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Wrecker (TBB S3)

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Name: Wrecker (as of The Bad Batch Season 3)
Type: Enhanced Clone / Mercenary
Species: Human (Clone)
Homeworld: Kamino
Gender: Male
Born: 32 BBY (968 GC)
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Grey & Brown
Height: 1.98m
Weight: 86 kg
Skin: Tan / Scaring on left side of head

Blaster: 7D
Blaster Artillery: 6D
Brawling Parry: 6D+2
Dodge: 6D
Melee Combat: 7D+2
Melee Parry: 7D+1
Rocket Launcher: 6D
Vehicle Blasters: 5D

Alien Species: 4D
Business: Mercenary Operations 3D+2
Heist Coordination: 4D+2
Intimidation: 5D
Survival: 6D
Tactics: 6D
Value: 4D
Willpower: 5D

Astrogation: 3D+2
Beast Handling: 5D+1
Beast Riding: 6D
Repulsorlift Operation: 4D
Space Transports: 3D+2
Space Transports: Havoc Marauder 4D+1
Starship Gunnery: 5D

Bargain: 4D+1
Command: 4D
Hide: 4D
Persuasion: 4D
Search: 3D+2
Sneak: 5D

Brawling: 7D
Climbing/Jumping: 4D
Lifting: 9D
Stamina: 5D

Armor Repair: 3D+1
Computer Programming/Repair: 3D+
Demolitions: 5D
Equipment Repair: 4D
Security: 4D

Special Abilities:
Military Training: All Clones undergo intensive military training throughout their formative years.
Questionable Obedience: Clone Force 99 operates outside the normal chains of command and will question the orders of their superiors.
Heavy Lifting: Wrecker has a genetic mutation that allows for extreme strength. He can lift extremely heavy objects with a difficult Strength roll.

Force Sensitive: N
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 22
Move: 10

Equipment: DC-17 blaster pistol (3D+2), Z-6 rotary blaster cannon (5D), Rocket launcher (6D), Commando knife (Str+2), DC-17MBR (5D+2), Wrecker’s Commando Armor ( +2D to resist all damage, -1D Dexterity, -1 Move)

Background: Wrecker was a clone commando who served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars as part of Clone Force 99. Due to genetic mutations, Wrecker was much larger and stronger than the average clone trooper. He loved blowing things up and served as his squad’s muscle and demolitions expert, nicknamed the “Bad Batch.” Wrecker lived through many dangerous missions during the Clone Wars, including the Battle of Anaxes in the last year of the war. He and his squad mates were partaking in the Conquest of Kaller when Order 66 was initiated. As Wrecker, Hunter, Tech, and Echo remained unaffected (Crosshair was affected but had some level of resistance to the order), they watched with much confusion as their clone brothers turned on the Jedi.

Upon returning to Kamino, the squad was apprehensive about the new Galactic Empire being established and the clones’ complete loyalty to the new regime. Although Crosshair, after having his inhibitor programming modified to give maximum loyalty to the Empire, Crosshair chose to stay and serve the Empire. Wrecker and the others, joined by the young clone Omega, decided to run. Tracked by the Empire and with no other resources, the Bad Batch became mercenaries for the Mantellian Trandoshan Ciddarin “Cid” Scaleback.

Soon after, Hunter was captured by the Empire, forcing the clones to return to Kamino. They witnessed the destruction of the Kaminoan capital, Tipoca City, and were thought to have died during the attack. However, Wrecker, the other members of the Bad Batch, and Omega survived and remained mercenaries while trying to avoid the attention of the Empire.

Wrecker’s Commando Armor (TBB S2)

Model: Wrecker’s Commando Armor (as of The Bad Batch Season 2)
Type: Modified Heavy Combat Armor
Scale: Character
Cost: Not available for sale
Availability: Unique
Armor Protection: +2D to resist damage (Torso, Forward only below the waist) (No Dexterity penalties)
Game Notes:

  • Prototype Commando Helmet
  • Polarized lenses to prevent flash blinding
  • Voice activated comlink
  • Heads Up Display with GPS (if available)
  • Targeting reticule, +1D to ranged weapon skill checks
  • Friend or Foe system
  • Electrobinocular viewplate with night-vision (50-100/200/500, +1D modifier to visual perception rolls at 100+ meters, can see in near total darkness up to 60 meters)
  • Filtration system protects wearer from toxic environments
  • Chronometer
  • Vibroblade and sheath (STR+2D)
  • Backpack used to carry specialized equipment, additional ammo, explosives, medical gear, rations and survival gear.

Details: Wrecker shed his body glove and some of his armor in season 2 to improve his dexterity skills.

Appearances: The Clones Wars, The Bad Batch

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