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Species: Tooka
Type: Feline predator
Habitat: Grasslands
Homeworld: Lothal
Dodge 4D+1
Search 5D+2
Sneak 6D+2
Brawling 4D
Climbing / Jumping 6D+2
Special Abilities:
Bite: Does STR+1 damage.
Claws: Does STR+2 damage.
Pounce: When pouncing on a target the tooka’s jumping and brawling are considered a single action, taking no MAPs.
Move: 12
Size: 0.46 meters tall, 0.94 meters long, 10 kilograms
Orneriness: 2D

Background: Tookas, also called tooka-cats, were a subspecies of feline cats. They were popular as pets as the carnivores ate many unwanted pests, but were also considered by many to be feral nuisances themselves. When properly trained, they could be excellent hunters of pests. One specific breed of tooka was the Loth-cat, native to the planet Lothal. Tooka were known to enjoy milk. Tooka were common in the underworld of Coruscant, where they hunted nuna.

Tookas could be a variety of colors, such as violet, greenish blue, yellow, dark yellow, fawn, brown, deep purple, and blue-gray. They usually had a flat face with a slightly protruding muzzle. They had two slit nostrils that sat underneath a pair of beady gray or black eyes. They had very long mouths that stretch all the way across their face and could open wide to display long sharp fangs. They had a pair of very tall, pointy ears that were usually striped. Their neck was rather short, as were their legs, and their paws were very similar to a bird’s talons. Their claws were adept at gripping their prey and climbing. Their tails were fat and bushy and usually striped, and their underbelly was usually a different color that the body. When angry, threatened or scared tookas could dilate their entire eyes and arch their backs like cats.

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