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Young Jedi Adventures – S01E24 – “The Starship Show” / “Nash’s Super Busy Day”

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“The Starship Show”

Reunion with Uncle Luggs
With permission from Jedi Master Zia Zaldor Zanna, the Jedi Initiates Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs accompany Nash Durango and RJ-83 to the Starship Show on Tenoo. Durango demonstrates her knowledge of starships by pointing out a Jamadorn Skybreaker, which is large enough to carry a rancor, and a Novalight Defender, which has some of the best ray shields in the Tenoo’s sector. Durango is interested in a shiny XD-7 speedster, one of the fastest ships in the galaxy.

Durango reunites with her uncle Luggs Neelo, whom she introduces to her Jedi friends. When Durango asks if she can fly the XD-7 speedster, Uncle Luggs declines and explains that it is a collector’s item. Neelo has also fitted a special lock around the cockpit. Durango also tells Luggs that her mothers have been working on a starship.

The starship heist
Unknown to the group, they are being spied upon by the Moldwarp thief Draiven Bosh, who instructs his droids K-2PL and R4-13 to steal the speedster at his signal. To distract Neelo and the others, he stages a Big Six wheel show. Bosh awards a human boy a bucket of bolts. Meanwhile, the K-2PL and R4-13 wheels of the hover platform carry the XD-7 speedster. Once the droids have moved the speedster away, Bosh ends the show and departs Kublop Springs with his droids. Bosh plans to travel offworld to a garage where they can remove the lock.

Neelo and the younglings are dismayed and shocked to discover the speedster has been stolen. Durango apologizes for leading them away from the starship, but Neelo takes responsibility for not being more careful. He hopes the thief doesn’t damage the starship.

Neelo then recalls that the stolen speedster’s lock had a hidden tracker function. He is dismayed to learn that the thieves have taken his ship offworld. Since Uncle Lugg’s ship is on the other side of Tenoo, Durango says that she and her Jedi friends will pursue the thieves in her starship Crimson Firehawk.

A den of thieves
Meanwhile, Bosh travels to an asteroid field. He parks his shuttle inside an asteroid hangar. While his two droids guard the ship, Bosh meets with the Ugnaught Eunice Ino and his two Massifs. Bosh tells Ino that he has come to seek his help to unlock the starshio’s lock. Ino warns that it won’t be cheap. Bosh offers to make a deal.

The younglings travel with Uncle Luggs to the asteroid field. They find the area littered with torn-up starships. Durango thinks it is a scrapper yard. Neelo panics Solay, reassuring him that he will be alright. Durango proposes they sneak into the scrapper yard and have Luggs fly the stolen ship out. Neelo refuses to fly it because he wants to maintain its pristine state. Durango confirms that the Firehawk is equipped with a tow cable. Neelo proposes that he infiltrate the garage and attach the tow cable so Durango can tow it out. Brightstar adds that he and his Jedi friends could distract the thieves.

Stealing back the Speedster
Putting their plan into action, the four infiltrate Eunice Ino’s garage. Brightstar recognizes the two droids as belonging to Bosh, while Solay recalls that Bosh had attempted to steal the Visitor Day’s sculpture to add to his collection. Nubs agrees in Poobian. The three Jedi younglings use their Force powers to distract the droids by knocking over a turret while Neelo attaches the tow cable. However, Neelo accidentally topples several crates with the tow cable, arousing the attention of the thieves.

With their cover exposed, the Jedi younglings draw their training lightsabers. Ino realizes that the Jedi and their friends must have placed a tracker on the stolen ship. Still determined to profit from the stolen ship, Ino dispatches his massif against the intruders. Ino and Bosh bring melee weapons to confront the intruders. While Solay and Nubs parry with the droids, one of the massifs rips apart the tow cable with its jaws. Neelo informs Durango that the cable is broken.

Before the massifs can attack Neelo, Solay uses her Force powers to calm and befriend the creatures. With the tow cable broken, Durango implores her uncle to fly the XD-7 speedster out of the hangar. While Neelo doesn’t want to damage the pristine starship, Durango counters that it was meant to be flown and that he won’t get it back if he doesn’t fly his ship. Listening to his niece, Neelo climbs into the cockpit. Durango then tells Brightstar and his friends about the change in plans and asks them to board the Firehawk.

Realizing that Neelo is planning to fly the speedster out, Ino orders that the blast doors be closed. The three Jedi younglings board the Firehawk before the gates close. Neelo manages to fly the speedster out of the garage by flipping the starship on its side but sustains some scratches. As the Jedi and their friends escape into space, Bosh laments the loss of his ill-gotten gain. Ino grumbles in the background.

Neelo is excited about flying the XD-7 speedster. Durango agrees that the ship was meant to be flown. They head back to Kublop Springs, where Neelo shows his starship to the locals. While it has a few scratches, he says the ship is okay. Durango and her friends serve her uncle a hot drink. Neelo allows Durango to fly the XD-7 speedster with him as a reward for helping him recover the ship. The two fly their starship out of the tent garage while Durango’s Jedi friends cheer on the ground. They then take the speedster for a spin around Kublop Springs.

“Nash’s Super Busy Day”

A day in Nash’s job
Kai Brightstar visits Nash Durango’s garage to drop off some spare parts. Lys Solay and Nubs, cleaning the Tenoo Jedi Temple’s training area, ask what he is up to. They tell Brightstar to send his regards to Durango. At the garage, Brightstar finds Durango busy dealing with shipments. Durango appreciates Brightstar’s help and explains that she is helping her mothers until they return tonight. Durango admits that she is overwhelmed by the workload, which includes scheduling appointments, cleaning the garage, and making cargo deliveries by nightfall.

Since half of Kublop Springs has turned up, Durango has to deal with a mountain cargo load. Durango confides that she is overwhelmed and asks Brightstar for help. Brightstar offers to deliver the cargo while she takes care of the customers and cleans the garage. Durango is grateful and sends RJ-83 to help Brightstar. Durango briefs Brightstar about her delivery system; rates are organized in the exact order in which they are supposed to be delivered. She tells him to follow the map and not to mix up the cargo. She warns that any bumps during the flight would muck up the order. Durango warns Brightstar to be careful with her ship and the cargo.

A messy delivery run
After sending Brightstar and RJ-83 away on the Crimson Firehawk, Durango attends to several customers. Brightstar and RJ travel to a desert world where a Toong greets them. Brightstar explains he is a Jedi who is helping the Durangos out. He presents the Toong with a box of blueish-green eggs. While traveling through space, Brightstar tells RJ-83 that this delivery is going better than he expected and decides to travel faster. RJ agrees. Brightstar pushes the accelerator and takes it for a cruise. However, sudden movement causes the ship’s cargo to mix up.

Brightstar lands the Firehawk on a snowy planet. When he enters the cargo hold, he finds the crates in a mess. Brightstar is greeted by a Sullustan, who is in a hurry. Brightstar searches the cargo hold for a big box and fishes out a big green rectangular box. Later, Brightstar visits the Aqualish Kumpa and his pet Kowakian monkey-lizard and hands him his delivery. Kumpa is not pleased with the wrench. Brightstar also delivers a double-stringed ukulele to an unhappy Zepher. He also delivers a ladle to a displeased Rodian.

Brightstar delivers a Kowakian monkey-lizard to restaurant owner Hap on Tenoo for his last stop. However, Hap explains that he was expecting a new ladle rather than a monkey-lizard, which breaks out and jumps on top of Hap’s head. Brightstar returns the monkey-lizard to its crate and returns to the Firehawk. Back in the cockpit, Brightstar tells RJ-83 about the situation. He realizes that he delivered several deliveries to the wrong customers because he disobeyed Durango’s orders not to fly the ship recklessly.

The starship crash
In Binary, RJ-83 suggests he call Durango, but Brightstar insists on fixing the mess himself. He decides to get every crate back and takes a shortcut through Tenoo’s forest. However, he scrapes the Firehawk against trees and crashes into a muddy patch. Brightstar decides to call Durango for help. Meanwhile, when Brightstar contacts her, Durango will finish serving the customers and cleaning the garage. He tells her he has messed up the situation and asks her to meet.

When Durango arrives at the crash site, she is horrified to learn about the Firehawk’s crash and that Brightstar messed up the order. Brightstar is disappointed with her friend but agrees to help her friend. Brightstar agrees to do what she says. Durango proposes that they repair the ship and then get all the crates back and deliver them again. Durango is unsure they can finish their chores in time with the muck up. Brightstar proposes contacting his friends Solay and Nubs for help.

Getting help
After repairing the Firehawk, Brightstar briefs his Jedi friends about the situation, telling them they must fix several deliveries by picking up the wrong packages and replacing them with the right ones. They visit the Sullustan customer and deliver the right crate to him. They deliver the Kowakian monkey-lizard to Kumpa, whose pet is pleased with its new companion. They deliver the wrench to Zepher and the double ukulele to the Rodian musician. They deliver the ladle to Hap.

Returning to Nash’s garage, the younglings help clean up the facility with their Force powers. Durango is greeted by her mothers Kryys and Ceeli Durango. Kryys hugs her daughter and expresses pride in her work. Durango acknowledges her Jedi friends. While Kryys regales Solay and Nubs about their visit to Uncle Luggs Neelo, Brightstar says that he underestimated the difficulty of her job and thanks her for helping him to fix the mess. Durango says that her job can be tricky. When Ceeli asks about their day, Durango tries to brush off the recent events. As they walk away from the garage, a stack of crates falls.



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