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Ahsoka – S01E08 – The Jedi, The Witch, and The Warlord

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The Ritual

Morgan Elsbeth reports to Grand Admiral Thrawn at the fortress on Peridea, informing him that the cargo transfer is complete. Thrawn then requests Captain Enoch to bring the Eye of Sion down from high orbit to begin the interlocking procedure. Captain Enoch informs Thrawn that com-scan has located Ahsoka Tano’s Jedi shuttle. Thrawn ordered two TIE fighters to be dispatched to intercept the shuttle if it was found.

Elsbeth believes that the Jedi won’t be able to stop them. Thrawn advises her not to underestimate the Jedi, as he has seen many Imperial officers make that mistake with the Rebellion. Thrawn admits to falling victim to the heroics of a single Jedi in the past, and he vows not to repeat that mistake.

Thrawn expresses his gratitude to the Great Mothers for their alliance. The Mothers thank Thrawn and Elsbeth and reward Elsbeth with the “gift of shadows.” They ask her to pledge to the sisterhood, magicks, and the “old ways.” Elsbeth agrees and promises to abandon her old life. One of the Great Mothers places her hands on Elsbeth’s forehead, causing her eyes to glow. The three Mothers use their powers to forge a sword called the Blade of Talzin and gift it to Elsbeth. Thrawn watches as two TIEs exit the Chimaera’s hangar as the klaxons ring.

Ezra’s lightsaber

The Jedi shuttle is currently hovering above a Noti caravan convoy. Onboard, Ezra Bridger is putting together his new lightsaber with Huyang’s assistance. Bridger believes the blade emitter is too narrow, but Huyang disagrees and claims to be more experienced. Bridger explains that they don’t have time for lessons since they must go after Thrawn, but Huyang believes building a lightsaber cannot be rushed. Bridger becomes impatient and starts rummaging through Huyang’s workshop, which annoys the droid. However, when Bridger insists that he has his system, Huyang disagrees.

When Huyang inquires about who taught Bridger how to build his lightsaber, Sabine Wren mentions Kanan Jarrus. Bridger reveals that Jarrus was his master and taught him everything he knows about being a Jedi. Huyang responds by explaining that he taught Jarrus how to build a lightsaber. He also mentions that he taught every Jedi youngling in the Jedi Temple, including Jarrus. Huyang recalls Caleb Dume and how he was clever, curious, and shy due to the troubled times. When Bridger asks how old Huyang is, the droid responds that he is old enough to know that life can be challenging and meaningful.

Huyang hands Bridger a lightsaber emitter, explaining that it is a spare that he has kept for Jarrus. Huyang believes that Bridger should have it since he was Jarrus’ Padawan. Bridger ignites the blue-bladed lightsaber, which impresses Huyang. However, he finds she has left the room before Bridger can practice with Wren.

When Bridger asks about Wren’s relationship with Tano, Huyang explains that Tano became concerned that Wren was training for the wrong reasons after the Great Purge of Mandalore. The Purge killed hundreds of thousands, including Wren’s family. At the time, Tano feared that if Wren unlocked her full potential, she would become dangerous.

Master and Apprentice

Wren steps off the Jedi shuttle’s docking rig and spots Tano meditating on the hull. When Tano inquires if she is happy with the outcome, Wren responds that she is relieved. Tano acknowledges that Wren’s risk paid off, and Wren realizes that Tano knows about her agreement with Baylan Skoll. After Wren mentions that she could locate Bridger, Tano suggests that it might not have occurred if Wren had chosen differently. Wren apologizes for not destroying the star map, but Tano understands her reasoning.

Wren notices that Tano is not upset. Tano explains that she has faced her fair share of tough decisions. Except for her late master, Anakin Skywalker, most individuals did not comprehend her motives. Tano recalls how Skywalker supported her when no one else did and assures Wren that she will be there for her no matter what occurs next. Tano then inquires if Wren has continued her training. Wren hesitantly admits that she has improved her control with her lightsaber. Tano informs Wren that being a Jedi encompasses more than wielding a lightsaber. She also advises the Mandalorian to exercise her mind and body and trust the Force.

TIE Attack

Bridger emerges from the docking rig with his new lightsaber. However, the peaceful moment is interrupted by two Imperial TIE fighters attacking the Jedi shuttle. The ship’s stabilizers are damaged, and Bridger and Tano are forced to jump to safety on the grassy plains while Wren stays with Huyang inside the cockpit.

Using their Force powers, Bridger and Tano hold back the damaged ship so that the Noti underneath can escape before the TIE fighters return for a second attack. Unfortunately, the TIEs blast a Noti caravan, causing even more chaos. Wren convinces Huyang to launch a frontal attack on the TIEs, and the Jedi shuttle collides with the starfighters, sending them crashing onto the grassy prairies. The Noti celebrate, but the Jedi shuttle suffers a belly landing nearby. Huyang and Wren evacuate the ship while the Noti tend to their wounded and dead. Bridger remarks that the attack will slow them down, but Wren reminds him it only will if they let it.

At the fortress, Enoch informs Thrawn that the TIEs attacked the Jedi shuttle before losing contact. Despite losing the TIEs, Thrawn considers it a successful outcome and rewards their captain with a citation. Enoch presents Thrawn with the coordinates of the skirmish on the holoprojector, and Thrawn declares that the TIE attack has weakened their enemies’ ability to attack or leave Peridea. He orders Enoch to prepare for an immediate ground assault.


As the Jedi shuttle undergoes repairs by Huyang and the Noti, Tano, Wren, and Bridger mount howlers and head towards Thrawn and his allies. Huyang expresses his hope that the Force will be with them. Meanwhile, Elsbeth and the Great Mothers bless a group of night troopers in preparation for the upcoming ground assault on the Chimaera. When Thrawn inquires about the volunteers’ awareness of the Nightsisters’ blessing, Elsbeth confirms that they are aware and willing to sacrifice themselves for the Galactic Empire and the security of the galaxy.

The Jedi and Sabine arrive at the outskirts of the Nightsister fortress just as Thrawn begins docking the Chimaera with the Eye of Sion hyperspace ring. Bridger realizes Thrawn’s intention to take his Star Destroyer with him. Tano asks Huyang for updates on the repairs, but Huyang can only assure her that he and the Noti are doing their best despite no guarantees. Bridger explains the situation to Tano, stating that Thrawn has awakened the Great Mothers and rebuilt his warship, making it dangerous to confront him alone. Tano offers reassurance that Bridger is not alone.

Into the Fold

Tano suggests attempting to enter through the front door while Wren prepares herself by putting on her helmet. A navigator droid informs Thrawn, Elsbeth, and Enoch that com-scan has detected two targets approaching from the north. Thrawn orders his forces to attack the Jedi and Wren, stating that Skywalker’s apprentice is beyond reasoning. As the three approach the hyperspace ring, the Chimaera’s turbolasers rain down laser fire on them. Despite the bombardment, the trio used their force abilities to open the round stony gate and breach the fortress.

Thrawn orders the Night Troopers to be deployed in the command center while he notifies the Great Mothers. The Night Troopers descend the stairs and converge on the intruders. Sabine and Bridger deflect their blasts with their lightsabers while Wren switches to her blaster. Working together, they defeat the Night Troopers. Meanwhile, the Great Mothers chant in an unknown language and use their Magick to reanimate the fallen Night Troopers. Thrawn watches the ritual.

Tano, Wren, and Bridger fight the undead Night Troopers while advancing upstairs. Despite shooting the Night Troopers, they cannot stop the undead Imperials. Bridger tells Tano that this is the first time he has encountered this Magick. A Night Trooper grabs Bridger, and Wren saves him by impaling the undead Imperial with her lightsaber. The trio manages to escape the undead Imperials by sealing the blast doors. Tano informs Bridger that Wren has been training.

Outside, the Eye of Sion attaches clamps onto the Chimaera. Since the Jedi advance quickly, Thrawn tells Elsbeth they need more time. Elsbeth says she understands and bows silently. Thrawn declares that they are doing it for the Empire. After Thrawn, his soldiers, and the Great Mothers leave, Elsbeth vows that she is doing it for Dathomir and exits the Star Destroyer’s hangar. Meanwhile, the undead Night Troopers rush upstairs through the blast doors. Bridger closes a second blast door with his lightsaber.

Nightsister Battle

In a large chamber, the Jedi and Wren come across Elsbeth. Tano instructs Wren and Bridger to pursue Thrawn while she duels the Nightsister, who wields Talzin’s sword. As Wren and Bridger maneuver around Elsbeth, Tano fights her with both lightsabers while Elsbeth uses her magical sword. Elsbeth proves to be a formidable opponent. Meanwhile, Bridger and Wren face two Night Troopers at the fortress’s peak, who gain the advantage.

Thrawn and the Great Mothers arrive at the Eye of Sion’s bridge, where a navigator droid reports that their course is locked in. Thrawn commands the departure. As Elsbeth advances towards Tano, Wren struggles with an undead Night Trooper, who removes her helmet and pushes her against a pillar with runes. The second Night Trooper throws Bridger to the ground. Bridger fights back with his fists, and Wren attempts to levitate her lightsaber using the Force. She manages to incapacitate one Night Trooper by skewering its head with her lightsaber and distracts the second long enough for Bridger to behead it with his lightsaber.

Bridger and Wren cannot make it to the Chimaera’s hangar on time despite their efforts. Meanwhile, the undead Night Troopers join Elsbeth in her fight against Tano. As two Night Troopers aim their blasters at Bridger and Wren, Wren suggests using her latent Force powers to push Bridger, who can pull her onto the Star Destroyer. Bridger initially hesitates, but Wren convinces him to try. Bridger jumps using the Force, and Wren pushes him. Although it appears that Bridger falls, he manages to grab onto a ladder and pull an Imperial sentry down with him. Wren shoots the second sentry.

Chimaera escape

As Wren prepares to join Bridger, she is suddenly distracted by her master, Tano’s battle against the undead Night Troopers. Sabine duels with Elsbeth at the fortress’s peak. Elsbeth damages one of Sabine’s white lightsabers, and the Night Troopers surround them. However, Sabine soon gains the upper hand and taunts Tano, claiming that her friends are dead and she will die alone on Peridea. Wren disagrees and joins the fight, attacking the Night Troopers with her lightsaber. Tano also joins in, reinvigorated. After a brief parry, she kills Elsbeth by slicing her across the waist with her remaining lightsaber. The Great Mothers sense the death of their sister, and Thrawn acknowledges that she did her duty.

Meanwhile, Bridger uses his comlink to impersonate the fallen Night Trooper LS-757. When Tano asks about Bridger’s whereabouts, Wren informs her that he is on board the Chimaera. Thrawn orders the Star Destroyer’s turbolaser batteries to bombard the fortress, and the undead Night Troopers pursue Tano and Wren to the edge of a cliff. However, the two manage to escape on Tano’s Jedi shuttle, piloted by Huyang, as the fortress crumbles.

Tano and Wren join Huyang in the cockpit and divert power to the engines. They pursue the Eye of Sion and Chimaera into Peridea’s upper atmosphere. Thrawn receives a notification from the navigator droid that the Jedi shuttle is closing in. He opens a channel to Tano, thanking her for being a worthy opponent. Thrawn reveals that he knew Tano’s late Master and believes their strategies were similar. He wonders what Tano would have become had she stayed with the Jedi and opines she belongs on Peridea as a ronin. Thrawn declares victory for the Empire, saying, “Long live the Empire,” before the Eye of Sion jumps with the Chimaera into the pathway back to their galaxy. The intergalactic hyperspace jump creates a massive surge of energy, leaving Tano and Wren disappointed at their failure to stop Thrawn from escaping Peridea.

A New Path

Later, Tano and Wren returned to the Noti convoy with their howler steeds, Huyang, and Jedi shuttle. The Noti were thrilled to see their allies return and gathered around Tano and Wren. While Tano spotted Morai, the force-sensitive convor, in the distance, Shin Hati rode towards a camp of red bandits and drew their attention with her ignited lightsaber. Baylan Skoll reached two statues of the Father and the Son and stared at the mountains beyond.

Meanwhile, Thrawn and Enoch, and the Great Mothers watched from a balcony as the Eye of Sion and the Chimaera approached Dathomir. The Star Destroyer’s hangar stored various coffins from the catacombs of Peridea.

In another location, General Hera Syndulla, Chopper, and several armed New Republic soldiers, officers, and crew, including First Officer Vic Hawkins and Beyta, converged on an Eta-class shuttle that landed in the hangar of Home One. A lone Night Trooper emerged with his hands raised, but when Chopper spoke in Binary and approached him, the figure revealed himself to be a disguised Ezra Bridger. Syndulla was surprised and pleased to see her friend had come home.

On Peridea, Wren and Tano spent time alone outside the Noti camp. Wren told her master they were almost packed, and Tano reassured her that she did well. Although Wren was upset that Thrawn had escaped, Tano pointed out that they managed to send Bridger home. Wren hoped that Bridger succeeded, but Tano responded that Bridger was where he needed to be, as were they. As they watched the night sky, Wren sensed something hopeful but did not elaborate. Tano stared into the night sky before rejoining Wren at the damp. The Force spirit of Anakin Skywalker watched over them.



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