plots in the garden of the Tenoo Jedi Temple. Brightstar and Solay activate the water dispensers to soak the plants. However, they discover that one plot remains barren even after watering. Solay inquires of Nubs what he thinks is needed, and he suggests sunlight. Soon after, the grumble vine begins to sprout giant green vines, which creep over the garden infrastructure. The children flee for safety while Solay notes that these vines are from the seeds Nubs received from Ms. Varish and that the plant is “unhappy.” Brightstar reminds them that they need to contain the grumble vine.

Solay turns off the water dispenser, but they cannot stop the grumble vine from growing. The plant’s vines begin to wrap around several pillars and stone structures within the Temple Garden and sprout purple flowers. The vines show interest in the younglings, who draw their training sabers in self-defense. Finding that the grumble vines are afraid of their sabers, they use them to herd the plant back towards the garden enclosure.

Stopping the grumble vine
Brightstar tries to uproot the grumble vine, but one of its vines grabs him and throws him at Nubs. Solay is pushed back by the vine, which heads towards the Jedi Temple. One of the vines climbs onto the walls. The three younglings try to stop it, but it carries them onto the top of the temple. After landing inside the temple, Brightstar, Solay, and Nubs usher the other younglings, including a green-skinned Mirialan, inside. They describe the situation as a “gardening situation.”

Dee panics Inside the temple and says he has to call Jedi Master Zia Zaldor Zanna. Before they can evacuate the building, the vines force their way inside by creating holes in the wall. While retreating, Nubs panics. Solay reassures him that he knows more about plants than anyone else, while Brightstar adds that the Force is with him. The two leave to evacuate the others from the temple while Nubs stays behind in the foyer to confront the grumble vine.

Recalling Ms Varish’s advice about observing plants, he decides to use a banner to block the flower and stem of the grumble vine from the sun. This temporarily stops its advance. When Brightstar and Solay reappear, Nubs tells them that the plant likes shade rather than sunlight. Solay agrees and proposes blocking sunlight from the center of the grumble vine in an attempt to stop its growth. However, two vines grab Solay and Brightstar.

Nubs uses the Force to reach the center of the plant, but several vines grab him. Despite being restrained by vines, he manages to use the banner to cover the center of the grumble, causing it to stop its advance and release him and his friends. As the grumble vine retreats, Nubs, and his friends realize that the plant needs shade. However, the vines have caused significant damage to the Jedi Temple by removing several bricks and stones. Dee says he is not programmed for repairs, while Solay says they must tell Master Zia what happened. Brightstar proposes finding a new home for the plant, and Nubs has an idea.

After completing their repairs to the Jedi Temple, repair droids update Zia via holoprojector about the situation. Zia then briefs Varish on the same. Varish apologizes for accidentally releasing a grumble vine seed, but Brightstar is glad Nubs found a way to stop it. Varish commends Nubs for his perseverance and for remembering his lesson of observation. She also assures him that his grumble vine returned safely to Langsha-Raang in a storage container. Varish promises to take good care of it and shows interest in seeing the other plants that Nubs has grown. Nubs carries the holoprojector while showing Varish his impressive garden.



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