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Force Powers

Taming Beasts

Force Power: Taming beasts
Control Sense Difficulty: Easy if the animal is domesticated/friendly (such as a bantha); Moderate to Difficult if the animal is wild, but non-predatory (such as an undomesticated tauntaun); Very Difficult to Heroic if the animal is ferocious/predatory (such as a wild rancor).
This power may be kept up.
Required Powers: Life sense, receptive telepathy, projective telepathy, translation

Effect: This power is used to create a mental connection with creatures. Note that the character may keep up this power if the force user needs to continue picking up the emotional state of a creature. For beasts that can be ridden, subtract 2D from their orneriness code while this power is in effect. A creature’s minimum orneriness code is 0D.

Background: Taming beasts, also known as animal bond, animal kinship or beast control, was an ability of the Force that allowed its user to connect mentally with animals. Once calmed, the animal could be used by the Force user in various ways, including as a mount or guard beast. This was taught to many Younglings of the Jedi Order, as a passive ability.

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