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Young Jedi Adventures – S01E09 – “The Princess and the Jedi” / “Kai’s Bad Day”

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“The Princess and the Jedi”

A royal passenger

The episode begins with Nash Durango and RJ-83 cleaning the Crimson Firehawk. Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs arrive to help Durango, who reveals that she is expecting a special passenger – a princess whose ship broke down while she was getting a present for her father on Tenoo. Durango is nervous because her last royal passengers demanded perfection, but she could be better at perfecting everything.

Durango enlists the help of Brightstar, Solay, and Nubs, hoping that they can assist her in making a good impression on the princess. Brightstar agrees to look after the princess while Durango focuses on flying the ship. The group arrives at a landing pad where Princess Inaya waits with her droid, PD-4. Inaya has traveled to Tenoo to pick up a present for her father – a chest shaped like a building.

Durango introduces herself and her Jedi friends to Inaya, who asks if Jedi usually accompany dignitaries. Brightstar explains that they are helping a friend today and introduces himself and his fellow Jedi Initiates. PD-4 reassures Inaya that the Jedi will guarantee their safety before ushering her aboard the Firehawk. As they fly away, Durango tries to flatter her passenger, but Inaya remains modest. Unbeknownst to the group, they are being watched by the pirate Taborr Val Dorn.

Trouble with Taborr

On board the Firehawk, Brightstar and his friends offer to take care of Princess Inaya’s gift. In the cockpit, Inaya compliments Durango’s console modifications and the ship’s smooth flying. She also admires Durango’s piloting skills, describing her as a kid who can fly her ship around the galaxy. When Solay asks if she is a pilot, Inaya talks about her love for flying and working on ships but reveals that she doesn’t enjoy being treated like a princess and having everything done for her because it takes the fun out of life. Durango admits that she never thought about it that way.

As they prepare to jump to hyperspace, Val Dorn appears in his starship, the Iron Talon. Val Dorn demands the gift that Princess Inaya obtained for her father. Brightstar shuts off the intercom, and Solay convinces Durango to try to outrun Val Dorn’s ship. Durango and RJ take the Firehawk down above the forests of Tenoo, but the Iron Talon fires back and manages to turn off the Firehawk’s shields and lateral controls. Durango manages to crash-land the ship on top of a Tenoo tree near a waterfall. However, Taborr’s gang lands their ship nearby.

Crash landing

Durango instructs her team to repair the Firehawk quickly. She assigns RJ to repair the controls while focusing on the thruster circuits. Solay asks how she can help, and Durango assigns her and Brightstar to transfer all power units to the main thruster. Durango also enlists Nub’s help and ignores Inaya’s offer to assist. However, Nubs needs help finding the flexscope in the toolkit, while Inaya quickly locates it. As Durango repairs the thruster circuits, Inaya helps by passing her the hydrospanner. Inaya also advises Nash that the blast may have disconnected the power couplings, but Nash disregards her advice. When Inaya asks about her father’s present, Durango is too preoccupied to answer properly and says she and her friends promised to take care of everything.

As Durango struggles with the repairs, Inaya volunteers to help. She overhears EB-3 telling Pord to lend him a hand and heads to the corridor. However, she discovers that Taborr’s gang has stolen the present. Inaya pursues them aboard the Iron Talon. Nubs, who is in the cockpit, alerts his fellow Jedi younglings and Durango. Before they can join Inaya aboard the Iron Talon, Taborr’s gang takes off in their ship. Solay realizes that Val Dorn must have stolen the present, and Inaya goes to retrieve it. Durango is frustrated that they can’t rescue Inaya because the Firehawk is broken.

Recovering the stolen present

Inaya contacts her friends using her comlink to tell them she is safe. Inaya overrides the Iron Talon’s controls using her mechanical skills, causing Val Dorn to lose control of his ship and crash it near the Firehawk. She also opens the Iron Talon’s gangplank to allow the younglings to board the ship and rescue her while Nash and RJ focus on repairing their ship. Once inside the Iron Talon, Inaya explains to Solay and her friends how she took down Taborr’s ship by overriding its controls.

Inaya manages to open the secondary door leading to the cockpit, where she believes her gift is being held. Brightstar tries to use the Force to grab the present, but EB-3 moves his leg and hits the package, alerting Taborr and his gang to the Jedi’s presence. Brightstar quickly snatches the stolen present and escapes down a ladder before Taborr’s gang can catch him.

Val Dorn demands the return of the stolen present, but Brightstar insists it belongs to Princess Inaya. Taborr attacks the Jedi with his electrostaff, but they quickly draw their lightsabers while Pord and EB-3 retrieve their vibroblades. Brightstar and Nubs engage Val Dorn in a brief lightsaber duel, and when Brightstar passes the present to Solay, Val Dorn orders his associates to retrieve it. Pord tries to recover the present, but EB-3 throws his weapon at Solay. The weapon boomerangs back to him, forcing EB-3 to dodge his vibroblade. Pord charges at Solay, but the Jedi tricks her into crashing into several crates.

Inaya recovers her present, and EB-3 charges at her, but Solay trips the droid. Meanwhile, Val Dorn drives the Jedi towards the gangplank, and Inaya sets it to close while damaging the door control. The Jedi and Inaya jump out before the gangplank closes, trapping Val Dorn and his gang inside the Iron Talon.

New friends

When they returned to the Crimson Firehawk, Durango had already fixed the damaged starship. Durango admitted that Inaya suggested the blast had disconnected power couplings. Durango apologized for not listening to Inaya because she had assumed that Inaya wasn’t a good mechanic since she was a princess. Inaya said it was alright because she loved starships even though she was a princess. Durango joked that she would be better prepared for surprises in the future.

Nash then asked if Inaya would like to fly the ship, to which Inaya said she would love to. They then headed to Inaya’s father’s party. When they arrived at the celebration, Inaya asked Brightstar and his Jedi friends if they would like to join the party. Brightstar replied that they would love to but would have to return to the Tenoo Jedi Temple. Inaya said that she was happy to have friends on Tenoo. Durango invited her to fly with them next time. When Brightstar pointed out that the Firehawk was dirty, Durango teased that the last one back to the ship would have to clean it.

“Kai’s Bad Day”

A bad start

Kai Brightstar wakes up late after being woken up by an alarm. He quickly changes and rushes out of his shared bedroom to reach the Tenoo Jedi Temple’s courtyard. However, he discovers that the other Jedi Initiates have left without him. Lys Solay contacts him via holoprojector and reminds him that he was supposed to join them on a trip to the lava fields of the planet Tiss’ell. Brightstar apologizes for oversleeping and missing the shuttle. He expresses disappointment in starting the day on a bad note.

Solay tries to reassure him by saying that the trip won’t be much fun, but Nubs appears to be enjoying himself. Solay tells Nubs she said that so Brightstar wouldn’t feel bad. Brightstar puts up a happy face and says he will train instead. He practices with a remote droid but, unfortunately, gets hit in the backside by a laser bolt. Jedi Master Zia Zaldor Zanna notices that Kai is not on the trip with the other younglings and Dee. She asks him why he is not there. Brightstar explains that he woke up late and missed the shuttle. He also shares that his training is not going well and is already a bad day.

Mission to Tatooine

Master Zanna comforts Brightstar by letting him know that even she has bad days. On such days, she follows her master’s advice to focus on positive things. However, Brightstar cannot see anything positive since he missed his shuttle, and his training could improve. To help him, Zanna assigns him a mission to deal with a hyperspace prospector named Mycho Zala, a friend of the Jedi, who is stranded on the remote planet of Tatooine. Zala needs a new hyperdrive capacitor to finish his scouting job in the Outer Rim Territories. Brightstar accepts the mission to Tatooine, knowing Nash Durango and RJ-83 will transport him.

On the day of the mission, while loading the capacitor aboard the Crimson Firehawk, Brightstar hurt his foot. He tries to focus on good things, but Durango, taking pity on him, fetches a cold pack. The three then travel to Tatooine, but as they land on the desert planet, Durango remarks that there is little to see apart from the sand. Brightstar grumbles about visiting a desert planet, but Durango tries to reassure him that there will be something good to focus on.

Losing the package

To lift Brightstar’s spirits, Durango allows him to take the Firehawk for a ride through a canyon. Initially, Brightstar starts to cheer up, but his optimism fades when they approach a sandstorm. Durango panics as they haven’t been in such a big sandstorm before and instruct Brightstar to activate the stabilizer valves. In the process, Durango accidentally opens the cargo hatch, and the hyperspace capacitor meant for Zala falls out. Durango takes control of the ship again and hopes to recover the capacitor.

They fly out of the sandstorm and land the ship in the desert. While scanning the desert for the lost package, they spot a group of Jawas who have recovered the capacitor and are about to load it aboard their Sandcrawler. The two men lament the situation before traveling to the Jawas on a speeder bike. They try to explain their situation to the Jawas, but the Jawas only speak Jawaese. RJ-83 attempts to help, but the Jawas are more interested in the droid. Brightstar tells the Jawas that they want their package back, but the Jawas believe the humans are proposing a trade. Therefore, they returned the capacitor but took RJ-83 with them on their sandcrawler. The two humans are unable to stop the Jawas from leaving with RJ-83.

Rescuing RJ-83

Brightstar is having a bad day, but Durango tries to cheer him up by encouraging him to focus on something good, like rescuing their friend RJ-83. The two decide to go after the sandcrawler that has taken RJ-83 captive. Once aboard the Sandcrawler, the Jawas fix a restraining bolt on RJ-83 and set him on top of a green crate. Brightstar and Durango chase the Sandcrawler using their speeder bike. When they catch up to it, Brightstar jumps onto the top of the Sandcrawler using the speeder bike as a springboard. He then gives Durango a grappling cable to tie to her speeder bike and climb up. They descend a hatch into the sandcrawler’s storage compartment, where Durango finds RJ-83 among the spare parts and droids. She removes the restraining bolt, freeing him. However, their escape is cut short when Brightstar knocks over some crates, alerting the Jawas. The Jawas chase after them, but Durango scares them off by screaming and charging at them. Nevertheless, after a brief tug-of-war, the Jawas returned with reinforcements and cornered the Younglings and RJ-83 against a chest.

Finding Mycho Zala

When Brightstar mentioned Mycho Zala, the Jawa leader recognized the name. The Jawas began chanting “Mycho Zala,” and the children realized that the Jawas wanted to take them to him. Later, at Zala’s encampment, the alien hyperspace prospector reassured the younglings that he would sort things out with the Jawas. After speaking to the Jawas in Jawaese, Zala explained that the Jawas thought that Durango and Brightstar wanted to trade RJ for the package they found. Durango said she couldn’t believe they thought she wanted to trade RJ. To compensate for the loss of RJ, Zala gave them a tool that cheered the Jawas up. Brightstar admitted that he thought it was a bad day, but focusing on good things improved it.

Brightstar passed Zala the hyperspace capacitor he needed. A grateful Zala told them to thank Master Zanna on his behalf. The Jawas greeted the offworlders by wishing them with the word “Utini.”



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