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Young Jedi Adventures – S01E23 – “The Caves of Batuu” / “Finders Keepers”

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“The Caves of Batuu”

The training day
Kai Brightstar spars with training remotes under the tutelage of Jedi Master Carver Drow in Black Spire Outpost on the planet Batuu. Several Jedi and Black Spire residents, including Padawan Celesta Kami, fellow initiates Lys Solay and Nubs, and the Mirialan Roka, also watch. During the lesson, Master Drow exposes Brightstar to a mist. Though the youngling is disoriented, Drow encourages Brightstar to let the Force guide him. He manages to strike the two remotes, impressing the Jedi and the crowd. Kami thanked the crowd for attending and wished the Force would be with them.

Solay and Celesta agree that the training day has helped foster friendly relations with the Black Spire residents. Brightstar is excited about visiting Master Drow and Kami at Black Spire Outpost and tells Drow about his ambition of becoming a great Jedi. When Kami suggests that Master Drow teach Brightstar the new lightsaber sequences they have worked on, Drow thinks it is too hard for the younglings. Brightstar and his fellow younglings plead for a demonstration.

Kai’s struggle
Master Drow agrees to give a demonstration. He uses the Force to leap over boxes, roofs, and canopies while carrying his lightsaber. Brightstar tries to imitate Master Drow but struggles and eventually falls from an arch down two canopies onto the ground. Kami asks Brightstar if he is fine. Brightstar is not hurt but unhappy that he did not complete the sequence perfectly and walks away. Drow asks Kami to practice with Solay and Nubs while he speaks to Brightstar.

When Drow asks Brightstar what is going on, Brightstar tells him that he wants to be a great Jedi but laments that he is not perfect. Drow explains that the Jedi are not perfect and are always learning. Brightstar says that Drow did the sequence perfectly and aspires to be like him. Drow takes Brightstar for a walk and leads him to a cave that is strong with the Force. The cave has words and symbols scribbled on its entrance. Drow explains that Jedi experience Force visions and dreams inside these caves. He tells Brightstar to be open to what the Force reveals to him.

The Force cave
Brightstar walks into the cave but finds that the entrance has disappeared. He realizes that he is experiencing a vision. Brightstar finds himself in a forest on Tenoo and encounters the charhound Ember. Ember leads him to the Tenoo Jedi Temple’s training grounds, where he encounters Padawan Bell Zettifar. Zettifar asks Brightstar if he is alright and if he is troubled. Brightstar tells Zettifar that he is having trouble with a Jedi sequence.

Zettifar invites him to participate in a Jedi training sequence, which involves using the Force to form stacks of blocks into pillars and run over them. In the vision, Brightstar struggles to keep up with Zettifar, and they find themselves high up in the night sky. Brightstar says he messed up and kept trying to do the sequence perfectly like him. Zettifar tells Brightstar that neither of them is perfect. Brightstar says that he cannot be a great Jedi without being perfect.

Brightstar then finds himself following fellow Jedi youngling Djovi Resmia through the Tenoo temple training grounds onto a rope bridge in the forests of Tenoo. In the vision, Resmia tells Brightstar that he has been practicing with a new lightsaber sequence, which he demonstrates by running and jumping from trees while holding his lightsaber. Resmia asks Brightstar to demonstrate the sequence. Brightstar tries to imitate Resmia but falls off the rope bridge and down a chasm.

Kai’s trials
When he reaches the bottom, Brightstar finds himself at the base of Yarrum Tower without his lightsaber. The pirate Taborr Val Dorn soon appears, taunting Brightstar about his failed backflip sequence. Brightstar tells Val Dorn that he doesn’t want to fight because he is looking for his lightsaber. Val Dorn laughs and asks who needs to be perfect. When Brightstar tells Val Dorn about his ambition of becoming a great Jedi, Val Dorn retorts that he is not going to become a great Jedi by doing a lightsaber sequence perfectly and tells him to give up.

Brightstar asks the pirate what he knows about being a great Jedi. Val Dorn tells Brightstar that he also wants to be a great pirate. When Brightstar responds that pirates take things from people, Val Dorn responds that to be great, you must show people you are tough. Brightstar expresses disagreement, prompting Val Dorn to question his assumption that greatness is linked with perfection. Val Dorn tells Brightstar that he doesn’t have to be perfect and invites him to imagine a world where he does not need to be perfect. He invites Brightstar to embrace the piratical lifestyle.

Brightstar responds that maybe he won’t be perfect but rejects Val Dorn’s invitation to become a pirate, reiterating that he is a Jedi. This angers Val Dorn, who attacks Brightstar with his electrostaff. Brightstar fights back with a wrench, but Val Dorn knocks it out of his hand. Val Dorn tells Brightstar to admit that he is not perfect. The young Jedi admits he is not perfect but refuses to let them turn him into something he is not. Angered, Val Dorn lowers his electrostaff to strike Brightstar.

Lesson learned
Before the blow comes, Brightstar finds himself in another vision. While sitting by a dock in Kublop Springs, Master Yoda arrives with Brightstar’s lightsaber. Yoda praises Brightstar’s skills but cautions that a Jedi’s greatness does not come from perfect lightsaber skills. He explains that lightsabers are just a tool. When Brightstar tells Yoda he wants to be a great Jedi like Yoda, Yoda explains that a Jedi is always learning. Brightstar agrees.

Yoda observes that Brightstar encourages others to accept their imperfections and advises him to do the same. Yoda explains that he did not give Brightstar his training lightsaber because he was perfect. Brightstar finds himself back in the cave with his lightsaber. Exiting the cave, he says that the Force is with him. Outside, he tells Master Drow that he learned he will never be perfect but accepts that. Drow agrees and explains that true greatness is not rooted in perfection but in the knowledge that there is always more to learn. Together, the two walk back to rejoin their friends.

“Finders Keepers”

Field trip on Bracca
The young Jedi Initiates Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs join their friend Nash Durango and her droid RJ-83 to spend a day with the scrapper Eren Kitt and her droid M1-M1 on the planet Bracca. Kitt is a friend of Durango’s parents. The younglings find joy in exploring the vastly different lifestyles of Kitt and M1-M1, which differ from their lives as Jedi initiates on Tenoo. Kitt explains to the children what it means to be a successful scrapper and about the rule of finders keepers on Bracca, where the first scrapper to find an item is the one who gets to keep it.

The younglings help Kitt and M1-M1 search for valuable scrap atop a high platform. When M1-M1 scans potentially valuable scrap in a sealed crate, RJ flies in to assist in opening it. However, as the crate flings open, RJ launches into M1-M1, crashing her into a pillar. The impact breaks her power cell, leaving her with limited power.

Scavenger hunt
The group returns to Kitt’s home for a spare power cell in her inventory. Kitt can only find surplus circuit thrusters among the scrap but no power cells, to her dismay. Her concern grows as she remembers that power cells usually take weeks to find, given the high demand for the part, which would mean weeks without M1-M1. The group decides to be among the first scrappers to search for an incoming drop shipment of scrap, which would mean competing with other scrappers intent on finding the best parts.

As Kitt and the Jedi arrive at the new shipment on Kitt’s skiff, they spot a group of Pikpik scrappers arriving as well. Eren decides to have Nash and RJ stay behind to guard the skiff while she and the Jedi head into the fresh shipment. They search the rubble for power cells, and Solay encounters a dianoga lurking in the waters. Soon, Nubs finds a power generator full of power cells on the level above, leading Kitt to climb a thrown rope up to the valuable scrap. She loads the power cells into a crate, but the Pikpik steals it. Their yanking throws Kitt backward, falling towards the dianoga-infested water. The Jedi catch Kitt with the Force and get her safely to the ground.

Pursuing the Pikpik scavengers
Kitt and the younglings begin a hot pursuit of the Pikpik, chasing the fellow scrappers on Kitt’s skiff among the scrapped starships. In the chase, one of the engines on the Pikpik’s skiff malfunctions, sending them veering to the left. Without proper warning of the turn, Kitt overshoots it, and they sustain damage hitting the side of a ship.

As Durango works on repairs, M1-M1’s power finally runs out, bringing Kitt to tears as her best friend shuts down. The Jedi quickly come to her comfort, suggesting she try to convince the Pikpik to share perhaps a single power cell, which would be the cultural norm on Tenoo. Despite her lack of familiarity of such practices, Kitt decides it is worth a shot to bring M1-M1 back. With the repairs finished, the crew sets out to find the Pikpik encampment.

Trade over competition
Upon their arrival, the Pikpik assume hostile intentions, and they quickly begin throwing harpoons and other scrap at the young Jedi. While defending themselves, the Jedi attempt to explain their true intentions, but the Pikpik continue fighting. Kitt takes the opportunity to steal the power cells, but she realizes that it is better to let the Pikpik keep the parts despite the rule of finders keepers. She explained her situation to her fellow scrappers and the need for a single power cell, and the Pikpik were receptive to her request. Kitt replaced M1-M1’s power cell before noticing that a broken circuit thruster likely caused damage to the Pikpik’s skiff. As such, she invites the Pikpik to her home for a potential trade.

At her home, the Pikpik trade all of the power cells to Kitt in exchange for a single-circuit thruster. Shocked by their generosity, Kitt happily accepts the deal. As Brightstar expresses his joy over the situation’s outcome, Kitt remarks that there might be hope for all the scrappers to share and cooperate more.



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