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The Book of Boba Fett Chapter 7: In The Name Of Honor

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Calm before the Storm

The episode opens in Mos Espa, at the bombed-out remains of the Sanctuary. Boba Fett is there with Fennec Shand. Soon, they are joined by Din Djarin and the Mods. Din tells them that he spoke to Cobb Vanth of Freetown and that they will assist in exchange for the end of the Spice trade— terms Fett agrees to. Though initially wanting to barricade within the Palace, the group awaits reinforcements and the Syndicate from the Sanctuary when the Mods refuse to leave.

Meanwhile, Cad Bane arrives in Mos Eisley to report back to the leader of the Pyke Syndicate and the Mayor of Mos Espa. He assures them they needn’t worry about Freetown getting involved. The mayor expresses relief and asks if anyone else they need to care for, citing the Tusken Raider Tribe Fett used to be part of. The Pyke leader affirms that they are all dead, as the Syndicate slaughtered them and pinned the deed on the Nykto speed bikers to get rid of both groups at once. When the Mayor requests minimal damages to Mos Espa, the leader responds that it will take extreme force to remove Fett and his people from the Sanctuary, where they have holed up. Bane responds that he has an idea to draw Fett out.

An X-Wing approaches and begins to land at Peli Motto’s hangar. Assuming it’s a New Republic Official, she instructs her droids to hide various things around the pad. As she moves to greet whoever is within, the hatch opens and reveals Grogu. R2-D2 asks where Djarin is, and Motto responds that he’s not here, as he has a job in Mos Espa. Despite Artoo’s protests, she pulls Grogu out to catch up and give him a snack, noticing that he’s wearing chainmail beneath his robes.

In the ruins of the Sanctuary, Shand tells Fett and Djarin that their people are in a position to keep an eye on the Syndicate’s next move and avoid surprises: the Gamorreans at the starport, Krrsantan in front of city hall, and the Mods in the Worker’s District. Despite their measures, 8D8 reports that someone has arrived to meet with Fett. They take up a position as Fett exits to meet with the visitor, Bane, who claims to be there to negotiate on behalf of the Syndicate. Fett refuses, even once Bane reveals that he interfered with Marshal Vanth and states he will only negotiate directly with the Syndicate’s head.

Bane reveals that the Syndicate murdered the Tusken tribe, not the speed bikers. This nearly goads Fett into the first shot, but ultimately, he is convinced by Shand to stand down and begin the battle on their terms. Before he leaves, Bane claims Fett has gone soft with age. Fett responds that everyone does.

Fronts break

Once he’s gone, Drash calls in on the comms and reports that the locals have turned on them despite the treaty previously established. Fett attempts to connect with Krrsanto, who is fighting Trandoshans in the city center, but grows overwhelmed by sheer numbers; the Gamorreans try to contact Fett but are pushed off a cliff by the local Klatoonians.

With few options remaining, Fett confirms with the majordomo the location of the Syndicate’s base in Mos Eisley and sends Shand to confront the Pyke Syndicate’s leader. On the way, she manages to assist the Mods by sniping down the Aqualish who had them pinned, allowing them to retreat.

The Syndicate begins to move into position around the Sanctuary. Djarin refuses to leave despite the odds, as it would go against his Creed; Fett does the same, based on honor. The majordomo volunteers to go out and try to speak to the Pykes and negotiate for freedom and surrender on Fett’s behalf, as he studied on Coruscant and specialized on civic council negotiations. Fett agrees and writes out his terms on the majordomo’s pad.

The majordomo emerges before the Pyke soldiers gather in front of the Sanctuary and reads out the terms Fett wrote out, which are revealed to be a threat statement instead. Before the majordomo can be executed, Fett and Djarin soar in on their jetpacks and begin to gun the Syndicate down.

The battle for Mos Espa

With the advantage afforded by their armor, weapons, and surprise strike, Fett and Djarin take down many of the Syndicates independently. However, the numbers prove too much even for them, and numerous blaster shots slowly take them down.

Unexpected reinforcements arrive in the form of the people from Freetown in a sizeable armored speeder. Djarin apologizes for what happened to Marshal Vanth and tells them they didn’t need to come— the Weequay bartender Taanti explains that they did. The surviving members of the Mods arrive, as does an injured Krrsantan, and together manage to drive the Pykes back.

Before celebrations can start in too earnest, Djarin warns them of trouble. Two Scorpenek annihilator droids approach, unable to be stopped even by Fett’s missiles due to powerful shields. The armored vehicle they’d been using for cover is destroyed, forcing them, the Mods, and Krrsantan to flee.

Fett and Djarin attempt to take the Scorpeneks on, to little avail. With instructions for Djarin to protect the others, Fett leaves for further reinforcements. While Djarin can gain the attention of one droid, the other continues to pursue the troops.

Motto arrives via droid-driven cart and calls out to Djarin but quickly turns around upon spotting the Scorpenek, allowing him to hitch a ride and forcing it to give chase. The Mods and garrison are forced to hole up in the ruins of a house— Drash and Jo make their way to a nearby rooftop to snipe the Pyke Syndicate members and distract the Scorpenek.

The tides turn

Motto reveals that her arrival had been to deliver Grogu to Djarin, and the two reunite. The droid manages to shoot the cart down, forcing the three to take a stand, but a distant roar distracts it. It’s revealed to be a rancor ridden by Fett from the Palace. The rancor faces off against the Scorpenek, severely damaging its shielding, allowing Djarin to approach from behind and break inside with the darksaber. He makes it to the top of the droid, slicing off one gun turret, but is knocked off. Before it can crush him, Grogu uses the Force to pull a bolt from the droid’s leg, causing it to collapse and giving Fett’s rancor time to finish tearing it apart.

With one Scorpenek down, Fett and the rancor arrive to rescue the others. The remaining Pykes are sent into retreat under fire from Motto, the Freetown group and the Mods. Fett and the rancor fight off other Pykes, but Bane arrives and scares the rancor with fire from his vambraces, causing it to throw Fett and flee. The two square off.

Bane admits he doesn’t understand Fett’s motivations; Fett states that he won’t abandon the city and its people, as they are his. Bane tries to goad Fett on, to no avail but points out that despite his age, he’s still faster, armor or not. With swift shots, Bane takes Fett down and pins him to the ground, calling him a killer. He rips Fett’s helmet off, but before he can shoot, Fett knocks him away with his gaderffii stick. The tides turned, and Fett felled Bane and impaled him, leaving the mercenary dead on the street.

In the rest of the city, the rancor continues to rampage. People shoot, but Djarin calls them to stand down, as they’re only riling it further. Handing Grogu to Motto for safety, Djarin tries to take control of the rancor by landing on its back and taking hold of the chains. Instead, it throws him off and, after being unable to eat him due to his beskar armor, throws him to the ground.

Grogu escapes from Motto’s grasp to stand before the rancor, placing himself between it and the fallen Djarin. Using the Force, he calms it down and puts it to sleep before curling up beside it and doing the same. The majordomo helps Djarin to his feet as the people cheer.

Tying Up Loose Ends

In Mos Eisley, the Syndicate leader announces that the forces from the city will arrive shortly so they can leave. The various faction leaders object as they had a deal with the Syndicate, but the Pyke leader points out that half his people getting gunned down or eaten by a rancor breaks the terms, as he’d been promised conditions on Tatooine to be “hospitable.” Blaster fire interrupts before they can argue further, sending the group on high alert.

Before anything can be done, the guards and faction leaders are shot down from above. The Mayor of Mos Eisley attempts to flee, only to be caught by a noose and hung. The leader of the Syndicate fires blindly into the darkness and tries to approach a window before Shand appears and stabs him. With the opposition’s leaders destroyed, she exits via the front door.

The scene returns to Mos Eisley. Fett and Shand walk the streets, which the townspeople work to fix and make evident. Many stop to bow and greet him, all of which he returns. Fett laments having to move his right arm but states his bacta tank is in use when Shand tells him to take a soak. Shand says he should be glad they bow to him rather than shoot at him. A group of children offers them melioruuns, one of which Fett accepts. Krrsantan and the Mods meet up with the duo in the street.

Djarin’s starfighter departs from a planet, Grogu, in the small pod seat built into the ship. He taps the seat dome, which Djarin responds to with a negative. Grogu repeats this several times until Djarin finally agrees for what he says is the last time— he flicks a switch, causing the ship to accelerate rapidly as Grogu squeals.

The Credits

Cobb Vanth is seen in Fett’s bacta tank, still alive. A figure turns and reveals itself as the mod artist who previously saved Shand’s life, tools in hand.


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Force Powers

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