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Pabu City

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Name: Pabu City
Planet: Pabu
Starport Type: Limited Services
Traffic: Very Light
Control: Local Government
Docking Areas: Landing pad
Docking Fee: No cost
Customs: None
Law Enforcement: Local Enforcement
Services: Minor Repair, Fuel, Cargo offloading, Limited Lodging
Population: 100,000
Points of Interest: Upper Pabu, Lower Pabu, Archium

Background: Pabu City, known locally as Upper Pabu and Lower Pabu, was situated on a tropical island along a underwater mountain range on the planet of the same name. It was led by its mayor, Shep Hazard, and its inhabitants were mostly made up of refugees from the Clone Wars. Although it had limited resources, Pabu provided a friendly atmosphere for refugees that was free of the presence of the Galactic Empire. It was regarded by Phee Genoa as her “home away from home.” Upper Pabu was protected by a large seawall due to historic sea surges do the quakes. Lower Pabu was vulnerable to the surges which led the city to develop an early warning system to alert the residents of the danger and to evacuate to higher ground. One of the city structures was the Archium which held cultural relics from the refugees as well as other valuables.

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