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Model: Corellian Engineering V-07 Hydrospanner
Type: Hydrospanner
Cost: 50
Availability: 1
Game Notes: Bonuses for using a hydrospanner for repair work may range from +1 to +1D as the gamemaster decides.

Background: The hydrospanner was a hydraulically boosted hand tool used as an all-purpose socket wrench and bit driver and was a common addition to tool kits throughout the galaxy.

It was used to tighten or loosen types of fasteners, such as nuts, bolts, and multiple sizes of screws and pins. Hydrospanners were used throughout the galaxy every day. They were used in the building, repairing, and dismantling of any mechanical device or structure like droids, equipment, starships, and related works of engineering.

Most common hydrospanners could create a large amount of torque with little effort on the user’s part and offer various features for convenience. The Regallis Engineering FastTurn-3 Hydrospanner had an internal power source with a tension adjuster and a hinge on the socket driver to allow the user to access bolts and such in tight angles. The FastTurn-3 also had a spare bit compartment in the handle and a data port to connect a diagnostic device or datapad. The FastTurn-3 could also fit different-sized nuts ranging from 2mm to 250mm in diameter, using a small fusioncutter to remove molecular adhesives or welds before loosening.

A hydrospanner uses a small yet powerful hydraulic compressor to turn a rotary driver, which can be fitted with different standard bits. The driver was powerful enough to drive screws through duraplast and transparisteel. It could be powered either internally or externally.

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