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Unidentified Mon Calamari Sister

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Name: Unidentified
Type: Fisher
Species: Mon Calamari
Homeworld: Tenoo
Gender: Female
Born: —
Died: —
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Orange
Weight: —
Skin: Brown

Dodge: 4D

Value: 4D



Construction: 3D
Lifting: 3D
Swimming: 8D

Machinery Repair: 3D+2

Special Abilities:

Moist Environment: When in moist environments, Mon Calamari receives a + 1D bonus to all Dexterity, Perception, and Strength attributes and skill checks.

Dry Environments: When in arid environments, Mon Calamari appear depressed and withdrawn. They suffer a -1D penalty to all Dexterity, Perception, and Strength attributes and skill checks.

Aquatic: Mon Calamari can breathe air and water and withstand extreme pressures in ocean depths.

Force Sensitive: N
Force Points: 0
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 4
Move: 9 / 10 (swimming)

Equipment: Assortment of tools, fishing supplies

Background: A female Mon Calamari youngling resided on the planet Tenoo. In 232 BBY, she and her sibling were fishing in search of channelfish, but their catch went missing. While the Mon Calamari tried to figure out what had happened, the bounty hunter Ansen Strung harshly asked if the siblings had seen a kibbin. His abruptness startled them, so they began to leave. Lys Solay, a Jedi youngling with Strung, stopped them, inquiring more gently if they had seen a creature on a datapad she presented. They had not, but the female youngling’s sibling told them about their lost channelfish and that the sister thought she saw something take off with it.

Strung then demanded to see the empty bucket, which scared the Mon Calamari again. He begrudgingly added “please” per Solay’s nudging. The siblings smiled at each other, and the sister gave Strung the empty bucket. Another Jedi youngling who was with them, Nubs, then noticed kibbin tracks, leading them off in another direction. Both siblings later attended Visitor’s Day on Tenoo, which attracted guests from all over the galaxy.

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