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Young Jedi Adventures – S01E02 – “Nash’s Race Day” / “The Lost Jedi Ship”

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Nash’s Race Day

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Preparing for the race
The episode opens with Nash Durango and RJ-83 working on a sailing skiff called the Crimson Bolt. Durango hopes to win the Kublop Classic this year. Her enthusiasm is shared by Lys Solay, who hopes to race with other kids across the rivers of Kublop Springs. Durango describes this as one of her favorite traditions. Kai Brightstar, who was working on the tower, describes Durango as the best pilot. Nubs dances with excitement but falls off the deck onto the dock.

He lands near Jedi Master Zia Zaldor Zanna, who waves to the younglings. Master Zanna compliments their workmanship. Brightstar says that Durango designed the skiff while he and his fellow younglings built it. Durango thanks Master Zia for lending her younglings since she has never had a team sail in the Classic. At Durango’s command, Nubs releases the sail, but it falls into the river. Nubs uses the Force to lift the sale but struggles until Brightstar lends his powers.

The group is joined by Raena Zess, with whom Durango doesn’t get along. Solay recalls that Durango mentioned that Zess had beaten her in the earlier races. Zess flaunts her brand-new sailing skiff, which her uncle purchased for her. Several racing droids man the skiff. Durango is not intimidated and responds that she will win with the help of her Jedi crew. After Zess leaves, Master Zanna reminds Durango, and the Jedi Initiates that Jedi use their power to help others and not win races.

Brightstar and Zanna agree that it will be unfair for the Jedi younglings to use their Force powers to gain an advantage during the race. Zanna reassures that the five working together will be more than enough to win. She describes Durango as a very talented pilot. Brightstar reassures that he and his friends will stick by her and do everything to help her win. Elsewhere, Zess gives her droids “high fives.”

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The Kublop Classic
The racing organizer, Hap, tells the contestants to take up the position. Durango assigns her crew their jobs; Brightstar is placed in charge of engine control and the brakes, Nubs is tasked with manning the sail, Solay is tasked with looking out for obstacles on the tower, and RJ-83 serves as co-pilot. Durango waves to her mother in the crowd, but her view is blocked by Zess, who smirks at her. RJ-83 and one of Zess’ droids trade insults in Binary until Durango intervenes.

At Hap’s signal, the skiffs stream into the rivers. Under Durango’s direction, Brightstar accelerates the engines while Nubs turns the sail. The skiffs avoid a sharp turn, but a skiff operated by a green-skinned humanoid collides with a tree, knocking it out of action. Brightstar compliments Durango. As the race continues, Zess’ ship fires steam, which blinds the other competitors. A skiff piloted by several dark-skinned human girls is caught between two rocks.

Durango grumbles that Zess is cheating. She takes a shortcut and flies overland briefly before re-entering the river. They follow Zess and her skiff down a waterfall. Unwilling to lose to Durango and her Jedi friends, Zess activates her skiff’s illegal turbo-boosters. Solay spots a waterfall, but Durango reassures her that the Crimson Bolt is prepared for that. She tells Nubs at her signal to prepare the sails and Kai to give them some speed. She tells RJ to open up the flaps.

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Putting aside differences
They descend the waterfall together, running neck to neck with Zess. Zess, however, boosts her skiff’s engines and charges ahead. As they approach the bottom of the waterfall, she gets Nubs to unlock the sail. However, the momentum of their descent proved too much for the Crimson Bolt, and it crashed on the muddy river banks. Zess also crashes her skiff into the mud. After landing, Durango blames Zess for distracting her but realizes that Zess is stuck.

Durango is still determined to win the race and joins her crew in trying to push their skiff out of the mud. However, the ship is too heavy. Durango asks her Jedi friends if they could use their Force powers. Brightstar, however, remembers Master Zia’s warning not to use the Force for cheating. He says they will figure something out. Durango says she is anxious about Zess consistently winning and bragging that she is the best racer in town. Durango begins to doubt her abilities, but Brightstar reassures her they survived a waterfall in a skiff she designed. He tells her that she is the best pilot in the Outer Rim Territories, not because of the Force but because of her piloting skills. RJ-8 and the younglings hug her.

Meanwhile, a frustrated Zess lords over her droids as they try to free their skiff from the mud. Durango approaches Zess, offering to work together to free their skiffs. Zess asks if her Jedi friends can use their Force powers. Nubs and Brightstar counter that would be cheating. Zess realizes that the Jedi younglings are not using their Force powers. She tells Durango that she decided to cheat because she thought that Durango’s team was cheating and admitted she was wrong. Extending an olive branch to Zess, Durango offers to connect Zess’ ship to the Fire Bolt’s tow cable while working together to free both their skiffs.

Zess accepts their offer of help. Brightstar connects the Firebolt’s tow cable to the front of Zess’ skiff. Working together, the two teams free their skiffs from the muddy banks and drag it into the river. Continuing the race, Zess proposes that the winner be the first skiff to get through the geyser field. Durango accepts her challenge but warns her not to cheat. The two skiffs then speed through the geyser field, which is the race’s last leg.

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Winning the race
Zess manages to pull ahead, but Durango is still determined to win the race. She tells Solay to find a geyser that is ready to blow. Solay spots a big one and sails the ship there despite Brightstar’s misgivings. The geyser throws the skiff into the air. After flying over Zess’ skiff, they land back in the water and reach the finish line, winning the race. Hap announces that Team Crimson Bolt has won. Durango and her friends are jubilant. Zess hides her feelings but smiles and shakes hands with Durango. Durango tells her she is an excellent racer when she is not cheating. Zess vows to beat her next time but not to use any tricks.

Hap awards Team Fire Bolt a trophy. Durango’s mother and a second lady were also present and congratulated their daughter. Master Zanna praises Brightstar, Solay, and Nubs for playing fairly and showing good sportsmanship. The Jedi younglings cheer on Durango and lift her.

The Lost Jedi Ship

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Visiting the Temple Library
Jedi Master Zia Zaldor Zanna takes a group of Jedi Initiates, including Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs, to the library of the Tenoo Jedi Temple. A dark-skinned human girl with curly hair, a green-skinned humanoid boy with blue hair, and a yellow-skinned humanoid girl with straight brown hair join them. Brightstar is excited about reading holobooks about ancient Jedi from the Old Republic. Master Zanna leads them to the library’s entrance but warns them that it is ancient and undergoing renovations. She also mentions that there are ancient rooms that have been long forgotten.

Brightstar rushes towards the ancient Jedi history section, while Solay hurries to locate a section on Tenoo animals. While exploring, Brightstar comes across a stack of books and sees a book on the kyber crystals of Ilum. In an attempt to retrieve the book, he loses his balance and drops the stack. As he stares at the empty shelf, he notices a bright light behind the rocks. Solay joins Brightstar, and shortly after, Nubs also arrives, intrigued by the light. Solay deduces that it must be a hidden room, and the three Jedi friends decide to explore it. They use their Force powers to clear away the rocks and reveal the hidden room.

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The lost starship
The group enters an old Jedi storeroom where Solay discovers a krayt dragon tooth, Nubs finds a hologram of plants, and Brightstar finds a star map with a beacon. They show the star map to Master Zia, who explains that it is an old starship tracker that pilots would leave behind so people could locate their lost ship. Zanna reveals that the tracker is linked to a starship called the Star Seeker, which belonged to an adventurer who lived centuries ago and brought back artifacts for the Jedi Order.

Although the ship vanished centuries ago, the light on the tracker indicates that the ship might still exist. They determine that the ship is on a nearby planet, and Brightstar is eager to investigate. Master Zanna permits them to explore the region, citing Master Yoda’s directive. Brightstar, Solay, and Nubs are thrilled. Brightstar contacts Nash Durango, informing her that they have a starship to find.

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On a mission
As they travel through hyperspace, Durango excitedly discusses the objectives of their quest with her Jedi friends and comes up with a new song. When they reach their coordinates, they find a green planet surrounded by an asteroid field. Nubs is scared, but Brightstar vouches for Durango’s piloting abilities. Despite putting up a brave face, Brightstar acknowledges that she needs help and asks the Jedi to assist her in operating the ship. Nubs blasts incoming asteroids, clearing a path for the Crimson Firehawk to approach the planet.

As they descend into the planet’s atmosphere, they are met with large canyons that overlook a body of water. The Jedi tracked the Star Seeker’s signal while Durango and RJ-83 stayed behind to repair the ship damaged by the asteroids. Durango reassures RJ that the Jedi will be fine. While traveling through a greenish fog, the Jedi younglings encounter a droid that retreats behind the fog and tells them he doesn’t want any visitors. The young Jedi use their Force powers to clear the fog, exposing the Star Seeker.

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The lost explorer
The droid, 0G-LC, inquires if the visitors are Jedi and asks about the purpose of their visit. Brightstar clarifies that they have tracked a starship and ended up here. 0G-LC greets them warmly, introducing himself and expressing his relief at their arrival. He then shows them around the cargo compartment, revealing that he is the ship’s pilot and was on a mission to explore the Outer Rim for the Jedi.

Solay asks 0G-LC how he ended up on the planet, and the droid explains that his ship was damaged by two asteroids, leaving him stranded. Brightstar and Nubs offer to help him return to Tenoo, where the Jedi Temple is located. However, 0G-LC reveals that he repaired the ship years ago but has been too afraid to fly it again.

Brightstar encourages 0G-LC, reminding him that even Jedi experience fear but that being brave means facing one’s fears. He assures him that he has friends by his side and suggests they can help him overcome his fear of flying. 0G-LC finally agreed to try, and they headed to the cockpit.

Brightstar contacted Durango to update her on the situation, and Solay explained their plan. The plan involves Durango and RJ-83 flying in the Crimson Bolt first, followed by the rest of the group in the Star Seeker.

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Overcoming fear
As Brightstar and his friends approach the asteroid field, they encourage 0G-LC to overcome his fear while Durango leads the way in the Crimson Bolt. RJ-83 uses the gun turret to blast an asteroid as Durango pilots the ship. 0G-LC is scared when they approach two asteroids, but he finds a narrow opening between them and speeds through. They later rejoin the Crimson Bolt outside the asteroid field. The Jedi are happy, and 0G-LC is proud of conquering his fear.

Back on Tenoo, 0G-LC hands a purple crystal artifact to Master Zanna, who tells him that the Jedi have been studying them for a long time. Having completed his mission and regained his confidence, 0G-LC decides to continue his exploration of new worlds. He proudly announces that he has visited 100 worlds. Brightstar assures him they will keep track of his adventures with the starship tracker, and Solay invites him to return anytime. 0G-LC bids farewell to his Jedi friends and wishes them may the Force be with them before flying away in the Star Seeker.



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