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The Bad Batch – S03E11 – Point of No Return

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“Point of No Return”

Phee Genoa lands her starship Providence on a lunar base on an airless moon. She reminds her power droid, MEL-221, about the importance of following orders, including crawling through corrosive green goo. She promises to repair her like the last time on Andro Prime and Skara Nal. While Genoa instructs a droid named Olly to refuel her ship, the Clone assassin CX-2 sneaks aboard her ship.

While Genoa and MEL visit the refueling station’s shop, CX-2 inserts a computer spike into the Navigation computer, initially triggering an alarm. Still, Olly mistakes it for a refueling mismatch and changes the pump. While Olly finishes refueling, CX-2 extracts the data and makes his way out of the ship. While MEL undergoes refueling beneath the Providence, Genoa senses movement but is distracted by Olly, who tells her the fuel bill is 1,600 credits. Genoa pays the bill and checks her starship, but CX-2 is hidden behind a crate.

Once Genoa’s starship has departed, CX-2 returns to his starship and decrypts the data from Genoa’s navicomputer. He then contacts Clone Commander Scorch, telling him that Cid’s data was right and that he managed to track down Genoa and access her navicomputer. After decrypting the data, CX-2 found that Genoa frequently visited a certain planet, which he will investigate. Scorch tells CX-2 to send him the coordinates and says he will have a division on stand-by once they confirm the target. CX-2 sets a course for the planet Pabu.

Preparing to leave
At Pabu Island, the Bad Batch begins loading supplies aboard the Marauder. Hunter tasks Wrecker with loading the ship while he and Crosshair head to the town to get some rations. Wrecker asks them to bring back two ice cones. In Upper Pabu, 2 of the former Clone cadets, Mox, Deke, and Stak, have ice cones. Lyana Hazard serves Batcher as a skewer.

Lyana is sad that her friend Omega has to leave. Omega is sad to leave Pabu but says Hunter thinks it will be safer for them. Omega leaves Tech’s broken goggles and Wrecker’s Lula doll to Lyana, saying that it will be a reminder of them. Lyana promises to hold onto those items until Omega and her guardians return. Omega hopes to return to Pabu one day, regarding it as home.

Meanwhile, Wrecker grumbles about a large amount of kit and jokes about leaving Gonky behind. Unknown to them, the Marauder’s sensor beacon begins ringing. CX-2 approaches Pabu island and hides his starship inside a cove. In Upper Pabu, Hunter senses something ominous and radios for Omega to get ready to leave.

Shock and awe
CX-2 climbs the Archium, where he sees Omega walking with Lyana. CX-2 contacts Scorch, confirming he has sighted the target. Scorch orders him to prevent Omega from escaping but warns him that the target must be recovered unharmed. He warns him not to repeat his mistakes. If the other clones get in his way, Scorch orders CX-2 to eliminate them.

Shepherd and Lyana bid the Bad Batch and Omega farewell. Later, CX-2 used a long-range blaster to fire several time-rigged explosives onto the Marauder hull. Wrecker spots an explosive and grabs Gonky out of harm’s way before it explodes. This triggers a series of explosions that destroy the Marauder. The Bad Batch and several locals gather at the site of the explosion on the waterfront. Omega tends to Wrecker while Hunter gets Mox and Stak to evacuate Wrecker to Shep’s home for treatment. Hunter gets Deke to get AZ-3 to treat Wrecker.

Crosshair points out they have been compromised as a Venator-class Star Destroyer arrives above Pabu island. The local population panics as several LAAT gunships land Clone commandos and TK stormtroopers, who begin marching through the town. CX-2 issued orders for the troops to cut off all escape routes and to destroy skiffs and ships. LAAT gunships begin destroying parked skiffs and boats.

Watching the destruction, Omega blames herself. Hunter reassures her that it is the Empire’s fault and tells her to stay focused. Crosshair says the Empire is blocking their escape and comms. He proposes stealing one of their gunships so they can contact Echo. Hunter says he will handle it while they head to Shep’s home.

Hunt for Omega
Meanwhile, CX-2 orders the stormtroopers to search every domicile for Omega. Mayor Shep Hazard confronts CX-2 for the unprovoked Imperial attack on his village and people. When CX-2 explains they are searching for the fugitive Omega and displays a hologram image, Shep condemns the destruction of their docks and fishing skiffs, which the locals depend upon. CX-2 disagrees, saying he has only cut off their means of escape and warning that he can do much worse. CX-2 says he knows the girl is here and warns that the island will burn unless they turn her in. Two stormtroopers restrain Shep.

While Crosshair, Omega, and Batcher hide at a stairwell, a group of stormtroopers manhandle a couple protesting a search of their home. Batcher attacks the stormtroopers, who chase her. Crosshair reassures Omega that Batcher can handle herself. The two seek shelter with Lyana and AZI-3. Lyana is frightened, but Omega comforts her. AZI reports that Wrecker is unconscious, but his vitals are stable. Wrecker groans on the bed. Outside, stormtroopers search more homes and terrorize the locals.

Meanwhile, Hunter ambushes a stormtrooper in the marketplace and breaks his neck. An LAAT gunship lands nearby. After the troops have dispersed, he fights the sentry and uses a crate to jump aboard the gunship. After Hunter throws off two stormtroopers, the pilot spins the aircraft to expel him. Omega and Crosshair watch Hunter struggling to hold onto the ship. After the pilot reports his gunship has been compromised, CX-2 shoots him in the neck, causing the gunship to crash into the sea. Hunter jumps before the gunship sinks into the sea. Crosshair spots Hunter swimming ashore with his macrobinoculars.

Omega’s decision
Omega and Crosshair discuss what to do next with stormtroopers converging on the Hazard home. While Hunter wants to stick to the plan, Omega says that the Empire knows they are here and won’t stop until they capture her. Omega proposes that she surrender so that she can be taken to Tantiss. She says she will keep her comm on her to transmit the coordinates to the others. Omega tells Crosshair this is their chance to find the coordinates to Tantiss Base and rescue their Clone brethren. Crosshair thinks it won’t work, promoting Omega to suggest shooting a temporary tracker onto the Imperial ship they take her away in. Crosshair thinks the plan is unviable, but Omega urges him to focus on the bigger mission.

Later, Imperial troops rounded up several civilians and prepared to torch a building. Omega tells them to stop, saying that she surrenders. CX-2 orders his stormtroopers and Clone commandos to remain alert since a third clone is still at large. Omega approaches CX-2, telling him to take her and leave the people of Pabu alone because they are innocent. CX-2 handcuffs her and orders that she be scanned for tracking devices. He tells her that she shouldn’t have come to Pabu. He confiscates her comlink.

Crosshair dodges patrolling stormtroopers while Hunter wades ashore. He encounters Batcher on the beach and strokes him. Omega walks through the burning docks with her captors. CX-2 summons his ship and marches her up the gangplank. Crosshair attempts to fire a homing beacon onto the ship but is spotted by stormtroopers, with whom he fights with both his firearm and in hand-to-hand combat. As CX-2 departs, Crosshair fires a homing beacon but misses the ship and crashes into the sea. Crosshair watches in defeat. CX-2 reports he has acquired his target while Omega meditates as they jump into hyperspace.




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