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Young Jedi Adventures – S01E03 – “Get Well Nubs” / “The Junk Giant”

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Get Well Nubs

A sick friend
Kai Brightstar and Lys Solay are enjoying lunch in the canteen at the Jedi Temple on Tenoo when Solay becomes fascinated by a colorful Bifflefly, which she has never seen before. Brightstar excitedly discusses an upcoming school trip to the Kublop Geyser and convinces Solay to try a muffin. However, they notice that their friend Nubs is absent from his meals, which is unusual. They decide to check on him and find him snuggled up in his hammock, sneezing and unwell.

Brightstar and Solay are worried that Nubs might have to miss the school trip if he is sick. They consult a holobook and discover that the Yara plant, which grows on top of a giant Tenoo tree, has healing properties when brewed into tea. Unfortunately, the tree is far away, and they must travel quickly to obtain the necessary ingredients and return in time for the school trip. Solay points out that it’s just the three of them on this mission, and Nubs nods in agreement. However, Brightstar reassures his friends that they will make a great team and are doing it for Nubs.

Getting permission
While two other Jedi Initiates were training, Brightstar and Solay approached Jedi Master Zia Zaldor Zanna to request permission for a quest to obtain the Yara plant. Master Zanna agreed to let the two younglings embark on the quest but warned Solay to stay focused and present during her mission and advised Brightstar to be aware of his surroundings. She allowed the two children to borrow the Temple speeders. Brightstar and Solay left without saying goodbye to Zanna.

The river journey
Two riders race on their speeder bikes across a river. Brightstar reminds Solay that they must travel quickly and focus on the task. Solay agrees, and they continue their journey. However, Solay gets distracted by a group of flitterpods and almost crashes into a log, but Brightstar intervenes and saves her from crashing. Solay thanks Brightstar for the warning, and they both re-focus on their journey.

As they continue, they stop in the middle of an island but soon realize they’ve been going around in circles. Solay suggests they stop and look around, but Brightstar wants to keep going. While Brightstar only sees water and mud, Solay spots a few giant Tenoo tree leaves. They deduce that the Tenoo tree lies ahead, and Brightstar thanks Solay for her advice. Solay remarks that they make a great team, and they continue their journey. The river eventually leads them to the base of a giant Tenoo tree that extends high up into the clouds.

Climbing up
Solay is still determining if they can climb the tree, but Brightstar reminds her about the importance of teamwork. They proceed to the next stage of their mission, crossing a stream and walking up the base of the trunk. Brightstar slips, but Solay uses her Force powers to save him. They continue by using grappling cables to scale the giant Tenoo tree. As they move higher, Solay saves Brightstar from falling after a giant piece of bark gives way.

They climb over branches and leaves, and along the way, Solay spots a rabbit-like creature. However, Brightstar encourages her to stay focused on the mission. Solay saves Brightstar again, this time from falling down a branch. They use vines as impromptu ropes to climb higher into the tree. Finally, they reach the top and discover a lush micro-ecosystem with waterfalls and various plants. Brightstar recalls that the holobook mentions Yare trees grow near water. The two decide to explore the lake.

Facing the gangul
Solay observes pawprints left by a giant territorial creature called a gangul. She advises Brightstar to be quiet. While sightseeing, Brightstar spots a purple Yara plant but, unfortunately, draws the attention of a gangul, a furry mammal with horns. In response, the creature chases Brightstar while Solay watches from a distance. After realizing the danger, Brightstar tells Solay to grab the Yara plant while he distracts the creature. Brightstar hides inside a hole in a trunk while the gangul pursues Solay. She uses a vine to flee to safety and joins Brightstar inside the hole.

The pair soon realize that they are trapped by the gangul, which is guarding the Yara tree. As a result, Brightstar believes that they will get to Nubs after a specific time. Frustrated, he reflects on his mistake of not listening to Solay, while Solay regrets not grabbing Yara’s leaves when she has the chance. However, despite their disappointment, Solay’s reassuring words encourage Brightstar to make a great team when they listen to each other. In turn, Solay expresses her gratitude towards Brightstar for saving her from crashing, while Brightstar thanks Solay for saving him from going down the wrong river.

As they try to come up with a solution, Brightstar decides to stop and look around for answers. By studying the surroundings, he uses the Force to draw the gangul to a patch of leafy plants. Meanwhile, Solay approaches the Yara plant and successfully plucks some leaves. Unfortunately, she steps on a branch and alerts the gangul, which charges at her. Solay and Brightstar draw their lightsabers. Solay then calmly tells the creature they will not hurt it and have only come for the leaves.

Watching the geyser
After completing their mission, Brightstar and Solay return to the Jedi Temple. Upon arrival, they serve tea leaves to Nubs Yara and their classmates. Later that night, they all join Master Zia on a rocky bank on the other side of the river to observe the Kublop Geyser. Brightstar says they missed Nubs, while Solay acknowledges they make a great team. Master Zia alerts the students that the geyser is about to erupt, and they all watch in awe as a significant spurt of hot water shoots out of the geyser.

The Junk Giant

The junk dealer
Hap’s Sap Tap serves Nash Durango a Fizzroot Shake, two Alphaberry Sap-Shakes for Kai Brightstar and Lys Solay, and an ice cream cup for Nubs. Nubs gobbles up his dessert while Brightstar thanks Hap for his drink. Solay asks Durango about a nearby statue, which Durango explains is the statue of Kaliah Kublop – an explorer who discovered Tenoo and founded Kublop Springs. Solay remarks about the welcoming environment found in Kublop Springs among its people.

While chatting, a Chadra-Fan named Marlaa Jinara trips with her lunch. Durango introduces the Jedi Initiates to Jinara, a friend of his. Durango and the Jedi help Jinara retrieve several fruits that she dropped. Jinara explains that she owns a junkyard and has to leave because a thief has been stealing things from her. Solay offers the services of her friends, which Jinara accepts due to their excellent reputation for helping the locals of Kublop Springs.

Investigating a theft
Durango expresses her love for the junkyard to her Jedi friends, revealing that her moms frequently visit the place to acquire items. Jinara finds the junkyard beautiful because it can be recycled and turned into artwork. She shares her art pieces from repurposed materials with Durango and the Jedi. Jinara considers the junkyard her home and is upset about the thief stealing her merchandise, which is affecting her business.

Brightstar assures Jinara that they will catch the thief, while Solay requests a description of the thief’s activities. Jinara explains that the thief had been stealing small items, but today, the gears from her servo-lifter have been stolen, making it difficult to lift heavy pieces. As Brightstar contemplates their next move, Solay discovers a trail of oil. Brightstar determines that the oil trail belongs to the stolen Serco-lifted parts. Jinara suggests staying back to guard her junkyard, while Solay proposes following the trail.

Trouble with Taborr
Nubs uses his immense strength and force ability to help Jinara lift part of the servo-lifter. The rest of the team follows the oil trail, which leads them to a nearby street, where it suddenly stops. However, Durango’s droid RJ-83 picks up voices behind a door. The team enters the warehouse and discovers Taborr Val Dorn and his associates Pord and EB-3, who have stolen merchandise and are working on something to impress other pirates at Yarrum Tower.

The Jedi younglings and Durango confront Val Dorn’s gang about stealing from Marlaa. Brightstar demands the return of the stolen merchandise, but Val Dorn reveals that he and his gang have built a Junk Giant from the stolen objects. Val Dorn activates the Junk Giant and brags about using it to steal even more oversized items, including the founder’s statue.

Val Dorn orders the Junk Giant to attack the Jedi and Durango. The Giant grabs Brightstar with one hand and tries to crush him with its pincer arm. But Brightstar is quick to leap out of harm’s way. The Junk Giant then blocks the entrance with a rectangular crate made of a piracy of metal. Outside, Val Dorn sends the Giant to steal Kaliah Kublop’s statue. Brightstar and Solay try to use their combined Force powers to remove the crate, but it proves too heavy.

With Solay’s despondency, Brightstar comes up with the idea of using a crane to remove the crate. The three younglings work together to build a drain to remove the crate.

Conflict resolution
The story is about four individuals who decide to stop Val Dorn and his gang from stealing the founder’s statue. Val Dorn is initially successful in his plan, but his happiness is short-lived when Brightstar and his friends arrive and demand that he return the statue of Kaliah Kublop.

In response, Val Dorn sends the Junk Giant to attack the trio, namely Brightstar, Solay, and Durango. Solay tries to find the power switch but is held by the sizeable bipedal droid. However, with Brightstar’s help, Solay is released. While pursuing Brightstar, the droid smashes a fountain and loses its left hand.

Val Dorn instructs his gang to retreat with their plan failing and facing an angry crowd of locals and Jedi. He considers the Junk Giant useless, so he orders the droid to remain and attack the Jedi.

Brightstar, however, manages to communicate with the Junk Giant and convinces him not to fight. Brightstar tells the Junk Giant that every piece of junk is valuable and can become art, a crane, or even a giant droid without stealing or fighting. Although the Junk Giant is damaged, Brightstar reassures him that he is still remarkable. Solay and Durango offer their support.

A gentle giant
The Junk Giant has been busy restoring the statue of Kaliah Kublop. Meanwhile, Marlaa supervises Nubs as he sorts and moves objects around her junkyard. The Jedi and Durango return with the Junk Giant, and Solay explains that Val Adorn has transformed her junk into a giant droid. Jinara inspects the droid and describes it as beautiful. She offers to repair the droid’s left arm and gives the Junk Giant a place and job at her junkyard. The Junk Giant agrees to this offer. Jinara decides to name the droid JG-1, and the droid accepts the name. She then touches the droid gently.

Jinara expresses her gratitude to the Jedi younglings for their help while JG-1 assists Nubs in moving a heavy crate. Brightstar observes that junk is not broken but is waiting to be turned into something new and unique. Jinara, Brightstar, and Solay watch as the Junk Giant allows Nubs and Durango to sit on their shoulders.



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