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Ahsoka – S01E07 – Part Seven: Dreams and Madness

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The Court Martial of General Syndulla

In a courtroom on Coruscant, General Hera Syndulla is surrounded by Chancellor Mon Mothma, Senator Hamato Xiono, Chopper, Captain Carson Teva, and other senators and military personnel. Xiono expresses concern about Syndulla’s behavior, stating that as a General of the New Republic Defense Force, she cannot act as if she is still part of the Rebellion. He emphasizes the importance of following rules and laws, which Syndulla appears to be bending to suit her agenda.

When questioned about her actions, Syndulla explains that she was doing her best to defend the people of the New Republic. Xiono reminds her that she disobeyed orders, but Syndulla argues that she protected the New Republic by doing so. This statement causes concern among the senators and officials present. Mothma asks Xiono if they agree that an incident occurred on Seatos. However, Xiono dismisses Syndulla’s report as made-up, expressing disbelief at mentioning Jedi, “false Jedi,” star maps, purrgil, and far-off galaxies.

During a conversation with Syndulla, Xiono refuses to believe that Morgan Elsbeth is leading an organized effort by the Imperial Remnant. Xiono claims that there is no coordination between the scattered Imperial forces and denies the existence of the Imperial Remnant altogether. When Teva asks about recent events on Mandalore, Xiono dismisses Moff Gideon as a lone warlord and denies any conspiracy against the New Republic. Syndulla warns Xiono that this may change if Thrawn returns and questions his indifference. Xiono quickly dismisses Syndulla as a general who misuses her position for personal gain and suggests that she be court-martialed for disobeying a direct order.

As the senators debate Hera’s disobedience, C-3PO arrives to represent Senator Leia Organa. He presented a data transcript that Senator Organa hoped would settle the issue. Although Xiono objects, Mothma instructs a staff member to prepare the transcript. C-3PO explains that the transcript shows Senator Organa authorized General Syndulla’s reconnaissance mission to Seatos and was unaware of Xiono’s opposition.

As Xiono objects that evidence from a droid cannot be accepted in court, Chopper expresses his disapproval through a whistle. However, Teva signals him to calm down. C-3PO then requests the senators to address their concerns regarding this matter to Organa, who leads the Defense Council. Chancellor Mothma believes that the data transcript is sufficient to resolve the issue. Xiono reluctantly withdraws the suggestion of a court-martial, and Mothma adjourns the hearing. Syndulla expresses her gratitude towards C-3PO, who responds with appreciation.

During a private conversation, Mothma confides in Syndulla that she is aware Organa did not initially approve of her mission. However, Syndulla assures her that Organa eventually did. Mothma then inquires about the actual threat level of Thrawn’s return. Syndulla advises the Chancellor that they must be ready for the worst while hoping for the best.

Attack Over Peridea

As Ahsoka Tano travels with the Purrgil Ultra through the Intergalactic Void, she uses her T-6 shuttle’s training room to practice with her lightsabers while watching a hologram of her late master, Anakin Skywalker. In the recording, Skywalker warns her about facing formidable adversaries such as General Grievous, Asajj Ventress, and Count Dooku. He advises her to practice her lightsaber forms, remember his teachings, and trust her instincts.

Huyang, the droid, observes Tano and mentions that Skywalker made around twenty recordings. Tano agrees that Skywalker was a good master. Huyang informs her that the purrgil’s journey is ending, as their speed is decreasing. Tano decides to find Sabine Wren and explains that they came with the enemy, so if they find the enemy, they will find Sabine. Huyang agrees but fears that the purrgil may have taken them to another galaxy or different world. Tano remains optimistic despite Huyang’s pessimism.

As the purrgil exits hyperspace, Huyang activates the scanner, and Tano senses something is wrong. They soon discover that the pod of purrgil has flown into an Imperial minefield. Huyang suggests steering the ship toward the planet Peridea, where the minefield ends. Although Huyang thinks the space whales will provide cover, the purrgil jump into hyperspace. Tano successfully avoids the space mines and spots Elsbeth’s Hyperspace transport ring, Eye of Sion. When the Eye of Sion deployed several starfighters, Tano navigated the ship through the debris field. During the chase, one of the enemy starfighters crashes into debris, destroying it.


As Thrawn enters the rotunda in the tower on Peridea, a hologram of Captain Enoch appears before him. Enoch informs Thrawn that a group of purrgils has triggered the minefield, just as Thrawn had predicted. They spotted a T-6 class Jedi shuttle among the creatures, meaning Tano might still be alive. Elsbeth then hands Thrawn a datapad with all the information from the Inquisitorial database about Tano, including that her master is General Anakin Skywalker.

Thrawn asks Enoch if they are sure there is only one starship, and Enoch confirms that they have engaged the target and pursued it into the debris field. Thrawn orders Enoch to withdraw the starfighters and to have them stand by outside the debris field until their target emerges. Elsbeth questions this decision, as it might allow their target to escape. However, Thrawn acknowledges that Jedi are skilled at hiding and must be careful. He believes they can outsmart Tano no matter what direction she takes. They will stay one step ahead of her and anticipate any potential threat she might pose.

The Daring Escape

The mercenary starfighters abandoned their pursuit, and Tano and Huyang landed on a decomposing purrgil rib cage. Tano deactivated all power, and Huyang questioned how the enemy knew of their arrival. Tano revealed that Thrawn was responsible for the attack. Huyang speculated that the enemy had already located Thrawn, and Tano concurred. Huyang volunteered to scan the area for Wren’s whereabouts.

Catching Up

A procession of Noti homes in the shape of pods moves slowly across a plain. Bridger and a Noti are piloting the largest one. The Noti disembarks, and Wren takes their place. As she climbs up, a young Noti child waves at her. Bridger informs Wren that he is still trying to process everything she has told him. Bridger asks if the Emperor perished at the Battle of Endor, and Wren responds that it’s what people have “said.”

Bridger also learns about the New Republic, Garazeb Orrelios training recruits, and Syndulla commanding a fleet. Wren mentions that it’s been a while since they last saw each other, and she had begun to think they would never find him. Bridger inquires how Wren managed to find him since she never divulged the information. Wren admits that it’s complicated. Bridger suggests that they talk about something else.

Wren shares with Bridger that Tano has taken her as an apprentice. Bridger congratulated her and remarked that it made sense as Wren had previous training. Bridger asks if Tano will come, but Wren has yet to respond. Bridger inquires if it’s complicated, and Wren nods. Meanwhile, on a hilltop, Skoll, Hati, and a group of red-armored bandits observe the procession on their howlers.


Three red witches enter the rotunda, seeking the assistance of the Great Mothers. Thrawn informs them that Tano is hiding in the purrgil graveyard and requests their help finding her. The Great Mothers release their hands, and three floating orbs move toward a holographic tactical display. The orbs emit red beams of light, connecting to form a triangle over the hologram while Elsbeth chants an incantation.

On Tano’s T-6, Huyang is unable to locate Wren. Tano reassures him there’s no need for a scan and instead calls out to Wren through the Force. When she suddenly feels Tano’s presence, Wren converses with Bridger about his relationship with the Noti. Great Mother Klothow smirks, having located Tano in the rotunda, and the red beams from the golden orbs converge into a T-shape, pinpointing her location—thrawn contacts Captain Enoch, who receives the coordinates and opens fire on Tano’s T-6.

Meanwhile, Wren is confused by the sudden change in Wren’s demeanor. Tano pilots the T-6 out of the purrgil graveyard, dodging the turbolasers raining down on them. They head towards Peridea. Thrawn compliments Enoch on his success and instructs him to have the fighter group re-engage the opponent. He explains that Tano will pursue Wren, whom they’ve wisely sent away from the area. Enoch’s hologram nods in agreement.

The Raid

On the rolling plains of Peridea, a Noti hunter notices two mounted figures in the distance. Bridger asks Wren if she knows them, but she denies any acquaintance. In the distance, Baylan Skoll instructs his apprentice Shin Hati to contact Thrawn and orders her to eliminate Wren and Bridger, taking her place in the upcoming Empire. When Hati asks for Skoll’s help, he tells her they have different paths and that her impatience will lead to defeat. Hati transmits Wren and Bridger’s location to Thrawn via comlink. Before she departs, Skoll gives her a final lesson.

Thrawn and Elsbeth are informed of Wren and Bridger’s whereabouts by Enoch. The Grand Admiral orders two gunships to assist the mercenaries. Unaware of Skoll’s true intentions, Thrawn expresses his confidence in Baylan’s capabilities. Two squads of Nightroopers board LAAT/le patrol gunships in the hangar of the Chimaera and fly towards the coordinates.

Meanwhile, the red bandits chase the Noti caravan, and Wren defends herself with gunfire. Bridger reveals that the Noti are a peaceful tribe without any weapons. Wren deduces that they are defenseless and manages to take down some bandits. Two caravans smash into one of the bandits who try to fling a spear at a Noti driver, while another bandit is driven away with stones. However, one of the bandits damages a Noti caravan’s repulsorlifts, causing it to crash.

Bridger decides to protect the stranded Noti and orders the caravans to encircle the stranded vehicle. Wren and Bridger exit their caravan and instruct the Noti to stay inside. In the skies above, Tano’s T-6 shuttle is pursued by three of Elsbeth’s starfighters. Skoll watches from a distance as Hati and the bandit leader approach on howlers while the remaining bandits circle the convoy. Bridger asks Wren about the human woman, another Force user and lightsaber duelist.

Tano Engages in the Battle

Tano wants to land her ship amid an attack, but Huyang reminds her that Jedi protocol prohibits landing during an attack. Tano ignores Huyang’s advice and lands safely on the plains of Peridea. Skoll meets her there, but when he draws his lightsaber, Tano responds by drawing her own. They engage in a fierce duel.

Meanwhile, Bridger and Wren face two bandits, using only his physical combat skills and the Force as his ally. Wren fights with both her blaster and her combat skills. A Noti helps by knocking out one of the bandits with a rock. Hati attacks Bridger from behind, dodging her strike and engaging her in physical combat. Wren impales a bandit with her lightsaber and joins Bridger in fighting Hati, who is now outnumbered.

Tano and Skoll are evenly matched throughout the battles, and Huyang leads the starfighters on a chase. When Tano asks Skoll if he’s disappointed to see her again, he tells her he cannot allow her to interfere. Despite their evenly matched skills, Tano and Skoll continue their intense duel.

Night Trooper Attack

As Thrawn’s gunships approached, Wren instructed Bridger to take down Hati. However, Hati used the Force to hurl Bridger against a caravan. Wren engaged Hati in a lightsaber duel while Tano and Skoll continued their fight. Skoll managed to gain the upper hand and knocked Tano to the ground. However, Tano could deflect Skoll’s blade with one of her lightsabers. When Skoll told her she couldn’t beat him, Tano replied that she didn’t have to win.

Huyang flew the T-6 shuttle and strafed the ground, causing Tano and Skoll to scatter. Huyang led the fighters away while Tano took advantage of the smoke to escape. Skoll continued with his quest in silence. Meanwhile, Bridger reassured one of the Noti that he was fine and instructed them to take shelter. The two gunships landed near the convoy and dispatched several armed Night troopers while an Imperial drone circled above.

Back at the fortress, Thrawn ordered the two teams to use counter-encirclement tandem. Although Elsbeth was confident in their victory, Thrawn noticed that Skoll was missing. Elsewhere, Wren and Bridger fought against Hati. Wren used her flamethrower to drive off Hati. Night troopers encircled Bridger and Wren, and the Noti watched with fear and panic. Hati ordered the Imperials to destroy the fugitives. Bridger offered diplomacy, but Hati ordered the Night troopers to shoot. Before they could, Tano rode into the convoy on Skoll’s howler.

A skirmish ensued, and Hati attacked Tano with her lightsaber. Tano used the Force to throw Hati to the ground. From above, Huyang remarked that his friends were back together and hoped they could survive the skirmish. Wren fought several Night troopers, taking down several with physical combat and her blaster. Bridger battled with the Imperials, using his Force powers and a stolen blaster. Wren hurled a grenade at three Night troopers, scattering them.


Thrawn observes the battle grid and praises the Jedi’s combat skills. He recalls the gunships and ends the aerial pursuit, which surprises Elsbeth. Thrawn justifies his actions by stating that the losses were acceptable without Lord Baylan’s presence. Despite Elsbeth’s objections, Thrawn views the fight with Tano as a success in the grand scheme. He reveals that the skirmish was distracting while transferring cargo from the Nightsister catacombs onto the Chimaera. Thrawn believes they can leave the forsaken world once the transfer is completed, and that time is now on their side.

As the Imperial drone departs, the surviving Imperials retreat. Wren shoots a Night trooper retreating while the others board their gunships. Tano tries to persuade Hati to surrender and offers help, but Hati gives a tense and pained look before fleeing on her howler. Wren wants to pursue her, but Tano signals for her not to.


Tano was overjoyed to discover that Wren had survived and immediately embraced Bridger. The trio laughed together with happiness. When Bridger asked Wren if she believed Tano had passed away, Wren jokingly admitted she was mistaken. Huyang arrived in the T-6 shuttle, and Bridger presented Tano to him.

The leader of Noti communicated to his people that it was now safe to emerge. Bridger conversed with Wren and Tano and expressed his belief that he would soon return home. The Noti and the friends observed Tano’s T-6 shuttle circling overhead.


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