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“You must trust in others or success is impossible.”

Death and destruction! Darth Maul
and Savage Opress spread chaos
as they descend on the Outer Rim.
After rescuing his brother from
despair, Savage and Maul murder and
pillage at every turn. Fueled by
rage and vengeance, they search
for meaning in their new alliance
as reports of their brutal attacks
spread across the galaxy….

Having pillaged various Outer Rim worlds, Maul and Opress infiltrate a space station in orbit over Cybloc. They overpower its droid guards and discover a safe filled with money. Whilst Opress is absorbed by their new wealth, Maul reminds him that it is only a means to an end in their cause of destroying Obi-Wan Kenobi. He also asserts his authority as master over Opress by citing the Rule of Two. Opress had hoped that as brothers the two would abandon the traditional Sith hierarchy and angrily challenges Maul to combat. Maul easily overcomes him; the two then travel to Florrum where they lure a group of Hondo Ohnaka’s Weequay pirates aboard their ship and bribe them into their service. Two of Ohnaka’s captains readily join; a hesitant third is executed before Ohnaka via hologram when he expresses doubts about the betrayal. The brothers prepare to attack Ohnaka’s base to claim it as their own.

Meanwhile, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Adi Gallia arrive at the station and are briefed by a Snivvian about the raid, who also states that the perpetrators are traveling on his ship to the Sertar sector. Gallia wonders what would draw the Sith there, to which Kenobi replies that it is where Florrum and Ohnaka are located. They proceed to the planet and contact Ohnaka with whom they form a temporary alliance against his treacherous men and the Sith brothers.

Maul and Opress begin their assault on Ohnaka’s base but are diverted from the attack when the Jedi land and engage them. A fierce duel ensues, but while Kenobi manages to hold his own against Maul, Gallia is overpowered and murdered by Opress, who charges her with his horns before running her through with his lightsaber. Kenobi lets out an angry cry and knocks Opress to the ground. Maul blocks an attempt to kill him. With their side’s numbers growing thin, Kenobi and Ohnaka are forced to retreat into the pirate base, but not before Kenobi retrieves Gallia’s lightsaber.

While Ohnaka’s loyal men prepare an ambush, Kenobi draws the brothers away from the pirates; instructing them to collapse a section of the tunnel with explosives to separate himself and the Sith from them. Ohnaka readily agrees and Kenobi proceeds to face the pair with both lightsabers. After a fierce battle, Kenobi is able to knock Opress off-balance before severing his arm in retaliation for Gallia’s death. Maul then breaks off the fight to retreat with his injured brother. Outside, they encounter their pirate allies and attempt to rally them for a renewed assault. Ohnaka, however, has reconciled with his men after ambushing them, demonstrating that the Sith have no loyalty to them. They now intend to plunder Maul and Opress’ ship and open fire; forcing the brothers into a full retreat. Maul loses one of his cybernetic legs in the escape and is then carried by Opress. Despite this, the brothers manage to reach their ship and take off when Maul delays their pursuers by toppling the Jedi’s shuttle from a plateau to cut them off. One of the pirates manages to fire on one of the ship’s engines and, suffering from his injuries, Opress instructs Maul to leave him behind. Both brothers, however, are able to escape the doomed vessel aboard an escape craft before it plunges back to the planet’s surface.

Kenobi and Ohnaka proceed to search the wreckage- Ohnaka for salvageable wealth and Kenobi for evidence of Maul and Opress’s deaths. Ohnaka and his men recover the safe previously obtained by the Sith but no trace of the brothers is found. Ohnaka concludes that they must have been vaporized in the crash but Kenobi remains unconvinced, noting Maul’s return despite the severity of his injuries on Naboo.

Back on Coruscant, Kenobi and the Jedi convene a meeting with Palpatine in which the Chancellor dismisses Kenobi’s fears about Maul; reasoning that the Separatists pose a far greater threat. Yoda agrees with the Chancellor; cautioning Kenobi that his fixation on Maul is a personal matter. He reassures him, however, that if the Sith brothers reappear, the Jedi will be ready to oppose them. As they leave the office, Palpatine smirks whilst seated at his desk behind them.


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