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Force Powers

Control Mind

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Force Power: Control Mind

Control Difficulty: Easy for a Jedi who has turned to the dark side. Moderate for a Jedi who is of the Light Side.

Sense Difficulty: Target’s Perception or control roll.

Modified by relationship.

Alter Difficulty: Variable, depending upon number of targets and whether the Jedi is of the dark side or Light Side. See chart below. Modified by proximity.

Number of TargetsDark Side    Light Side
1Very Easy Moderate
2Easy Difficult
3Moderate Very Difficult
4-5  DifficultHeroic
6-8  Very Difficult
9-15 Heroic

Required Power: Receptive telepathy, telekinesis, affect mind

Warning: A Jedi who uses this power gains a dark side Point. A Jedi who has not turned to the dark side gains a dark side Point for each evil action he forces a person under his power to perform, but a Jedi who has turned to the dark side does not. This power may be kept “up,” but the Jedi must make a new power roll whenever he adds or switches targets. If the connection is blocked before the caster closes the connection, the caster risks becoming trapped in the targets mind forever.

Effect: The use of this power allows Jedi to take control of other people, turning them into puppets who must obey the Jedi’s will—they must serve the Jedi like automatons. This power may not be used on droids or computers. Controlled characters may attempt a new roll to escape versus the Jedi’s sense roll whenever the Jedi adds new characters to his control. The caster has complete control of the target’s mind until the caster chooses. If the connection is blocked before the caster has finished, the caster becomes trapped in the target’s mind.

Appearances: The Acolyte

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