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Unidentified Lunar Base

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Name: Unidentified Lunar Base
System: Unidentified
Starport Type: Refueling Station
Traffic: Medium
Control: Republic
Landing: Surface Pad
Docking Areas: 1 Large Bay, 8 Medium Bays
Docking Fee: 5 credits a day, 1600 credits for hyperfuel
Customs: None
Services: Foodstuffs, Hyperfuel, lodging

Background: A base was located on an airless moon. It featured at least eight sealed hangar bays spread among several buildings and by 18 BBY it was used by Phee Genoa as a base of operations for her starship, Providence. The station was manned by service droid Olly who refueled the ships for a price. In 18 BBY clone assassin CX-2 landed to the station with his CX Dagger vessel tracking down Genoa after interrogating Ciddarin Scaleback for her whereabouts and sliced into her ship to retrieve the coordinates for Pabu..

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