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 Young Jedi Adventures – S01E04 – “Lys and the Snowy Mountain Rescue” / “Attack of the Training Droids”

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Lys and the Snowy Mountain Rescue

Guests on Andraven
Jedi Master Zia Zaldor Zanna has sent the young Jedi apprentices Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, Nubs, Nash Durango, and the droid RJ-83 to the snowy planet of Andraven. The children are riding on seal-like creatures called Wellagrins in a snow-covered stable.

Varna, an elephant-like alien, contacts Master Zia through a holoprojector. Zanna thanks Varna for inviting the younglings to join Gumar and Jam in the annual migration of the Wellagrins to the orchards. Varna believes that the younglings are ready for the journey.

Gumar and Jam explain that they will accompany the Wellagrins on their migration, and Solay is excited to be around animals. Varna warns the younglings to stay on the track as there is a risk of avalanches. She advises them to reach their destination before nightfall, as it can get stormy at night. Nubs agrees with her advice.

Durango offers to fly Varna to the other side of the mountains in the Crimson Firehawk, and she eagerly accepts, looking forward to moogan tea. Zanna counsels the younglings to take a deep breath and pause if the journey gets difficult. She wishes them well and reminds them to have fun while trusting the Force.

The wellagrin migration
The younglings walked while the Wellagrins swam through the snow. Two Wellagrins strayed from the path, but Gumar guided them back to the herd using his flute. Jam tried to imitate his friend but needed to improve with the flute. Solay encouraged Jam, who invited the Jedi younglings to play their flutes. The Jedi struggled, but Gumar and Jam gave encouraging feedback. A Wellagrin named Snowball strayed away from the trail.

Solay tried to signal Snowball with her flute but instead triggered an avalanche. The avalanche swept the Wellagrin herd downhill. Gumar reassured Solay that they would be fine since the Wellagrins could swim in the snow. The five younglings took shelter on higher ground. Solay was frustrated with her struggle to play the flute. Brightstar and Nubs reassured her that they would find the Wellagrins before the storm struck again. Nubs suggested using the flute, but Gumar didn’t think the herd could hear them from far away. Brightstar suggested splitting up, which they did.

Solay and Gumar, carrying a baby Wellagrin, found a female Wellagrin entangled within a purple vine-like plant. Though the creature was initially frightened, Solay managed to calm the Wellagrin and convinced her to back out. Gumar noticed Solay’s ability to connect with animals. Solay said they have feelings like them. Brightstar contacted her, telling Solay that they needed help.

Meanwhile, Brightstar and Nubs struggled to move a stubborn Wellagrin while Jam watched. Gumar arrived with Solay and the female Wellagrin. Solay used the Force to jump up a tree and fetched a purple fruit. She gave the fruit to the Wellagrin, convincing it to follow them. Solay took charge of the mustering operation. Brightstar and Nubs dug through the snow to catch up with two Wellagrins. The three younglings used the Force to levitate a fifth Wellagrin.

Teamwork and adventure
Later that evening, Jam finds a hungry young Wellagrin and comforts him by feeding him under a tree. Meanwhile, Gumar informs the group that they must head to the orchard before dusk. He realizes that Jam is missing. On the other hand, Jam is alone with the young Wellagrin and tries to comfort him. Due to the heavy snowfall, the others are unable to locate Jam. Solay expresses her frustration with the situation, but Brightstar and Nubs remind her of Master Zia’s advice to pause and take a deep breath. The three younglings sit in the snow and meditate in the Force.

Solay had an idea to signal Jam using her flute, and he responded by playing his flute. By communicating this way, they could find Jam’s location, and the group set off with the herd to find him. Unfortunately, as Gumar and Jam ran towards each other, their footprints caused an avalanche down a deep slope. Solay quickly suggested that they mount a Wellagrin, and despite Jam being carried by the avalanche, Solay pursued him on her Wellagrin and managed to pull him to safety. The group then continued their journey towards a settlement on the other side of the mountains where Durango and others were waiting. As they rode down with their Wellagrins, the avalanche stopped short of the village; Brightstar Solay and Nubs were overjoyed.

Later that night, the young ones recount their adventures to Master Zia, who is proud of their accomplishments. Varna warmly welcomes them back to Andraven anytime. Jam playfully throws a snowball at Solay, and soon, the children are engaged in an exciting snowball fight.

Attack of the Training Droids

The beacon exercise
At the Jedi Temple on Tenoo, during a training exercise, Jedi Initiates Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs are tasked with removing a Beacon from a Training droid before time runs out. Jedi Masters Yoda and Zia Zaldor Zanna watch as the younglings attempt to complete the task. However, the training droid proves to be a formidable opponent.

With time running out, Brightstar tries to create an opening and advances on the droid with his lightsaber, but the droid hides behind an obstacle, causing Brightstar to trip. Unfortunately, the beacon rings and Zanna informs the younglings that time is up. Brightstar feels disappointed in himself for failing to impress Master Yoda.

Zanna explains that they were close to success but moved too quickly. Yoda emphasizes the importance of patience in their training. He then faces off against the training droid, which draws four lightsabers and attacks Yoda. Using his Force powers, Yoda manages to fend off the droid’s attacks and retrieves the beacon, deactivating the droid.

Brightstar’s “bright” idea
Dee arrives and announces to Masters Zanna and Yoda that it is time to leave. Zanna then assigns the younglings to clean up the training area before their return. Once the adults depart, Brightstar proposes another training exercise to capture the beacon. However, Solay reminds him of Zanna’s instructions.

After observing the training droids returning to their respective places, Brightstar comes up with an idea to get them to do all the cleaning while they train in the afternoon. Nubs reminds Brightstar of Zia’s orders in Poobian. But Brightstar argues that they need more time to both train and clean.

When Solay points out that the training droids aren’t programmed to clean, Brightstar decides to reprogram and retrain the droids to clean. He demonstrates this by stacking several bricks into a pile. The three training droids then begin stacking the bricks at the training area.

Rogue droids
The droids’ attention shifts to the rest of the temple, and Brightstar realizes they have gone rogue. The training droids brushed past Dee and headed to the canteen, stacking children’s trays into piles. One of the brown-haired boys has his tray snatched away. Brightstar and his friends try to shut down the droids, but they split up to pursue them.

One droid goes into the dormitories and starts stacking blankets. Nubs catches the droid, snatching a blanket from a dark, curly-haired human girl. Nubs takes the blanket back and returns it to the girl, but the droid then snatches her pillow. A tug of war ensues, and the pillow tears, releasing purple foam. Nubs cries in frustration as the droid continues to stack the foam balls.

In the canteen, a second droid snatches trays from a Mirialan boy, a dark-skinned girl, and a brown-haired boy for a second time. Solay chases the droid into the kitchen, where Nubs joins her. The third droid tries to snatch cloaks from a purple-haired human boy and a curly-haired human girl. Brightstar tells the droid that the kids are okay. The kids retreat inside a closet, with the boy telling the girl something is wrong with that droid. Brightstar corners the droid outside the closet, giving it a choice between doing things the easy way or the hard way.

Meanwhile, Solay and Nubs discover that the other two droids have piled various library books and files into towering stacks. Solay wonders how Brightstar is managing his droid. Suddenly, the third droid drags Brightstar into the room and joins its companions in stacking books. Dee is appalled by the chaos. Brightstar confesses that he has lost control of the situation. Solay suggests that they contact Nash Durango for assistance.

Damage control
Brightstar contacted Durango and RJ-83 after they finished loading some junk for Marlaa Jinara. Brightstar informs Durango about the situation with the training droids. The three younglings follow the droids to the landing field where Durango’s starship, Crimson Firehawk, is parked. Despite Durango’s protests, the training droids are interested in the Firehawk’s junk cargo and start carrying it out. Solay explains that the droids like to stack objects, and after stacking Durango’s junk, they begin moving toward Kublop Springs. Solay warns that they must stop the droids before they reach the town.

Feeling responsible for the situation, Brightstar tries to come up with a plan. However, Durango trips over a cargo stack, drawing the droids’ attention. Taking advantage of the situation, Brightstar and his friends create more messes to distract the droids. The children and RJ-83 carry pieces of cargo through the Jedi Temple, purposely dropping them. The droids avoid two other children carrying stacks.

The five can lure the training droids back into the training area and seal the entrances. Solay realizes they have to power the droids down. Brightstar comes up with an idea to take out each droid one at a time. While RJ-83 leads a droid in pursuit, Brightstar ambushes the training droid from behind and switches it off. Nubs hides behind a wooden structure and ambushes a second training droid. He jumps on it and lowers it down. Solay drops blocks around the third droid. While the droid is distracted, Brightstar leaps on top of it. Although the droid manages to shake him off, Solay can switch it off from behind. Finally, the younglings and RJ-83 celebrate their victory.

Making amends and Yoda’s reward
Upon Yoda’s arrival, he observes the unexpected mess and expresses his surprise. While Durango and RJ-83 make a stealthy exit, Solay expresses her gratitude towards their friends. Brightstar greets Master Yoda, and Master Zannah discloses that Dee informed them of the situation. Brightstar apologizes for reprogramming the droids, and Solay admits that taking a shortcut made things worse, with Nubs nodding in agreement. Yoda deduces that the younglings learned that taking their time and doing things right is better. Brightstar confirms this, and the younglings volunteer to clean up the mess.

The trio works together to clean up the training area, finishing by dusk. Yoda is pleased with their efforts and invites them to train with him. Brightstar asks if he will teach them how to retrieve the beacon, and Yoda agrees to teach them to do as he does. After instructing the younglings to wait patiently, Yoda leads an attack and successfully takes a beacon off one of the droids. The younglings celebrate while Yoda watches with satisfaction.



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