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Young Jedi Adventures – S01E25 – “The Prince and the Pirate”

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“The Prince and the Pirate”

Morning exercise
During an early morning training exercise Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay and Nubs attempt to beat their training course record by reaching a platform with the Jedi flag. The platform is surrounded by several wooden logs and guarded by five training droids. Solay lures the droids away while Brightstar and Nubs attempt to reach the flag. When they find their path blocked by a training droid, Nubs lifts Brightstar with the Force so that he can reach the top of the log. However, he finds himself surrounded by the training droids.

Nub’s friends come to his aid, and the trio use their Force powers to push away the droids. Despite opposition, they managed to reach the beacon and beat their record. The three Jedi Initiates are jubilant over their victory and look forward to attending the upcoming dedication of the space station Starlight Beacon. Shortly later, Jedi Master Zia Zaldor Zanna contacts them to inform the younglings that Nash Durango is waiting for them.

They reach the landing field, where a Jedi shuttle and Durango’s Crimson Firehawk are parked. Master Zia is with several other Jedi younglings, including Djovi Resmia. Durango and RJ-83 are tired and disinterested. Solay encourages her friend by telling her that other starships will be present. As they board the Firehawk, Master Zia says she will see them at the station.

Cyrus’ alter-ego
Meanwhile, EB-3 and Pord discuss Taborr Val Dorn’s upcoming plan to steal the Starlight Beacon’s dedication plague via holoprojector. EB-3 and Pord express unease at Val Dorn’s mission due to the large Jedi presence. Val Dorn replies that he has a way to enter the space station that no other pirate has. He tells his associates he plans to steal the dedication plaque to prove he is the greatest pirate in Tenoo’s sector. Val Dorn tells them to prepare the Iron Talon in case something goes wrong. He wants them to distract the Jedi while he steals the plaque.

Val Dorn removes his helmet inside his workshop, revealing himself as Prince Cyrus Vuundir. His mother Queen Dafne Vuundir knocks on the door. When Cyrus opens the door, Dafne remarks about him playing with his toys while King Pychor Vuundir reminds Cyrus about their upcoming trip to Starlight Beacon. The protocol droid CK-38 reminds the royal family that they have to leave. Cyrus thinks that it will be fun to steal from the Jedi.

Touring Starlight Beacon
Several starships circle Starlight Beacon, which orbits the planet Eiram. After the Jedi younglings disembark, Durango and RJ-83 depart to watch the converging starships. As they enter the main hall, they spot Prince Cyrus, unaware of his pirate alter-ego. While his parents leave to speak to a senator, the three Jedi greet him. Cyrus fears the Jedi presence would hinder his plan to steal and hide the dedication plaque in his parents’ starship, but he puts on a friendly face. When Brightstar invites Cyrus for a tour, he tries to back out but notices a spot on the stone where the dedication plaque will go.

Shortly later, Master Zia and Master Estala Maru greet the younglings. When Cyrus asks about the dedication plaque, Maru reveals that it will be kept in a secure storeroom until the dedication ceremony. The two Masters then depart to receive visitors from Coruscant. Cyrus asks to accompany the Jedi younglings on a tour of Starlight Beacon. They take Cyrus into an art gallery containing donated art from the Galactic Republic member worlds. Brightstar explains that the station was built to connect the worlds of the Outer Rim Territories and mentions that it also hosts a hospital.

During the tour, EB-3 attempts to contact Val Dorn via comlink, but he is preoccupied with the tour. When EB-3 boosts the signal, Cyrus asks the Jedi younglings to show him the dedication plaque, which turns out to be a large chamber with numerous shelves and crates. When alone, Cyrus tells EB-3 that he is in the storeroom with the plaque but that the Jedi are also present. He asks EB-3 to stage a distraction. When Brightstar approaches, Cyrus claims he was talking with his parents. The two find the dedication plaque, which is stored within a secure glass safe.

The distraction
At that point, Durango contacts the Jedi via comlink to tell them that Val Dorn’s starship Iron Talon is circling their hangar bay. Solay wonders what Val Dorn is up to. Cyrus asks if Taborr is the kid pirate he has been hearing about. Brightstar thinks Val Dorn is here to steal while Nubs growls. Brightstar decides they should inform Master Maru and tells Durango to inform them about Taborr’s movements. While the three younglings leave to inform Master Maru, Cyrus dons his pirate helmet.

While racing through the corridors of Starlight Beacon, Nubs bumps into Master Maru. Nubs tries to explain in Poobian. Brightstar and Solay explain that Taborr’s pirate ship is circling the space station. When two Jedi Vectors approach, EB-3 flies the Iron Talon away in a feint retreat. The Vectors assume that the pirates have gone. The Jedi younglings return to the store room only to find Val Dorn slicing through the safe containing the dedication plaque. When Brightstar asks how he got here, Val Dorn boasts that he can sneak through anywhere.

When Solay asks what Val Dorn is doing with Cyrus’ bag, Val Dorn replies, “Wouldn’t you like to know.” Brightstar asks what he has done with Prince Cyrus and condemns Val Dorn for stealing the dedication plaque. When the Jedi draw their training lightsabers, Val Dorn releases a sonic emitter that topples several crates, separating the Jedi from him. He uses the sonic emitter to blast open the ceiling hatch and uses a grappling cable to flee into the ventilation shafts. The Jedi younglings use crates to follow him into the shafts.

Pursuing Taborr
Later, Val Dorn races through the corridors towards his parent’s ship. Before he can climb into the trash chute, Brightstar and his friends catch up with him. Following a struggle, he jumps into the trash chute. Brightstar and a reluctant Nubs and Solay jump after them into the watery garbage compactor. Val Dorn panics after losing the dedication plaque. When the Jedi demand to know what he has done to Prince Cyrus, Val Dorn asks why they aren’t concerned with the dedication plague first. Brightstar responds that they do care for the plaque but are more concerned with living beings like Cyrus. Brightstar describes Cyrus as their friend while Solay pleads with him.

Before Val Dorn can remove his helmet, the garbage compactor begins shaking. With the walls closing, the Jedi decide they should escape. Solay spots a walkway above and tells Nubs to use the Force to give her a boost. Once at the top, Solay releases a grappling cable for her comrades to climb. Val Dorn is stuck and Brightstar helps free him from the debris. Once free, Val Dorn uses his grappling cable to flee up the walkway. Solay pulls Nubs up. Together, the two Jedi pull Brightstar up before the walls of the trash compactor close.

Duel with Taborr
Brightstar reaches the corridors and resolves to find Val Dorn to find Prince Cyrus. Hearing mechanical whizzing, they find a malfunctioning door. Val Dorn flees into Starlight Beacon’s reactor shaft and uses his grappling cable to ascend to the top of the generator. The Jedi follow him. Brightstar tells his friends that he will keep Val Dorn distracted while the two of them get into position behind him. Brightstar Force jumps and blocks Val Dorn’s path on a walkway. When Brightstar asks why is obsessed with the dedication plaque, Val Dorn derides his opponent as ignorant and attacks him with his double-bladed electrostaff.

Brightstar fights back with his lightsaber, slicing through a few handles. Val Dorn demands why Brightstar cares about Prince Cyrus. Brightstar responds that he has seen Cyrus help his people and that he has a strong and good heart. Val Dorn continues the attack but Brightstar manages to disarm him, knocking the staff out of his hand. Val Dorn fires his energy emitter, which burns a hole through the walkway. Val Dorn says that Cyrus’ parents are indulgent rulers who don’t care about their people and derides Cyrus as weak and impotent. Val Dorn claims he has real power by being free to do what he wants.

As Solay and Nubs approach Val Dorn from behind, Brightstar counters that real power comes from people working together. Brightstar dismisses Val Dorn as selfish and says that is why he will lose. At Brightstar’s signal, Solay and Nubs use their Force powers to retrieve the dedication plaque. With Val Dorn surrounded, Brightstar reiterates his demand that he reveal where Cyrus is. Val Dorn demands that they let him leave in return. When Solay asks why they should believe him, Val Dorn contacts EB-3 and Pord, telling them to release Prince Cyrus immediately. The two react in confusion, but EB-3 decides they should play along. EB-3 says they will release Prince Cyrus soon.

Val Dorn claims that the Prince will soon return to Starlight Beacon and demands that the Jedi let him leave. Brightstar doesn’t trust him, but Val Dorn promises to return Cyrus to his friend. The Jedi reluctantly uphold their promise. As he leaves, Val Dorn warns them not to follow him or they will never see Cyrus again.

The dedication ceremony
The Jedi head back to the dedication ceremony, which goes ahead successfully. The Jedi younglings recount their adventure with Val Dorn to Durango and RJ-83, who are surprised that Val Dorn managed to infiltrate Starlight Beacon. Shortly later, a tired Prince Cyrus resurfaces. He claims the pirates let him go and tells the three younglings he never had friends like them. Master Zia introduces Master Yoda, who says the plaque will remind them of Starlight Beacon’s mission to unite the galaxy with hope. The crowd cheers and clap their hands. The group heads to the Assembly room, where Supreme Chancellor Lina Soh will give an address. Yoda speaks to the Jedi younglings about their adventure of finding the dedication plaque. He praises them for caring for others and tells them that he senses they are destined for greatness.

After the Jedi leave, Yoda speaks with Prince Cyrus. He tells him that he senses much conflict in him but that he still has the potential for greatness if he makes the right choices. Yoda tells Cyrus that the future is in his hands. Cyrus joins his Jedi friends, Durango and RJ-83, in the assembly room, where they are joined by Padawan Bell Zettifar and his charhound Ember. Brightstar speaks with Ember and gets permission to stay with Zettifar for the ceremony. Chancellor Soh gives a speech outlining Starlight Beacon’s mission to promote friendships and connections. The Jedi attendees shout for “light and life” while raising their lightsabers. Brightstar smiles at Cyrus, who smiles back.



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