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Crosshair’s Elite Armor

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Model: Crosshair’s Elite Armor
Type: Military armor
Scale: Character
Cost: Not available for sale
Availability: Unique
Armor Protection: +2D physical, +1D energy, -1D Dexterity and related skills.
Game Notes:

  • Modified Helmet
  • Polarized lenses to prevent flash blinding
  • Voice activated comlink
  • Heads Up Display with GPS (if available)
  • Advanced Targeting reticule, +3D to ranged weapon skill checks
  • Electrobinocular viewplate with night-vision (50-100/200/500, +1D modifier to visual perception rolls at 100+ meters, can see in near total darkness up to 60 meters)
  • Filtration system protects wearer from toxic environments
  • Climate controlled body glove allows operation in uncomfortably cold or warm climates and allows up to 20 minutes exposure to the vacuum of space.
  • Backpack used to carry specialized equipment, additional ammo, explosives, medical gear, rations, Blaster Bolt Reflective Discs, and survival gear.

Background: A version of the Elite Squad Trooper’s armor was worn by Crosshair, and was therefore similar to the design of his old Katarn-class Commando Armor though less resistant to energy damage. Aside from the new armor, CT-9904 continued to use the 773 Firepuncher rifle and a DC-17 hand blaster, weapons which had served him during his time as a sniper in Clone Force 99.

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