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Young Jedi Adventures – S01E11 – “The Ganguls” / “Bad Egg”

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“The Ganguls”

Auto theft
The episode begins with a band of four members: a Gozzo, Rodian, Gigoran, and Bith playing at Hap’s Sap Tap. Jedi Initiates Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs are having Mossberry Biscuits while waiting for their friend Nash Durango. Brightstar and Solay noticed that Durango was running late and wondered what might be causing the delay. Nubs speaks in Pooba. Near them, Hap is serving a human boy named Ori, who claims he has left his credits at home. Brightstar pays for the boy, and they become friends.

In the meantime, an excited Durango and her droid, RJ-83, are cruising through the streets of Kublop Springs in her new red and white landspeeder, which she plans to show to her friends. Durango enters Hap’s Sap Tap and tells her Jedi friends about her landspeeder, which her mother helped her build. Ori discreetly leaves the cafe unnoticed by Durango. When Durango shows her friends the landspeeder, she discovers someone has stolen it. Durango is upset because she and her mother put much effort into building it. Solay notices that the thief left several Mossberry Biscuit fragments behind. Brightstar realizes that Ori stole Durango’s landspeeder.

Hap is surprised that Ori would steal Durango’s landspeeder, considering him a “sweet kid.” Solay thinks they should assume Ori’s innocence and asks where they can find him. Hap says he lives in a nearby town called Aklyrr Bend. Solay leads the way while Durango assigns RJ to guard the Crimson Firehawk after the recent speeder theft.

Visiting Aklyrr Bend
Four younglings travel to Aklyrr Bend on speeder bikes. Upon arrival, they notice that the town is unusually quiet. Brightstar suggests visiting an inn called Aklyrr Inn to ask about Ori’s whereabouts. However, the inn’s patrons initially seem hesitant to help until Brightstar speaks with the Jablogian bartender, Drahric.

After seeking Ori’s whereabouts, a green-skinned Twi’lek woman leaves discreetly. The Jablogian advises the children to leave town, but Durango is determined to question Ori about her stolen speeder.

Drahric informed the group that Ori is a member of a notorious biker gang called the Ganguls, who took over Aklyrr Bend recently. The gang is known for stealing the belongings of the townsfolk and terrorizing them. Drahric also revealed that Ori sometimes works for the gang. During their investigation, Brightstar noticed Ori rummaging through their speeder bikes, and they all rushed outside to confront him. Ori tried to escape by running on the platforms in a nearby warehouse, but Solay cornered him. Ori then jumped to the ground, surrounded by Brightstar, Nubs, and Durango.

When Solay accuses Ori of being involved in the theft of Durango’s speeder, Ori claims that the gang forced him to do it. He further explains that the gang compels younglings like him to commit crimes, and if they refuse, they face punishment, such as being placed in a holding cell or being kicked out of town. In response to Nubs’s question about the whereabouts of the speeder, Ori reveals that the Ganguls have taken over the Mayor’s office and that the speeder is currently there.

Confronting the Ganguls
Ori is afraid of the gang, but Brightstar is determined to confront them. He believes Jedi face “bad guys.” Brightstar leads the way and knocks on the door of the former Mayor’s office, which the Ganguls have turned into their gang pad. A Quarren man named Jooro Jarrot “Speeds” greets them and asks what they want. When Brightstar says he is looking for Nash’s speeder, Jarrot claims that everything inside belongs to them. Durango suggests that some items might have had previous owners and adds that the Ganguls like to steal things.

Jarrot denies that he is a Gangul, but another male associate calls for help disassembling Ori’s stolen speeder. Jarrot claims his friend doesn’t know what he is talking about, but Durango and her friends force themselves inside. They find other stolen belongings and the Anzellan Toda-Joh working on Durango’s speeder. Brightstar and Nubs realize that the people inside are indeed Ganguls. Sellaccc Orryak, the Ganguls’ Trandoshan leader, confronts the visitors and orders the younglings to leave while wielding her vibro-ax.

Brightstar says they will only leave once they have returned their stolen goods. Brightstar, Solay, and Nubs draw their lightsabers, but Orryak is confident. Toda-Joh uses a magnetizer gun to snatch the younglings’ lightsabers while Speeds trap them with a net. Orryak orders her associates to lock the group inside a holding cell and tasks Ori with guarding them.

Durango tries to contact RJ-83 inside the cell, but Ori explains that the Ganguls have jammed the town’s signals. When Brightstar asks Ori if he wants to help the gang steal things, Ori admits he does not like what they are doing but says he is afraid to stand up to them since they control the town. Ori says he is just one person. Solay disagrees, saying they can make a difference if the town stands up to the Ganguls. Brightstar adds that Ori has the keycard to free them and appeals to him for help. Ori is moved and agrees to rally the townspeople.

United we stand
Later, Ori addresses the townsfolk at Aklyrr Inn and asks for their support in standing up to the Ganguls. He regrets helping the Ganguls, who have dominated the town for too long. Although the Ganguls may be tough, he believes they can be defeated as only three exist. He, along with the Jedi, seeks the help of the entire town to face the gang. Drahric is doubtful about their chances of success, but Solay encourages them, saying that standing up together increases their chances. Nubs, Ori, and the townsfolk agree, and Ori asks who will join him.

The Jedi, Ori, Durango, and the townsfolk confront the Ganguls outside their gang pad, demanding they leave the town and return the stolen belongings. Orryak warns them to leave before things escalate, particularly Ori. Ori defies her and says he won’t be told what to do. Drahric tells the Ganguls to leave, but Toda-Joh and Jarrot seem intimidated by the townsfolk’s defiance. Orryak pretends to comply, but she and her associates escape into the nearby river in two speeders, including Nash’s speeder.

The Jedi, Durango, and Ori give chase in four speeder bikes along the river. The Ganguls speed up but find a waterfall in their path. Orryak attempts to drive Durango’s speeder through a narrow canyon opening to avoid the waterfall, but the speeder is too wide, and her speeder hits a rock. The Ganguls abandon the stolen speeder and other stolen goods in a trailer but vow revenge. Orryak, Jarrot, and Toda-Joh escape through the narrow canyon on their speeder bike. The Ganguls also abandon several of their stolen goods. While Durango is upset about the damage caused to her speeder, Brightstar says they managed to recover most of the stolen goods. Ori thinks the Ganguls won’t return long after the town stands up to them.

Reconciliation and celebration
After stealing Durango’s speeder, Ori feels guilty and apologizes to her. Durango forgives him and offers to teach him about speeders while they repair it together. The friends also thank the Jedi for teaching them to stand up for themselves. They all agree that they are stronger together. Drahric invites everyone to celebrate with a feast at Aklyrr Inn, and Ori looks forward to introducing them to the famous Mossbery Biscuits of their town.

“Bad Egg”

Helping Hap
Hap’s Sap Tap just received a shipment of ingredients from Muxa, who Hap claims is the best supplier in the Outer Rim Territories. When Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs arrive, they are amazed by a crate of jogan fruits. Hap tells them that his friend Geeli is visiting, and he ordered these ingredients to make his favorite stew, even though he’s never made it before. A nervous Hap invites the Jedi Initiates to stay and help. Nubs and Solay are happy to oblige.

Hap invites the younglings into the Sap Tap kitchen, which they have never seen before. Brightstar comments on how clean and organized it is. While preparing the stew, Nubs accidentally knocks over some tins of ingredients and green fruit, but Hap is forgiving. As Hap continues to cook, Nubs notices a yellow jar with a blue top fall off the shelf. Something scurries out of the jar and across the kitchen floor.

Critter infestation
Sure, here’s a clearer version of the text with corrected spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors:

Hap alerts Brightstar that something needs to be fixed in the kitchen, but Brightstar fails to notice anything unusual. Hap convinces Brightstar to give him a blue fruit and comes across a tray of blue eggs. Upon inspection, he finds that one of the eggs has hatched, and several cylindrical containers have been opened, suggesting that a creature is on the loose. Hap panics and urges the team to get the creature out of the kitchen before Geeli arrives.

After examining a sap container, Nub, and his friends realize that the creature is fond of sap. Brightstar suggests using sap to lure the creature, and Hap agrees but insists that they act quickly as he needs the kitchen to be operational. They place a bowl of purple sap on the floor and hide. Nub hides on a high shelf with a colander to trap the creature, which they later discover is a Tikotiko.

The Tikotiko takes the bait, and Nub traps it inside the colander. Upon inspection, Solay reveals that the Tikotiko belongs to a species she doesn’t recognize in her creature guide. Realizing that the creature is newly hatched and hungry, Solay strokes it. Hap is unwilling to share his food, but Brightstar reminds him that the Jedi help everything, including pesky creatures.

However, in his haste to prepare Geeli’s stew, Hap accidentally lets go of the Tikotiko, but Solay quickly recaptures it. Hap then tries to contact Muxa to remove the box of eggs, but they discover that all the other eggs have hatched, and the other creatures have escaped into the customer area, scaring the customers. Solay and a local boy find the Tikotiko cute, but Hap is stressed that he cannot focus on creating his stew. Brightstar offers to take care of the creatures, and Hap agrees but insists they do it “quickly and cleanly.”

While chasing a tikotiko, Nubs accidentally splashes a Kyuzo customer with soup. Brightstar and Solay chase another rodent, but it escapes a tree branch and lands in Chigg’s soup. Hap apologizes to the customer and offers him more soup, but he declines. Several unhappy customers leave and vow not to return. Hap is upset that the tikotiko has driven away his customers. Solay and Brightstar try to explain that the rodents are hungry, but Hap is worried that the creatures will eat all his food supplies.

The tikotiko head to the marketplace, following the smell of food. Solay assures Hap that they will care for the critters while he cooks the stew. Brightstar corners a tikotiko inside a stall, but it manages to escape. Another critter raids a kebab stall. Nubs catches the creature, but it slips away. Another tikotiko chews on a metal figurine. Solay tries to stop the critter from nibbling on the jewelry. Brightstar worries that the critters won’t stop until they are full and complains that they are difficult to catch. Hap is troubled that he won’t be able to cook Geeli’s stew since the tikotiko ate most of the ingredients.

An unlikely solution
One of the Tikotiko enters Hap’s kitchen but takes pity on it and serves it stew. The aroma of the stew brings other critters to Hap’s kitchen. Brightstar, Solay, and Nubs follow them but are glad that Hap has found a way to befriend the tikotiko. Although Hap regrets being unable to cook Geeli’s special stew, Nubs, and Brightstar reassure him that he has prepared something special with the stew he made for the critters. Even though Hap is disappointed, Solay encourages him to make the most of what he has made.

Hap agrees and enlists the help of the children. He asks Solay for a Barkhesh beet, gets Brightstar to stir the Pappelroot powder, and assigns Nubs to clean-up duty. The younglings assist Hap in preparing the stew while keeping an eye on the tikotiko. Hap gives Nubs a taste of the stew. Later, he feeds both the critters and the three younglings. Solay observes that the creatures are sleepy after eating, giving Muxa enough time to pick them up. Hap admits that the tikotiko look cute when they are not destroying his Sap Tap, while Brightstar says they enjoyed his new recipe.

Hap hopes that Geeli likes his recipe. Shortly after, Geeli arrives, looking for Hap’s Sap Tap. Hap apologizes for failing to prepare stew, but Geeli says he has come to see his friend. Geeli is interested in Hap’s new stew, and Hap invites everyone to eat. The Jedi younglings introduce themselves to the new guest.



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