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Name: Dathomir
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type I (Breathable)
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Gravity: Below Standard
Terrain: Canyons, caves, cliffs, forests, hills, jungles, mountains, rivers, swamps, waterfalls, valleys
Length of Day: 24 Standard Hours
Length of Year: 491 Local Days
Sapient Species: Dathomirian, Human, Zabrak, Zeffo, Toydarian
Starport: None
Population: 8,000 (80% human, 17% Zabrak, 3% other)
Planet Function: Religious Cult
Government: Tribal
Tech Level: Stone Age
Trade Routes: None
Major Exports: Labor
Major Imports: Ore
Settlements: Nightsister lair, Nightbrother village, Aurilia, Blue Desert City, Science Outpost, Trade Outpost
Points of Interest: Brother’s Bastion, Cliffside Fortress, Collapsed Settlement, Dreaming River, Great Canyon, Halls of the Nydak, Hidden Cave, Misty Falls, Nardithi Cluster, Nightbrother arena, Nightbrother Dungeon, Nightmare Ruins, Red Hills, Singing Mountain, Strangled Cliffs, Upper Strangled Cliffs, Swamp of Sacrifice, The Haunted Lands, The Oteroan Sky crash site, Tomb of Kujet, Treacherous Approach, Witches Horn
Flora: Brula fruit, Bleeding Gut, Blue coral, Fire lichen, Fungus, Grave Thorn, Hydraatis, Mushling
Fauna: Bane back spider, Belonuk, Burra fish, Chirodactyl, Lizard, Nydak, Nydak Alpha, Rancor, The Sleeper, Snake, Sprantal, Veeka, Vursonk

System Data

Region: Outer Rim Territories
Sector: Quelli
System Name: Dathomir
Star Name: Domir
Star Type: Orange
Space Stations: Dathomir Station, Last Nav Station, Mining Outpost, Rancor Base

Story Locations

Nightsister Lair: A stone building built into the side of a mountain. The village inside was a group of scattered stone structures. Pools inside were filled with water vital to Nightsister rituals.

Nightsisters’ Altar: An altar located in the Nightsister lair on Dathomir.

Hidden Cave: Located in the Nightsister lair and was the home of Old Daka, who summoned the Army of the Dead to destroy the Separatist Droid Army which had attacked Dathomir. Normally accessible only by magick, the cave was breached during the battle when a commando droid blasted it with a rocket launcher. The destruction of the cave’s entrance allowed General Grievous to murder Daka and disrupt Mother Talzin’s voodoo torture of Count Dooku.

Nightbrother Village: A village where a group of Force-sensitive Dathomirian Zabrak Nightbrothers lived and trained on their homeworld of Dathomir. In 20 BBY, Count Dooku traveled to Dathomir to find a new Sith apprentice, and was recommended by Mother Talzin to choose a Nightbrother. However, unknown to Dooku, Talzin assigned Dooku’s former apprentice Asajj Ventress to travel to the village and select an apprentice that they could later use to sabotage Dooku. Ventress communed with Brother Viscus, the leader of the Nightbrothers, and then led the candidates through a series of tests to determine their new servant. Ventress selected Savage Opress, who left the village and was enhanced by magick and transformed into Dooku’s new apprentice. Before 19 BBY, the nightbrothers Ruul and Mak Eak, attempted to steal from a warehouse in the village. In 19 BBY, the village was destroyed in the Second Battle of Dathomir. The remaining Nightbrothers moved to another village.

Nightbrother Arena: Located nearby the Nightbrothers’ village on Dathomir. The ground was inlaid with large stone pillars that could be raised by the Nightsisters to test the Nightbrothers’ wits.

Background: Dathomir was a remote and uninviting world, although it was temperate and verdant, with a comfortable atmosphere despite its challenging ecosystem and dangerous predators. Perpetually bathed in a red mist, its terrain was one of contrasts, ranging from the murky swamps the Nightsisters lived in, to the harsh, barren rocks where the Nightbrothers found residence. Dathomir’s natural inhabitants were well-adapted to the planet’s harsh conditions and some, such as the rancor were famed for their combative skill.

Other native creatures included bane back spiders, large and aggressive arachnids that spat corrosive acid, and nydaks, bipedal predators with powerful arms that allowed them to easily traverse the landscape.

Among the most distinctive creatures native to Dathomir, however, was the chirodactyl, a gargantuan bat-like creature that used its massive wings to fly to dizzying heights and swoop down on unwary prey. One example of this species, Gorgara, was known by the native Nightbrothers as “the winged daemon of the canyon” and was particularly feared by them.

Dathomir also had aquatic life, such as the Burra fish, which was native to the planet. Fishing families on the planet Batuu cooked and cultivated the foreign Burra fish for consumption. Another aquatic creature, the Sleeper, was an ancient mollusk with two large lavender eyes, a carapace-covered body, antennae, and four appendages, and lived deep in the murky blue water within the Nightsister lair. The Sleeper was very important in Nightsister tradition as it had an ingredient vital in the Water of Life.

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