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The Bad Batch Episode S01E15 Return to Kamino

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Hunter’s signal
The episode opens with a Rho-class shuttle traveling through hyperspace. Meanwhile, a captive Hunter is visited by his former comrade Crosshair. Hunter asks where they are going and Crosshair tells him that he and his squad will soon find out. Hunter counters that using his comm won’t work because the Bad Batch will know that it is a trap. Crosshair counters that they will still come for him before exiting. Hunter is left in the cell with two armed Elite Squad Troopers.

On Ord Mantell, Echo makes repairs to the Havoc Marauder. Omega grumbles that this is taking too long. Echo tells her to focus. Omega is determined to rescue Hunter from Daro. Echo says they will but reminds her that the ship first needs to be repaired. She tells him to hand her the spanner. Having fixed the hull, Echo and Omega enter the Havoc Marauder where Tech is working on getting the systems back online.

Wrecker reports that he left Gregor with Cid but that she wasn’t too happy with it. Echo asks what else is new. Tech says they are up and running. Before they can set off, they receive a transmission from Hunter’s comm. Tech informs the reset of the squad that Hunter is no longer on Daro. Echo asks where is Hunter.

A stormy homecoming
Meanwhile, the Imperial shuttle descends into the stormy atmosphere of Kamino. Upon landing at Tipoca City, Hunter is marched out of the ship by Crosshair and his Elite Squad Troopers. They are greeted by Vice Admiral Rampart and several Clone troopers. Crosshair tells Rampart that he plans to the intercept the rest of the Bad Batch on arrival. Rampart speaks to Hunter, telling him that the destruction his squad caused on Ryloth got his attention. Rampart leaves Hunter to Commander Crosshair, telling him to stay on schedule.

One of the Elite Squad Troopers question Crosshair’s motives with his old squad, adding that she doesn’t trust any of them. Rampart replies that if Crosshair’s plan fails, none of them will be a problem anymore. He tells her to keep an eye on things.

While the Havoc Marauder travels through hyperspace, Tech warns that the Empire is using Hunter’s comm to lure them into Kamino but he is uncertain as to why. Wrecker says that there is no turning back now. Tech asks Omega if she is certain about the coordinates. Omega explains that the coordinates are to a landing pad that they can use in Tipoca City. Echo warns that all of the platforms will be swarming with troopers. Omega says not this one and tells them to trust her.

The underwater platform
Upon exiting hyperspace, Echo spots three cruisers above Kamino and questions where is the rest of the fleet. Wrecker thinks this is a good thing. Tech locks onto the coordinates and flies the Havoc Marauder through the stormy skies of Kamino. Reaching the coordinates, Tech only sees water but Omega tells him to go lower. Echo reports that the ship’s scanners are detecting a large structure directly beneath them.

A landing platform soon emerges from the ocean, allowing the Havoc Marauder to dock. The Bad Batch and Omega disembark. Wrecker thanks Omega but Tech asks how they are going to get into the city. Omega leads them to the tube system, which she activates by standing on a circular platform. This brings up a spherical carriage. Omega leads the Bad Batch inside and they descend into the depths of the underground city. After going down the elevator shaft, their carriage enters a long transparisteel–covered tunnel.

Tech observes that this type of underwater transport system is not documented on any schematics. Echo explains that Kaminoans keep a lot of secrets. Omega tells the clones that Nala Se told her about this underwater facility and that the tunnel leads to her private research laboratory. She says that there are others that run through Kamino. Sensing Omega is anxious, Echo asks her if she is alright. Omega says that she is determined to save Hunter no matter what matters.

Back at Tipoca City, Hunter walks past a pair of stormtroopers. When he asks where are all the “regulars,” Crosshair asks when did he start caring about them. Hunter also notices that there are no Kaminoans present and realizes that the facility is being decommissioned. Hunter observes that Crosshair is not concerned about the Galactic Empire phasing out clones next. Crosshair points a gun at Hunter’s chest and says not the ones that matter.

Hunter is led to a control room where an Elite Squad Trooper tells Crosshair that a ship was detected entering the system but that they lost them below scanner range. Crosshair realizes that it is his former Bad Batch comrades. ES-02 says she will notify the squads but Crosshair tells her not to bother because they will come to them. He adds that they don’t leave their own behind most of the time. Hunter asks if he is trying to kill them. Crosshair doesn’t answer his question but says if I did.

An old friend
Meanwhile, the underwater carriage takes the Bad Batch and Omega into Nala Se’s secret laboratory. Omega explains that most in Tipoca City don’t know about the laboratory. Tech notices that Hunter’s comm is still active while Echo offers to tap into the system. Wrecker asks what is so special about this laboratory. Omega explains that she was created in this laboratory as were the rest of the Bad Batch, whose mutations were enhanced in this room. She adds that she was present during the creation of Experimental Unit 99.

Wrecker asks if this is true while Tech asks how he can possibly know that. Omega says that it was only a short time before they were sent to be with the other clones. Echo reports that all of the central files have been wiped and that there is nothing on the system. Wreckers agrees. Just then, the clones hear movement. All of them aim their weapons but the source of the noise turns out to be AZI-3. The droid is relieved to see Omega and tells her that soldiers were deactivating droids and forcing key Kaminoan medical personnel onto transports. He says that those who resisted were eliminated.

When Echo asks if the Clones did that, AZI-3 explains that this was the work of other soldiers. He explains that all Clone troopers were reassigned and transported off world with the exception of CT-9004. Wrecker realizes that Crosshair is here. AZI-3 advises Omega to leave but Omega is unwilling to abandon Hunter. Tech tracks Hunter’s comm to the central cloning platform. Omega invites AZI-3 along, telling the droid he is with them.

Bitter reunion
At the central cloning platform, Hunter speaks with Crosshair, telling him that the Empire is occupying planets and silencing anyone who stands against them. He appeals to Crosshair, telling him that he knows that it isn’t right. Crosshair tells Hunter that he doesn’t see the bigger picture but promises he will. Hunter tells Crosshair that the Empire is controlling him using the inhibitor chip inside his head. Just then, alarms ring and an unauthorized entry is reported on Platform Five. Crosshair is expecting the Bad Batch.

The Bad Batch travel through a Platform Five, crossing a bridge and entering a corridor. As they enter the corridor, they avoid a stormtrooper patrol carrying various objects. AZI-3 tells Omega that those are not Clone troopers. Echo adds that these are TK troopers like the ones they encountered on Daro. Continuing their travel, Tech tracks Hunter’s comm. Wrecker leads the Bad Batch into a hall below the training group.

Since Crosshair is waiting, Tech tells his fellow clones that they will not be going through the main entrance but through the lift. Wrecker and Echo tell Omega to stay below and to stay out of sight. If things go south, Echo tells Omega to contact Rex. The three clones ascend up the lift into the former training room only to find themselves surrounded by Crosshair and his Elite Squad troopers. A captive Hunter is also present.

Crosshair greets his former comrades and tells them that they won’t be needing their weapons. The Bad Batch drop their weapons, prompting Crosshair to say that following orders is not so difficult. He asks where is Omega. Wrecker claims they didn’t bring her here but Crosshair realizes he is lying and orders his troops to find the “kid.” Echo activates a beacon and AZI-3 advises Omega to flee into the research laboratory per Echo’s instructions.

Crosshair’s appeal
Omega is unwilling to abandon her mentors. AZI-3 warns they will be in danger but Omega has an idea. She activates several training droids. The Bad Batch and Crosshair’s forces hear the noise. An Elite Squad trooper says they are running out of time but Crosshair orders them to hold their positions. Hunter asks if Crosshair intended to lure them here in order to kill them. Crosshair says he has no intention of killing them despite their alleged treason. Hunter counters that they are loyal to each other and not the Empire. Crosshair counters that Hunter was not loyal to him and that he has not forgotten. Crosshair offers Hunter and the Bad Batch a chance.

ES-02 finds Omega and Crosshair orders her via comlink to send her on a shuttle off world. Hunter pleads with him not to but Crosshair says that it is for her own good and theirs as well. Hunter counters that Omega belongs with them. Crosshair says that Omega is in constant danger from living among fugitives. He tells Hunter to let Omega go in order to protect the kid and to stop pretending to be something that he is not. Crosshair says that they are superior to the “regulars” and that the Empire cannot protect the galaxy without strength. He adds that this is what they were made for and invites the Bad Batch to be brothers again.

Just then, Tech sees a bright light below and motions to his comrades. Hunter asks Crosshair why they would trust him. Crosshair orders his Elite Squad troopers to stand down but they reject his order. When they refuse, Crosshair swiftly shoots them down. Crosshair asks if his action answers their question. ES-02 orders Omega to move it but she says that she is in the middle of something. AZI-3 rams one of the storage compartments into her, knocking her down. Omega thanks AZI and the two leave.

Crosshair tells Hunter and the rest of the Bad Batch that they are meant to be more than drifting through the galaxy. He appeals for them to stop running and to join the Empire in order to have purpose again. The Bad Batch look at each other. Hunter counters that Crosshair doesn’t get who they are. Crosshair tells them not to make the same mistake twice and not to become his enemy. Hunter responds that they never were enemies. Just then, several training droids enter the chamber. Hunter pushes Crosshair down, saving him from a hail of blaster bolts.

The training droids
Wrecker asks who turned the droids on. Tech responds that this was not his doing. The Bad Batch exchange fire with the droids while Hunter punches Crosshair. AZI-3 thinks that Omega may have activated too many droids. Omega says she can see that. Hunter and Crosshair fight in unarmed combat while exchanging fire with the training droids. Crosshair joins the firefight. Together, the Bad Batch fight their way through the training droids.

Meanwhile, ES-02 seals the exits to the training chamber and informs Vice-Admiral Rampart that Commander Crosshair has lost control of the situation. Rampart orders that all remaining forces be pulled out and tells her to let the clones die together. The Bad Batch and Crosshair join forces to shoot down the training droids while ES-02 escapes on a shuttle into an orbiting Venator-class Star Destroyer.

Vice-Admiral Rampart informs Governor Wilhuff Tarkin that all essential personnel have been evacuated from Kamino. Tarkin asks about the chief scientist. Rampart reports that the chief scientist and the cloning technology are now under Imperial control. Tarkin allows him to fire when ready. Rampart orders the crew of the Star Destroyer to move the ship into position. As the clones battle the training droids, Hunter and Crosshair turn to face each other. The clones and Omega converge on Crosshair.

Holding a pistol, Hunter tells Crosshair to forget the Empire and offers to help him remove his inhibitor chip. Crosshair reveals that he had his chip removed a long time ago. When Hunter asks when, Crosshair says it does not matter and that this is who he is. Before Crosshair can shoot, Hunter stuns him. Omega hugs Hunter, who apologizes for bringing her back to Kamino. Omega replies that he did the same for her. Hunter examines Crosshair’s head.

Devastation of Tipoca City
Tech informs Hunter that three Venators are descending on Tipoca City and that they need to leave now. After disarming Crosshair, Hunter tells Wrecker to carry Crosshair since he is coming with them. Omega nods in agreement. The clones flee with AZI-3. While running through the corridors, the episode is interspersed with stills of the Bad Batch’s barracks, the cloning facilities and mess halls.

Aboard the Venator, an Imperial officer confirms that they are in position. Vice-Admiral Rampart orders the gunners to bombard Kamino City. The Bad Batch are caught in the bombardment and flee back inside the building. Tipoca City sinks into the oceans of Kamino.


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Planets / Location

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