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The Bad Batch Episode S01E08 Reunion

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In Imperial Service

The episode opens with Crosshair and his Elite Squad Troopers entering a room in Tipoca City where Vice Admiral Rampart warns Prime Minister Lama Su that he expects to be apprised of all matters here. Crosshair reports that scrappers on Bracca have reported a power surge on a Jedi cruiser. Rampart suggests sending a scout team but Crosshair replies that they need more than that due to the presence of Clone Force 99.

Lama Su advises Rampart that Clone Force 99 are highly skilled assets and that it will be beneficial to have them returned alive. Rampart is not interested in a group of rogue clone troopers and orders Crosshair to terminate them. Crosshair complies and dons his helmet before leaving.

A Lesson In Explosives

On Bracca, Wrecker is showing Omega how to disassemble a thermal explosive. He explains that there are tons of ordnance in the junkyard. If she trips on one, she will have to know how to disable it. Omega thinks it seems simple enough. Wrecker gives her an improvised explosive to disable within ten seconds. Omega cuts one of the cables and also cuts a second yellow cable, which fails to disable the bomb. The two run and take cover.

Instead of exploding, the bomb releases smoke. Wrecker laughs that it is just a smoke bomb. He reassures her that he would not have trained her with a light explosive. Echo tells Wrecker and Omega that Hunter wants to see them. He asks how the test went. Omega doesn’t want to talk about it. Wrecker reassures her that he failed his first disassembly test and that with his help, she will do well.

Trouble With The Scrappers

The clones are being watched by three scrappers who take up position amidst the wreckage. Echo and Wrecker spot the scrappers with Echo telling them to stay casual. The clones pursue the scrappers and manage to stun two. One of them escapes on the repulsorlift, which Wrecker clings on to. Echo tells Hunter and Tech that they encountered three scrappers and that Wrecker is pursuing one of them. Tech remarks this is not comforting. Hunter tells Echo to keep his eyes on the target.

Meanwhile, the scrapper attempts to shake Wrecker off by jerking the repulsorlift. Wrecker narrowly avoids a falling box of tools. The scrapper manages to shake him off by maneuvering through a tight corner but Echo stuns him, causing him to crash his repulsorlift into an obstacle. Omega asks Wrecker if he is alright. Wrecker says he was just waiting to make his move.

Later, the clones gather with the captured scrapper. Echo says that Rex warned them about the scrapper patrols on and opines that they should leave. Hunter disagrees, saying that they need to make money and that Bracca offers them a lot of opportunities. Wrecker disagrees with Hunter. Hunter asks Tech about the potential haul inside the Venator-class Star Destroyer. Tech says that his scans indicate that the armory and artillery bay have not been fully offloaded. He believes that the dianogas must have kept the scrappers away.

Treasure Hunt

Hunter hopes to use a few of those weapons to clear their debts with Cid. Echo says they are soldiers and not smugglers. Hunter points out that there is no Galactic Republic for them to rely on anymore. He believes they should seize opportunity. Tech adds that the intelligence from the bridge’s central system has the potential to be worth far more than any weapon. Wrecker grumbles. Hunter sends Tech to the bridge to gather any intelligence they can find. When Omega asks about the stunned prisoners, Hunter says that they will grab what they need and be gone before the scrappers wake up.

Omega, Hunter, Wrecker and Echo enter the munitions depot. Omega finds a crate of explosives and informs a delighted Wrecker. Wrecker shows her a locked compartment containing several proton torpedoes. As Wrecker handles a weapon, Omega asks if he can show her how to arm it. Wrecker apologizes that it belongs to him. Tech contacts Omega via comlink, telling her that he needs her on the bridge. Wrecker kisses the weapon while Omega walks away.

Hunter and Echo transport a crate of weapons. Hunter hopes to pay their debts to Cid but Echo says they would not have had to worry if they had followed Rex. Hunter replies that Rex is on a different path from them. Echo says that they are soldiers and thinks that they don’t have another path.

Outside, some avians fly near Omega enters the bridge where Tech has discovered that the ship’s data imprint is still intact. He is transferring the files but says he still needs to copy the master drive. He tells Omega the master drive is under the panel. While peering outside the viewport at the wrecked Star Destroyers, Omega asks Tech what the war was like. Tech describes that war as a primary mission objective comprised of battles on various fronts. Omega asks what it was like but Tech says he just told her.

Imperial Hunters

Just then, the proximity sensor begins beeping. Tech explains that it signals when there is an approaching vessel but dismisses the alarm as a short circuit. Just then several ships fly over the cruiser’s bridge. Tech warns Hunter via comlink that they have company. Three Nu-class attack/transport shuttles land. When Hunter asks if it is more scrappers, Tech replies that it is the Empire.

Back at Tipoca City, Nala Se meets with Prime Minister Lama Su, who tells them that they can no longer delay. He explains that the Empire’s mission on Bracca poses a threat to their contingency plan. Lama Su fears that he will have to call on assistance. Nala Se asks whether they should since they already have someone handling matters. Lama Su says that as long as one of the bounty hunters delivers the young clone intact, that should be all that concerns them.

On Bracca, the Bad Batch watch from the bridge as Crosshair disembarks from his ship with a contingent of clone troopers and Elite Squad Troopers. Tech says that Crosshair won’t be able to sense them since he is blocking their sensors. Hunter replies that won’t stop Crosshair and leads them out of the bridge.

Meanwhile, Crosshair inspects the assembled clone troopers. ES-04 says that the cruiser was the source of the power surge detected. ES-02 asks if there were any life signs aboard. ES-03 says he can’t tell since the scanner is not working due to atmospheric interference. Crosshair realizes they are being jammed and that their targets are still aboard. He orders the one of the clone troopers to take a shuttle and find their ship. The clone trooper leads a squad aboard the shuttle while the rest converge on the Jedi cruiser.

The Bad Batch and Omega gather in a hallway. Echo asks how many troopers they are dealing with. Tech says they are facing three attack shuttles’ worth of troopers. Wrecker says that they have already got what they wanted and proposes returning to the Havoc Marauder. Hunter says that the Imperials are already aboard the cruiser and that they need a covert away out. Echo says that the clones will do a forward-to-aft sweep and suggests doing alternate corridors.

The clone trooper CT-8508 informs Commander Crosshair that they found no one aboard the Havoc Marauder. Crosshair orders the clone trooper and his men to secure the perimeter. Meanwhile, Hunter leads the clones through a hallway. Tech tells him that he is trying to tap into the regulars’ comms so that they can monitor their movements. Sensing movement, the Bad Batch hide in a smaller corridor while several clone troopers walk by.

Tech is able to tap into their signals and learns that Crosshair has ordered all squads to push the targets towards the hangar so that they can pin them down. Omega asks if they are heading out through the hangar. Hunter changes plans and decides that they should head out through the artillery decks. The Bad Batch reach the artillery decks, which overlooks a deep valley full of wreckage. Wrecker is fearful of the deep height and says they are not getting out that way.

Skirmish In The Artillery Deck

A squad of regular clone troopers catches up with them. ES-04 orders them to stand down. Crosshair reveals that he expected them to tap into their comms to figure out their movement. Wrecker sarcastically greets Crosshair. Tech tells Echo to reroute the reserve power to the laser cannons. Echo says that if they fire the cannons, the decks will collapse. Tech says this is part of their plan.

Crosshair dismisses his former Bad Batch comrades for scavenging like rats. When Hunter asks why they are hunting them down, Crosshair replies that the Bad Batch are traitors. He and ES-04 order the regular clone troopers to move into position. As the clones surround the Hunter and Omega, Hunter appeals to Crosshair to wake up because he is being controlled by an inhibitor chip. Omega adds that he is telling the truth and says that the Kaminoans put chips in all the clones. Omega pleads with Crosshair but he orders his troops to aim for the “kid.” Hunter tells Crosshair that his issue is with him.

Wrecker tells Tech to hurry up. Tech manages to power up the weapon just as Crosshair orders Hunter to drop the weapon. They fire the laser weapon. Hunter takes advantage of the shock to shoot several clone troopers. As the gun battle rages, the artillery deck begins to fall apart. Omega also fires her Zygerrian energy bow, taking down one of the clone troopers. Amidst the chaos, Wrecker hurls two regular clone troopers over the artillery deck. He then carries the ammunition he had obtained.

The Bad Batch find their path blocked by an elite trooper who fires a flamethrower. Wrecker throws the proton torpedo at the trooper, scoring a direct hit. Tech leads the Bad Batch into the ion engine chamber, which he describes as their alternative egress off the cruiser.

Escaping The Ion Engine

As the clones navigate their way through the chamber, Crosshair wakes up and continues the search. When he requests a status report, a clone trooper informs him that the fugitives are avoiding the choke points. Crosshair orders that a shuttle be brought to the artillery decks. ES-04 says that they must be heading to the aft. He orders her to go to the bridge and await his orders. A shuttle soon arrives and opens its front loading ramp for Crosshair.

Meanwhile, the Bad Batch navigate their way through the ion engine chamber, sliding through the various panels and levels. Echo expresses surprise about their plan. Omega tells Wrecker that she has never been inside an ion engine. Wrecker replies that it would have been weirder had she been inside one. Tech describes the ion chambers as an engineering marvel and talks about the blast primary coating. Wrecker says nobody cares and shoves Tech along. As Hunter approaches the end of the engine chamber, he avoids a blaster bolt from Crosshair.

Crosshair taunts the Bad Batch that they are surrounded. The attack shuttle lands and deploys several troops. Hunter orders a retreat but the Bad Batch then hear the engines coming online. Echo says that is not possible. Tech admits that he restored the ship’s main power core when he accessed the central system, which means the engines can be activated. Omega wonders Crosshair would kill his former comrades. Echo asks how much time they have left. Tech says less than two minutes.

ES-04 continues firing up the engines, which releases a blue flare. When Omega asks what they should do, Wrecker asks about Plan 7. Echo says that Plan 7 has nothing to do with their situation. Wrecker expresses frustration. Hunter asks about using one of their explosive to disable the engine. Tech replies that it won’t cause a big enough reaction to affect the thermal chamber. However, he opines that if they place a series of explosives around the cone, they may be able to break away from the cylinder while destabilizing the core. Omega fears falling all the way down but Hunter says they have no other choice if they want to avoid being incinerated.

Hunter tells everyone to take an explosive. He tells Tech and Omega to come up top with him. The Bad Batch and Omega get to work and begin planting explosives around the cone. Meanwhile, Crosshair receives word that the engines are ready. He orders ES-04 to engage the engines, which unleash a blue flame. However, the explosives tear the cone from the rest of the engine, saving the Bad Batch while scattering Crosshair and his troops. The Bad Batch are scattered while Crosshair orders ES-04 to turn the engine off.

Echo tells Hunter that he and his group landed on the portside. Hunter replies that he and Omega landed by the engine and that they have company. An attack shuttle begins bombarding the engine. Hunter tells the Bad Batch to meet back at the Marauder. Several clone troopers land and recover the wounded Crosshair. Before the clone trooper can secure a medic, Crosshair warns him that the Bad Batch are heading back to their ship. The clone contacts CT-8508 and asks if he has secured the enemy ship. However, the clone trooper and his squad have already been taken out by an unknown assailant.

Enter Cad Bane

Reaching the Havoc Marauder, Hunter and Omega discover several fallen clone troopers. Omega asks what happened but Hunter signals for silence. Hunter realizes that somebody has been here and that this was not the scrappers’ work. The two encounter the Duros bounty hunter Cad Bane, who remarks that it wasn’t much work. Hunter tells Omega to get behind him. Bane exits the Marauder with his droid Todo 360. He raises his hat and tells Hunter that he has become an expert at taking down clones.

Hunter replies that he is in for a surprise. Omega remarks that Bane is a bounty hunter. Bane quips that she is smart and says that the kid has got it all figured out. Todo 360 says that they are in trouble. Hunter asks who hired them but Bane says that is confidential information. He demands that Hunter hand over Omega. Hunter replies that Omega is with them and is not going anywhere. Bane says that is unfortunate for him and fingers a weapon.

Hunter reaches for his weapon and the two men face each other down for a shootout. Bane fires first, knocking Hunter to the ground with several shots. Todo 360 laughs. A despondent Omega rushes to Hunter. Omega aims her energy bow at Bane but Todo 30 knocks it out of her hand. Bane apologizes to Omega before stunning her.

Bittersweet Escape

Meanwhile, Imperial medics tend to the wounded Crosshair. A Nu-class attack shuttle lands and the regular clones say that the fugitives are on the run. Despite the burns to his face, Crosshair demands that he come aboard the shuttle for the hunt.

Back at the Havoc Marauder, Echo wakes up the wounded Hunter. Wrecker asks where is Omega while Echo finds that Hunter has been shot in the chest plate. Tech says they have to get him aboard the Marauder. The Bad Batch exchange fire with clone troopers as the wounded Hunter is carried aboard the ship. After Wrecker lifts his helmet, Hunter tells Wrecker that a bounty hunter took Omega and that they have to find her.


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