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The Clone Wars S06E13 Sacrifice

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Facing all that you fear will free you from yourself.

Darkness on Dagobah!
All attention is focused on Yoda,
who claims to hear the voice of a
long dead Jedi. Convinced that he is
guarded by Qui-Gon Jinn, he finds
five priestesses, who will teach him
how to manifest conciousness after death.

After many trials, Yoda travels
to Moraband, ancient home planet of
the Sith. For now, he must face the
true evil that may be his undoing;
and one that seeks to control the galaxy….

Yoda reaches Moraband, the original homeworld of the Sith, to pass the last Force Priestesses’ tests, which he must pass if they are to tell him the secrets of the Force and how he can keep his identity after his death. Yoda tells R2-D2 to return to Coruscant if he has not returned to him in three nights.

Yoda wanders through the desert landscape of Moraband, where an illusion of a giant serpent emerges. Other specters of Sith warriors appear, but they cannot make Yoda afraid or hurt him. Meanwhile, Count Dooku feels that something is wrong, and he is immediately called back to Coruscant by Darth Sidious.

Back on Moraband, Yoda enters a Sith temple. Suddenly, a specter of Darth Bane appears and challenges Yoda; the Jedi Master knows who Bane is and that the ancient Sith Lord is simply an illusion. Bane disappears, and the Force Priestesses tell Yoda that he must enter a dark temple where the Sith once sacrificed Jedi, although they have no idea what his final trial will be.

On Coruscant, Darth Sidious plans to attack Yoda on Moraband with Sith sorcery; he utilizes Darth Tyranus’ relationship with the elderly Jedi Master to his advantage to do so. With Tyranus’ blood, Sidious creates an illusion fed by the Force lightning of both Sith Lords.

In the temple on Moraband, Yoda meets a dying Sifo-Dyas. Sifo-Dyas begs Yoda to free him and tells him that he knows the secret identity of the Sith Lord. Sifo-Dyas challenges Yoda to admit to his desires, but Yoda refuses, believing the Sith’s illusion of Sifo-Dyas to be a temptation.

Sifo-Dyas then morphs into Darth Sidious, and Yoda finds himself aboard a gunship with Anakin Skywalker, Rex, and the other clones of the 501st Legion. Yoda is confused by this and asks Skywalker what is happening; the young Jedi states that a mysterious ship, possibly of Separatist origin and carrying Count Dooku, was discovered landing in The Works. Yoda realizes Dooku is meeting with the Sith Lord, whom Yoda is determined to unmask. When the Jedi and clones arrive at their destination, they encounter Count Dooku and Darth Sidious. Dooku disables the clones with Force lightning, and Anakin engages him in a lightsaber duel. Yoda pursues Darth Sidious but turns around to see Skywalker injure Count Dooku on the leg, making him kneel and take the Sith’s lightsaber. Anakin beheads Dooku despite Yoda’s objections, and Yoda continues his hunt for Sidious.

On an outdoor walkway, Yoda and Darth Sidious duel. Anakin soon joins Yoda, but Sidious’s Force lightning incapacitates the young Jedi. Yoda continues to fight; things turn for the worse when the section of the walkway supporting Anakin begins to collapse. Yoda uses the Force to prevent the unconscious Skywalker from falling. Sidious suggests that Yoda let Skywalker die, allowing Yoda to defeat him and stop his plans. Willing to sacrifice everything, including himself, Yoda suffers direct hits from his opponent’s deadly Force lightning to save his friend.

When the portion of the walkway Yoda and Sidious are standing on begins to collapse, Yoda throws his lightsaber in Sidious’s direction to fully break it, preventing the Sith from climbing to safety. Yoda and Sidious both fall to the ground below, but when the Jedi Master finally removes the Sith Lord’s hood, he holds only Sidious’s empty robes.

His final trial complete, Yoda awakens from his nightmarish vision, and the Force Priestesses state that he will train with Qui-Gon Jinn and learn to retain his identity in the future. Yoda begins to see the future and hears what will someday be his last words: “There is Another Skywalker.” Back on Coruscant, Darth Sidious and Darth Tyranus realize they have failed to break Yoda, learning they need more time to wipe out the Jedi completely.

Yoda returns to Coruscant, where he finds Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi waiting for him. They state that the Jedi High Council looks forward to hearing what happened to Yoda during his journey, but the elderly Jedi Master says there is very little to report. Not willing to share his experiences, Yoda expresses his newfound belief that perhaps there is a better way to achieve victory than the Clone Wars. Yoda then claims that the act of the Jedi fighting the Clone Wars has probably already caused the war to be lost, but that there is a path unknown to the Sith that could lead to a long-term victory for the Jedi Order.


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